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Found 2 results

  1. Salutations! A while ago I found the amazing translations, made by Leif of Leonster Translations, of the Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War Suzuki Novelization, and began making these little fan-made audio dramas by myself. These audio dramas are voiced entirely by me, and while I am an amateur (though it is my goal to improve and become a proper voice actor one day), I intend to keep making more of these videos. Reading this novelization made me super interested in Jugdral lore, and I am truly thankful to Leif of Leonster Translations for their work. I hope you may find enjoyment in these audio dramas, and hopefully, it too could get more people interested in Genealogy of the Holy War. I intend to update this topic every time I make a new audio drama related to the Genealogy of the Holy War Novelization, so be on the lookout for future parts, though I make no promises as to when! If, instead, you would like to read the translation of the novelization yourself, here's the link for Leif of Leonster Translations: https://four-loose-screws.tumblr.com/post/158382266965/fire-emblem-novel-translations
  2. Introduction - Radiant Dawn is one of my all-time favorite games in the Fire Emblem series, and it pains me to see that it has not received any sort of representation in Heroes. As such, I came up with my own ideas for what units would be included in a Radiant Dawn-themed banner, Grand Hero Battle, and Tempest Trial. I am open to responses, so please tell me what you think! - KoolioKenneth Summoning Focus - Liberation of Dawn banner (Red Focus: Pelleas, Blue Focus: Micaiah, Green Focus: Kurthnaga, Colorless Focus: Sothe) Grand Hero Battle - Mad King Ashnard (Reward: Ashnard) Tempest Trial - War-Torn Tellius (Reward: Sephiran) Micaiah - “Priestess of Dawn” Blurb - “Founder of the Dawn Brigade, once known as the Silver-Haired Maiden. Quiet and serene, she does not express herself well, but loves her friends and country with all her heart.” Summary - Blue tome infantry appearing in the Liberation of Dawn Summoning Focus. HP - 36 ATK - 32 SPD - 32 DEF - 14 RES - 36 Total BST - 150 Weapon - Rexaura: Blue tome. 14 Mt. DEF +3. Comes with Breath of Life. Grants adjacent allies RES +6 at start of Player Phase. Assist - Branded Sacrifice: Lose 10 HP, but fully heal any injured ally. Micaiah CAN die from this. Special - A-slot - B-slot - Renewal C-slot - SPD/RES Ploy Desired VA - Erika Harlacher Explanation - Micaiah is obviously the highlight unit of the banner, but I admittedly had a bit of trouble designing her. The most difficult part of Micaiah’s potential as a unit in Heroes is whether or not she would be made into a mage unit (like Celica) or be made into a staff unit to highlight the recent buffs that staves got in the latest update. I decided to go with Blue tome so that she wouldn’t share colorless with Sothe in the banner, saving the staff for Sephiran. She wields RD’s most powerful Light Magic, Rexaura (a member of the Aura family) which serves to bridge the gap between Linde and Delthea’s weapons. Micaiah is made with her RD playstyle in mind, working off of her high ATK and SPD alongside extremely low physical frailty. However, I intentionally made her ATK and SPD not quite high enough to be classed alongside other glass cannon blue mages like Linde, Delthea, and Lute, instead relying on her unique C-skill, SPD/RES Ploy, to get her the stat margin she needs. Her other unique skill is her Assist, Branded Sacrifice. It serves as a reference to what made Micaiah so special at the start of RD, in which she could offer her own HP to another party member. This version of the skill is much more powerful, allowing her to run as a healer very well...almost too well. The skill is risky, since it does not have an overflow cap, and will kill Micaiah if the player overuses it. The player must be patient and rely on Renewal to keep her alive. Alternate Weapon - Thani: Staff. 16 Mt. Comes with Wrathful Staff. Ignores bonuses on cavalry/armored units. Sothe - “Daein’s Liberator” Blurb - “A member of the Dawn Brigade who was raised in the slums of Daein by Micaiah. After fighting alongside Ike in the Mad King’s War, he swore to protect Micaiah at all costs.” Summary - Dagger infantry appearing in the Liberation of Dawn Summoning Focus. HP - 36 ATK - 36 SPD - 38 DEF - 20 RES - 20 Total BST - 150 Weapon - Baselard: Dagger. 10 Mt. SPD -2. Strike twice when attacking. Inflict DEF/RES -7. Assist - Swap Special - Whisper: Cooldown count: 4. If unit’s DMG - foe’s HP > 1, automatically leaves one HP remaining. A-slot - Swift Sparrow B-slot - Brigade’s Bearing: Grants Hardy Bearing to this unit and any adjacent ally. C-slot - Desired VA - Kenneth B. Foster Explanation - Sothe effectively serves as Heroes’ first ever wielder of a brave dagger, taking the form of the insanely powerful Baselard weapon from RD. His existence is meant to beat out units like Brave Lyn and Bridelia with the highest offensive BST in the game and restore the overall strength of dagger units. His unique special, Whisper, is taken right out of Radiant Dawn, making it great at whittling down tanky units like Arden. His other unique skill is a B-slot support skill that allows him to forego Desperation and Vantage in exchange