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Found 1 result

  1. I was talking with @CyberController earlier and they pitched an interesting idea: What would a game starring Rhea be like? I have some ideas as to how something like that might look and I thought that together, we could come up with some more ideas. To start us off, here's what I thought: Fire Emblem Three Houses: The Story of Rhea. The story would be about the history of Fodlan from the time Rhea is born to the moment she kills Nemesis at the Tailtean Plains with various timeskips in between. The main antagonists are the people that would later become Those Who Slither In The Dark. The game would also detail how the wars humans have waged against each other damaged the land, which forced Sothis to use all her life energy to restore it, thus leading to her death (I think that's how the game said she died, anyway. I keep reading that Nemesis killed her, but there's nothing in the game that supports that. At least to my knowledge). The final boss is obviously Nemesis. Final Cutscene is the beginning cutscene of the original game. The epilogue shows Rhea founding the church of Seiros and vowing to bring Sothis back to life. First cutscene shows The Red Canyon Tragedy. In all its bloody glory... only to cut back to the past and show Rhea and her fellow Nabateans being created by Sothis and detailing their life in Zanado before everything goes to hell. Gameplay? An Action RPG would fit best, I believe. Rhea would have the ability to turn into the Immaculate One during battle like the protagonist of Shining Resonance Refrain could. Like that protagonist, however, she can only maintain the form for a short amount of time and has to be transformed back or else she goes berserk and attacks both enemies and allies alike. The playable characters are Rhea, Indech, Cichol, Cethleann, and Macuil; the story focuses largely on them and how they survived Zanado when so many of their brethren didn't. Anything you'd like to change/add? Let's discuss away! If you like, of course. Hopefully, this is the right section for stuff like this. If not, I apologize to our dear Mods in advance!
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