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Found 1 result

  1. This isnt really that much of a "Who's your favorite character" thread as much as "Who Gets The Most Favoritism On Your Teams." While favorite character and most favored in terms of gameplay are often linked, they arent always mutual. Like for example, Nowi isnt exactly my favorite character in the game or anything, but she definitely gets a lot of favoritism. The same goes for Yarne who tends to wind up being fed kills and great things. First and foremost, for those who've paid attention to my posts since February, you know i put Virion first in all of my runs. Poor guy. He has such a shitty base class and his reclass options arent that incredible either. But i always make sure he winds up awesome. Whether its who hes paired with, how many levels he gets, skills, etc. He also usually gets in the top 3 in kills. Nowi, like i mentioned above, really isnt my favorite. But i always go out of my way to make sure she kicks ass. Yarne too. Why? I dont even know. Im not that big of a fan of Panne's so she usually doesnt get that much love, and well...Yarne for some reason just gets treated better on my runs. Owain, Cynthia and Gerome also get the love treatment. Inigo too. But that has a lot to do with their characters. Henry, Cherche, and Tharja same story. Stahl gets an incredible amount of favoritism on my runs as well. Why? Other than the fact he reminds me of an onion, i dont even know. Severa ends up getting used a lot and made sure she joins with decent stats and stuff too. I ABHOR Severa so i dont even....
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