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Found 3 results

  1. I have two questions, one of which is for fun and the other is about your experience. First, the fun question: A lot of people have suggested working on a good "triad" for the arena and to plug in a bonus unit as you see fit. Who is your triad? What is your all purpose team? The second question is, especially for those of you making videos to help others, who are the 5-10 characters that we, your viewers, (or that you see in these videos) that everyone should have on deck?
  2. Hi everyone, i'm new to Serenes Forest but have been on the Cipher discord.I have been playing Heroes since release and f2p. So far I have 25 five star heroes, with one being a duplicate Ninian. I also have been using Camus and Xander as four stars on my horse team. Here's the list: Alfonse: Neutral Marth: +Spd -Res Saber: +Atk -Spd Zephiel: Neutral Young Tiki: +HP -Res Celica: +Res -Def Leo: +Res -Atk Sharena: Neutral Brave Lucina: Neutral Free Choice Azura: Neutral Effie: +Res -HP Clive: Neutral Mathilda: +HP -Res Tana: +Atk -Spd Hinoka: +Res -Def Ninian: +Atk -Spd and +HP -Res Delthea: +Atk -Def Raven: +Spd -Res Hawkeye: +Res -Atk Hector: +Res -Atk Nino: +Spd -HP Takumi: +Res -Def Brave Lyn: +Def -Atk Maria: +HP -Atk (really only good for grinding, as well as my 1st 5 star summon) Overall the only bad things about my selection is the number of blue units compared to others as well as some IV's. I'll throw out some of my ideas and see what everyone thinks: Quadstrike Infantry Buffed Raven, Brave Lucina, Delthea, Azura/Ninian Pros: High Damage, Brave Lucina and Delthea can be good in battle as well Cons: Low defense, someone will die in Arena Tana or Dancer Armor Emblem Tana or Ninian/Azura, Hector, Zephiel, Effie Never tried this team out but could work, though Tana could die due to needing to fly ahead for Guidance. Horse Emblem Brave Lyn, Leo, Xander 4 star, Camus 4 star I have the buffs they want, but upgrading them and getting Raurblade+ for Leo is 60k feathers though the regular version works fine. This team could survive with Xander and Leo defending, maybe Camus having Renewal and Reciprocal Aid for Quick Riposte Leo. I can level a Reinhardt but my 2 aren't +Atk. Dragon Emblem Young Tiki, 4 star Nowi, 4 star Fae, Ninian Fortify Dagons sadly doesn't stack, but Ninian doesn't need the buff herself. My dragons don't have optimal IV's but would work. Renewal and Reciprocal Aid/Ardent Sacrifice? Hone Nino Nino, Alfonse, Sharena, Rallier Focusing on Gronnblade+, Nino could be pretty impressive, but not a Cecelia on Horse Emblem My Old Arena Team Delthea, Hector, Azura, Yong Tiki, swap one for bonus unit I lose against some Horse Emblem, especially Brave Lyn. Overall i'm happy with my units and this has opened me up to choices I've never thought about. I've been wanting to use Leo since I got him early on but never did. Wish I got Summer Leo but Celica showed up instead. I'd love to hear everyone's suggestions and their own personal teams as well. :)
  3. I need help deciding how to use my feathers. I have enough to get any one unit to 5* and between my 4* and 3* units, I have most characters. My 5* units currently consist of: Sannaki, Hector, Effie, Jaffar, Martin, Roy, Leo, Xander(spring edition :() Camilla, Sheena, Kain, Abel, Lucious, Charlotte, and Lachesis. Please take the units I have at 5 into consideration and give me some advice on who to promote!
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