for nullifying it against his enemies. When positioned properly, Sothe can be a great support unit in addition to offense. Kurthnaga - “Scion of Dragons” Blurb - “The kind-hearted son of Dheginsea, King of the Dragon nation of Goldoa. He left his home to discover the whereabouts of his lost siblings, eventually joining Micaiah.” Summary - Green dragonstone infantry appearing in the Liberation of Dawn Summoning Focus. HP - 44 ATK - 30 SPD - 20 DEF - 35 RES - 35 Total BST - 164 Weapon - Dark Breath: Green Dragonstone. Grants Close DEF Assist - Special - Dragon Fang A-slot - Fury B-slot - C-slot - Hone Dragons Desired VA - Robbie Daymond Explanation - Kurthnaga serves as the first green dragon unit to enter the game since launch, joining Fae as the only ones in the whole game. His statline grants him the title of highest defensive BST, barely beating out Sheena. When compounded with his weapon, he becomes the ultimate wall to both physical attacks and magic. He also comes with Hone Dragons to accompany Ninian’s Fortify Dragons, completing the set. Pelleas - “Orphaned Prince” Blurb - “The heir-apparent to the throne of Daein on the grounds of being Ashnard’s long-lost son. Timid and gentle, he often feels conflicted about running his country.” Summary - Red tome infantry appearing in the Liberation of Dawn Summoning Focus. HP - 40 ATK - 30 SPD - 36 DEF - 24 RES - 20 Total BST - 150 Weapon - Balberith: Red tome. Mt 14. ATK +3. Grants weapon triangle advantage VS colorless. Assist - Special - Flare: Cooldown count: 4. Reduces enemy RES by 80% and heals half damage. A-slot - Triangle Adept B-slot - Bowbreaker C-slot - Desired VA - Chris Hackney Explanation - Pelleas is one of the most pivotal characters of Micaiah’s story in RD, serving as the symbol of hope for Daein’s people in such a dark time. But in this game, he is here as a red unit for the banner and adds a new niche. At 36 SPD, he is the fastest Red tome user in exchange for middling ATK. However, this is fixed by his weapon, Balberith. Once owned by his former master Izuka, this dark magic tome granted ATK +3 to the wielder’s stats in RD, and similarly does so here. It works similarly to a raven-tome, and comes alongside TA and Bowbreaker, which makes him fantastic for dealing with offensive bow units like Brave Lyn. His final asset comes in the form of his unique skill Flare, which works like Aether as a single hit. Just be careful with using him, as he has rather low DEF and RES, which leaves him vulnerable to overly offensive units. In summary, he is basically a faster, less tank version of Henry. Ashnard - “The Mad King” Blurb - “The tyrant king of Daein who waged all-out war against Crimea and was defeated by Ike. Maniacal, manipulative, and cruel, he believes that strength rules over all.” Summary - Sword flier appearing in the Mad King Ashnard Grand Hero Battle. HP - 54 ATK - 36 SPD - 18 DEF - 36 RES - 18 Total BST - 162 Weapon - Gurgurant: Sword. Mt 16. Special count -1. Nullifies “effective against” bonuses. Assist - Harsh Command Special - Stun: Cooldown count: 4. Identical to Ignis, and inflicts Gravity on the opponent. A-slot - Daein’s Rampage: Grants Quickened Pulse and DMG +10 when special triggers. B-slot - Wrath C-slot - Flier Formation Desired VA - Darin DePaul Explanation - Ashnard fills in the role with a sword that Valter and Michalis did with lance and axe: a violent military leader on a wyvern with a love of combat and conquest. In this vein, Ashnard stands out as a sword-wielder by being built similarly to units like Mia and Ayra who get great benefit out of their specials. This is due to his weapon and unique A-slot skill, which can be deadly when used in tandem. Being a GHB unit, I gave him a skill in every slot to help those who want him for SI. Sephiran - “Begnion’s Minister” Blurb - “The generous and popular Minister of Begnion’s Senate who serves as Sanaki’s consort and mentor. His sudden disappearance threw Begnion into disarray.” Summary - Staff infantry appearing as a reward in the War-Torn Tellius Tempest Trial. HP - 40 ATK - 32 SPD - 22 DEF - 16 RES - 40 Total BST - 150 Weapon - Creiddylad: Staff. Mt. 16. Comes with Wrathful Staff, and allows for the equipping of staff-restricted skills. When attacking, inflicts RES -3 on enemies adjacent to the target. Assist - Goddess Staff: Heals 15 HP to a single ally, and 5 HP to all other allies and self. Special - Corona: Cooldown count: 3. Reduces enemy RES by 80%. Faster version of Glacies. A-slot - Warding Stance B-slot - C-slot - ATK Ploy Desired VA - Johnny Yong Bosch Explanation - Sephiran joins Effie, Mia, and Arden as a unit with a key stat that breaks into the 40’s, sporting the highest natural RES in the game by far. This fits him into a niche with Warding Stance, allowing him to be the ultimate magic tank, along with weakening enemies with ATK Ploy. His weapon and assist are both references to the final chapters to RD, in which he used both as character-unique weapons. Creiddylad also comes with a shrunken-down version of RES Smoke, which gives him some utility on offense, too. But where he really shines is his unique skill Corona, which allows him to activate Glacies at the same time as Iceberg would. Thank you so much for reading! Now, could I have some of your thoughts?
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