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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, I signed up a few days ago and I've been posting a tad, but I thought I'd give myself a more formal introduction. To quote my about me profile page, "I've never been on a forum of any kind before, so let's hope I don't screw this up." I got into Fire Emblem a little over a year ago, played FE7 on the Wii U, and now I've played every game from Binding Blade and up (not counting Scared Stones.... I'll get on that eventually). But yeah, my favourite FE games are the Tellius games, because holy damn they are so good. But I really have loved every FE game I've played. Some of my favourite characters, as you can probably tell are Roy, Ike and Female Robin. And I do have ships... but I don't want people to force their ships down my throat, so I don't really want to force mine down theirs (respect). So the interesting part, I'm super curious as to what other people's Fire Emblem collection is like? This is my collection so far, I'm insane so I needed psychical copies in the box of all the games I've played, inserts and instruction booklets included. So what does everyone else have? It could be anything really, including figurines, A VHS of that terrible 2 episode anime they made :P My cousin got a tattoo of Lucina's quote, "I say when it ends." Please let me know, I'm very interested.
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