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Found 2 results

  1. So I've been thinking recently about the topic of suicide. Really, when you get into the implications of taking your own life, it's sort of incredible, in a very morbid sort of way. We humans are the only species capable of willingly taking our own lives. No other animal would act directly to Kill itself. In a way, we are the first ever failure of evolution. The big evolutionary advantage of humanity is our intellect. However, our intellect has allowed us to do things counterproductive to our own survival. Suicide is just one example (global warming, nuclear weapons, etc.) So what do you think? Have we beaten evolution?
  2. Okay for a while now I have planned to get a Sylveon. But unfortunately I am one of those picky people that care about a Pokemon's gender, nature, etc. I've researched and most people say that "Calm" or "Modest" is the best nature for Sylveon. As for the gender, I really, really, wanted a female Eevee because Sylveon just appears as a female to me, imo. (Plus female Eevees are rare, so it'd be kinda cool to have one in battle) So basically I've been in this crazy Eevee-catching fiasco trying to catch a female Eevee with a good nature for Sylveon as well. I've caught 18 so far. All but two of them are male. I basically have caught Eevees with all types of natures, which stinks because I'm after specific ones. My first female Eevee had a "Lax" nature, which is really bad for Sylveon. So finally today I found a female Eevee, and it's nature is "Brave" with it's characteristic "Likes to fight." It didn't affect it's Defense, Special Attack, or Special Defense, so I thought it'd be good. Unfortunately that characteristic made me picky because it does nothing to increase those three stats. Also, before this, I did manage to get my hands on an Eevee with a "Calm" nature, but it's a Male. It's characteristic is "Likes to trash about" which is also unfortunate because it messes up it's attack decrease since it has a "Calm" nature. TL;DR: So basically I have to decide which to choose to evolve into Sylveon. Should I choose the female Eevee I've been craving with average stats, or should I choose the male Eevee with the "Calm" nature, but with a characteristic that contradicts it? Or should I just go back to catching Eevees until I find a better one? Also, I have quite a few different natures of Eevees (no "Modest" nature sadly) such as Serious, Bashful, etc. Another option would to just got with a neutral nature. Would that be worth it at all or should I just not worry about neutral natures? Sorry for writing so much but this has been bugging me for a long time...
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