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Found 1 result

  1. Eh, I'm not that good at making long introductions, not like you need one. Anyway, I decided to do a H4 efficiency run. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VApt8XaW9cI Rules: - H4 / Lunatic Reverse mode. - Efficiency, aka quick and reliable clears. Map save-backed up crits are fine; one is allowed per map save at 20% or better, except for Hardin (two crits). I do accept a prologue steel axe dodge here and there because who doesn't. - Full recruitment, no deaths. - Lunatic Boosters, Mixed Reclass, RP, Growth Drop and Bond Drop are fine. - No How's everyone. - Growth rigging isn't prohibited. While I won't reset for excessive blessings, I prefer having the possibility to make up for screwages via map saves. (The first part excludes Drill Grounds because I'm not investing money into bad or mediocre levels.) MU: Myrmidon, Orphan (Str / Mag), Kind (Def), Enlightened (HP) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhCrgmcY3Hg P1: MU should get a Str proc here; it's IIRC about equally likely as rigging the Fighter roll on Prologue 3, and it's better for longterm. P2: MU should proc Str again, to gang up on the Fighter on P3. MU having 3 Lck might be needed for a 4-turn, but I don't exactly remember. Luke's possible 9 Skl roll makes me suspect it isn't needed. P3: A 4-turn is possible if MU's levels are more blessed, with my actual MU it would've required 2 dodges because my Vulnerary count was a bit low. P4-A: I think a 4-turn might be possible because by turn 4, all enemies but Athena would be defeated with a different strategy; I recall that I'd also have enough units to gang up on Athena Atk-wise, but they'd sit so low on HP that they can't take a single hit from her. P5: Can be more reliable if Ryan proc's Str twice (like, if he gets 2 levels to begin with, but I'm not focussing on using him a whole lot). P6-O: Tried if a 2-turn is possible on H4, but there's a similar issue as for the Athena 4-turn. P7-C: Luke had 5 Lck, allowing for a 3-turn if the Myrmidon that attacks him on EP1 has 14 Skl. With a more def-blessed MU, I feel it can be done by manipulating the Myrmidon and Archer rolls to lower Atk and attacks a Luke with above 5 Lck who has a sword equipped, but that's less likely to occur. 4+4+5+5+4+3+3/28 turns. Turncounts and videos: Staff usage: Credits:
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