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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, so we all know about the dancer character being on both sides no matter what your choice/side. But after looking through the Nintendo directs from both January and April I found two other characters that may also exist independent of what side you choose. Let's first take a look at what I will call the pink-haired cleric: In this image, you can obviously tell that this is the Hoshido side. You can even see Sakura behind the cursor! Now notice the pink-haired girl at the very bottom of the image. Clearly she is a Hoshido ally based on her blue clothes and health bar. However, take a look at this screenshot: This is obviously Nohr's campaign based on Camilla's sprite--the dragon rider next to the dancer character--being blue (and not red). Now look on the very left of the image at the pink-haired cleric. Notice her sprite is also blue, same as Camilla. What the hell??! What this means is that in this screenshot, the pink-haired cleric is allied with the Nohr side instead of the Hoshido. In this picture I would also like to point out the leftmost cavalier--the one with the blueish-grey hair. Once again, his sprite color represents his Nohr-side alliance. However, both he and the pink-haired cleric can be seen on the completely opposite side in this screenshot from the January direct: The characters are located to the west and the south of the green-haired sprite, an ally of Hoshido's Kazahana; making them both allies of Hoshido. WOULD YOU TWO MAKE UP YOUR MINDS ALREADY?!? However, there is another more interesting problem with the bluish-grey-haired cavalier: In this screenshot we can see that this is the Hoshido campaign from both Sakura being blue and the giant Hoshido caption in the upper corner. Notice the blueish-grey-haired cavalier's sprite being red in this screenshot, an enemy unit. Since he is the only enemy unit present in this dialogue scene, he must be somewhat important in this particular chapter. Maybe he is an enemy unit (a Nohr unit) and you are able to talk him over to your side? Can't say for sure. That's all the evidence I have with these characters present on a certainly-identifiable side. Now for speculation. I personally think the pink-haired cleric is Felicia, the maid. (Partially cause I'm biased and I really like Felicia), but the pink hair, the bonnet, and the characteristics of her clothes such as the white intricate triangle design on the top of her dress, the white sleeve cuffs, the white apron, and the black thigh-high socks (the later two can be seen better in the Nohr boxart with the blue-haired maid) all point to me of this character being Felicia. Thoughts?
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