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Found 3 results

  1. Planned Project Brand new classes! Brand new weapons! 10 arcs of fun! New tribes to be discovered! Brand new maps! Brand new charcters! Get Involved! My email - [email protected] Discord Topic - https://discord.gg/u8BFwM6 FE Universe Post - http://feuniverse.us/t/fire-emblem-tales-of-the-stones/3692 My discord - ethanb2309#5114 UPDATE 02/06/18 The game is progressing and it is ready to release, however we have two massive glitches that are preventing the game release. As such we cannot put the rom out until they are fixed. I am hoping that it is resolved soon, but if anyone would know to help or can recommend places to go to it would be really appricated! UPDATE - 30/05/18 The game is coming along nicely, I would like to thank my wonderful team for sticking with me and we just need to finish items and do a test run then the game will be ready for release! As such anyone who is intrested in playing should get in contact to secure a place, you can reach me through the details provided above. In the meantime please enjoy this sneak peek of the first boss and map for the game! UPDATE - 19/05/18 Apologies for not keeping the topic updated, however I am happy to announce we are still developing the game! The first version that me and my team is planning to release will be out soon, we are just doing finishing touches like item icons and class stats. In the meantime anyone who is willing to help would be appricated, and I thank my current team for sticking by the project. To keep you intrested here's some details and screenshots. Plans for Fire Emblem Tales of the Stones V1.0 release. Three brand new classes to the fire emblem series. 4 exciting maps to play on. A fully fleshed out narrative. New items and weapons! ORGINAL POST On the distant horizon... a new Fire Emblem fan game is coming on your computer! But it (HOPEFULLY) won't take a year of no news like Nintendo, this game is set 15 years after the events of FE8 and follows the events of a young merc who has to flee Grado and unite the nations to take back your homeland! Here's the details - -A Fire Emblem game that is divided into 10 arcs! -All new charcters and classes that will be available to you! -A BRAND NEW! AND ORGINAL STORY! -Meet new friends, and old ones turned foes. -And discover new people and places that weren't known of Magvel 15 years ago! The game will be released in updated patches based on Arcs, Arc 1 should be released within the next two weeks and a delay at most of a month for new game arcs. I hope you will all look forward to this game, and please use this topic as a discussion point. I hope you all enjoy it! Also anyone who can contribute in any way would be appreciated as this an ambitious project and you will all be credited in the games credits and any future posts!
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YISoxu3-S9A&list=PLcU-h8ycX_j9adDRBXeR7ehdRWnsY3mQQ Credits to SEVA for created this year's logo~ Day 1 All times are EST* FEE3 Introductory video (Ghast) (4pm) Day One Digest Video (Ghast) (4:10pm) Elibean Nights Final showcase (Trent) (4:30pm) Fire Emblem Requiem (Trent) (5:30pm) Sun God's Wrath (Mangs) (6:30pm) Fire Emblem: Fates Translation Interview with Cellenseres (Ghast) (7:30pm) Tech Demo from Eastern Wizard (Ghast)(8pm) Tech Demo from Western Wizard (Ghast)(8pm shortly after Eastern Wizzy showcase)) -------------------- times are TBA Day 2: Digest Video 2 (Ghast) (3pm) KelssFE (Ghast) (3:pm) Fire Emblem: Scions of Kings (Ghast) (4:30pm) Fate of Fire Trailer (Toa) (5:30pm) Fate of Fire LP (Ghast) (530pm) Fire Emblem: Origin of Creation Interview (Ghast) (6:30pm) Fire Emblem Immortal Sword (Trent) (7-8pm) ------------------- Day 3: Digest video 3 (Ghast) (3pm) Fire Emblem Multiplayer (Ghast) (3:30pm) Micro Emblem (Ghast) (4:30pm) Staff of Ages (Trent) (5:30pm) Brendor's tech demo compilation (6:30pm) Exalted Legacy Teaser Trailer (7pm) Generations Teaser Trailer (7:30pm) Fire Emblem: Bloodlines AMA (Ghast) (8pm) Closing Video (9pm) Veteran Projects: Elibean Nights Immortal Sword FE: Bloodlines Origin of Creation New Projects: KelssFE Sun God's Wrath Fate of Fire Micro Emblem Staff of Ages Fire Emblem Requiem Scrions of Kings Research & Development: Mystery entrant: Wizard of the West Mystery entrant: Wizard of the East FE8 R&D Presentation Community Panel Discussion In partnership with ghast, the man behind the Monthly Hacker's Digest, there will be an "FEE3 Digest" to kick off each day of the show (so, three in total). These videos will condense the day's showcase, providing a synopsis of the project and showing trailers (like a Nintendo Direct). The Let's Plays and interviews will be extended coverage of the projects. If you would like to provide your own synopsis for the FEE3 digest video (which could include your own voice, if you'd like), please get in touch with ghast. The idea is to summarize them for first-time viewers, give bullet-points of recent progress made, and then cap things off with a trailer.
  3. It's less than a month before the scheduled Nintendo Community Fangame Convention 2013 event. I decided to try to rev up some hype I'd make a SerenesForest thread a month in advance. http://www.nintendocfc.com Last year as a good year for Fire Emblem game representation, with Elibian Nights being one of the most notable ROM hack projects in the event, and Immortal Sword having a certain infamous memetic incident. :) There doesn't seem to be much updates on the site yet, but as the date inches closer I'm getting whatever fanbases I can rallied up. This means I'll probably make a thread at http://smwcentral.net some time later, as well. I'll probably try to set up the Livestream again as per last year, although whether I can stream myself will be entirely dependant on whether I can get a new computer before the start date... keeping my fingers crossed! In the meantime I am considering video projects for the stream and of course will accept trailers for any submissions. Any comments or questions will be eagerly accepted. I'll be following this topic.
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