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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Everyone! So I do not know if anyone has posted anything towards this exploit/“feature.” About Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but I found (at least in Normal mode, have yet to try this in hard mode.) that the good ol Exp Cheese From Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn is back. This time for Class EXP ONLY! All you need is to level up a character you want to max in class yet not over level a lot, then un-equip their weapon, let a low level unit miss/hit them as they attack, then heal them up when they are low. Don’t know if anyone has brought it up before. Also each map has a 100 turn limit so you can’t do this forever on a single map, yet when you get those free auxiliary battles that don’t use a Battle point, you have the perfect formula to make this work. If anyone can confirm this can also work in Hard Mode that would be appreciated. Have a good time enjoying Three Houses everyone!
  2. I have a US physical copy and I noticed something while borrowing my brother's 3DS for streetpass. On my brother's 3DS, I update the map for streetpass teams, save, and then proceed to parley with the teams on my 3DS. Afterwards, I re-insert the game into my brother's 3DS and repeat the process. When I updated the map again, the same streetpass teams from before appeared again. I tested this multiple times to see if maybe my brother just streetpassed the same people multiple times, but a team from someone who was only met once kept appearing. So what does this mean? If you set up a team with stat boosters, glass weapons, and other "hard to find" items, you can have a constant supply of those items without having to wait hours for another streetpass.
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