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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys im new to this site but i have a small group of friends online and we have the idea for a fire emblem fan game, id like to discoss it more on my discord, idk if i should be posting this here or not, i tried to post this in another section but it wasnt working? So im sorry to the admins in advance if this breaks some kind of rule, but anyways i need people to help with the romhacking as well as with story and characters, also i would be paying whoever is romhacking the game, the story is a bit on the long side explanation wise, but there are 7 main protaganists, and they all have seperate views, i know it sounds clunky but like i said, join the discord and ill inform you as soon as possible, thank you!
  2. Basically a thread where we fanfiction.net authors can discuss stuff. Share our own stories, writing experiences, interactions with other authors, all that. Let me start by listing down some of my favorite authors: COOKIECHEESEMAN is a nice, friendly guy and an excellent writer. He's funny and is kinda chill. If you review one of his stories, he's bound to send you a PM. He also pioneered the Roy x Idoun ship in his almost-finished romantic epic, A Glimmer of Hope. alexa005 is from my country, and although her grammar can be bad sometimes, she makes up for it by making her stories very funny. Case in point, this excerpt from a chapter in which Alm sneaks into Berkut's room in the middle of the night and places lice on his head: I hope you enjoyed that. Now, onto the next author! Keep in mind that the next two don't have/do anything FE-related. domgk115 has an excellent Percy Jackson fanfic series going strong to this day. I've managed to chat with him, and while he seems pretty polite, he tends to take a while when responding to messages/reviews. I guess the poor guy's just too busy with so much work to do. He inspired me while I was writing my main fanfic. ChangelingRin was my first friend on the site, and he/she (won't reveal their own gender) has a hilarious Zelda fic while also having a more serious Doctor Strange fic on the side. They take a while to respond to messages, but overall pretty chill for an American. GravityEmblem goes onto this site too under a different name. His writing style is pretty neat. That's all for now, so let me summon the other fanfiction.net authors on this site! Feel free to post anything related to fanfiction.net on this thread! (As a semi-rule, only fanfiction.net authors are allowed to post on this thread. How can I impose that?)
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