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Found 2 results

  1. So, say you've heard of a game, it sounds kinda interesting to you, and by chance, you happen to get it so you can play it. And, for whatever reason, it is NOTHING like how you expected it to be. For me, that game is Startropics. I heard the protagonist Mike was kinda like Ness, you know, being a (at the time) modern lad, wielding ordinary things like a yoyo and whatnot. So, I kind of expected it to be an RPG. Never saw videos or screenshots or anything, So, seeing the overworld and the town acting like Dragon Warrior, it kind of reinforced that idea (although, the Zelda I-esque title screen threw me off). And then I enter the dungeon and it's Zelda 1 combat...with a yoyo. Anyone else have something like that?
  2. My most disappointing unit so far is 3 stars Odin (BLUE) His magic is so awful... that he hits 0/1 against high res pegasus flier. His speed is slightly above average. Not that helpful if you are hitting 0-3 x2. His def and res are average at best.
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