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Found 6 results

  1. So I just got done reading the freshly translated Kaga interview on genealogy of the holy war and one line in particular sort of stuck out to me. I find this interesting because it brings up the question. Should a creator bend to fan criticism/feedback or just create the thing they want to create without conforming to fans desires at all. I mean there have been many stories of a series giving in to fan desire and it ending horribly. Anyone familiar with Shadow The Hedgehog may know what I'm talking about because that game was in response to fans asking if Sonic could hold a gun in one of his games. However at the same time Fans can have legitimately helpful feedback and criticism that can really help a series grow and improve to reach its full potential. Breath of The Wild is a fantastic example of that being the case. So what are you guys' thoughts on the matter. I recall also reading up on an interview with Kishimoto in which he stated he wanted to give Sakura more character development but thought it was pointless because of the huge amount of dislike for her character among the fans.
  2. What I mean by more "modern" anime trends is stuff like mary-sue esque protagonists, waifu culture, Otaku pandering, fanservice,etc. pretty much all the stuff you would expect to see if you watched some anime from the most recent seasonal chart. I see people complaining about this sort of stuff in fire emblem all the time and have been dwelling on this a while. Now I can't really fully articulate how I truly feel on this subject(I might edit this post later when I can) but I'd like to see what you guys thought of the subject. Edit: I was able to say what I wanted say here in a later post.
  3. Without going into very many spoilers (especially as I am trying to purposefully avoid them myself), there are some aspects of Fates that I feel are held back by Japanese culture when it comes to a release in the West. I'm not saying one culture is better than the other, but I feel these two facts would not go over very well in the West (and I do think most here feel the same): *Zero and Shara are the only same-sex options. There needs to be at least a few more. Seems a shame the only options are locked into each route (at one each) and happen to be rather psychotic characters. Not to knock on them, but why are the sole two options psychotic? I don't think it would be too hard to write up some of the S conversations and one would think they would just reuse the CGs from the opposite-sex scenes. *Some of the skinship quotes. Namely, the S-rank ones. I love me some fanservice, but some of those go straight into super pervy territory. I mean, honestly, some of your siblings still call you "brother" or "sister" after you already marry them, not to mention a good deal of these quotes are really sexual. In fact, I think this will already be taken out of international releases, but you never know. Good idea? Bad idea? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I just hope it isn't too late, which I think it might be.
  4. You know, I've been thinking...sexual fanservice pisses the heck out of me. Even more so I hate when people praise or demand fanservice. I won't be the first to say this I'm sure, and at the risk of serious backlash, who else despises the stuff?
  5. You know, I've been thinking...fanservice pisses the heck out of me. Even more so I hate when people praise or demand fanservice. I won't be the first to say this I'm sure, and at the risk of serious backlash, who else despises the stuff?
  6. What keeps your Fire Emblem gears turning? After reaching two hundred recorded hours of playing, I asked myself this, and I'm curious, what keeps everyone else going? Characters? Enjoyable grinding? DLC? (I wouldn't know too much about that)... Fanservice (ie. Summer scramble)? Or do you just enjoy maxing out your stats and skills? I enjoy having my units reach ridiculous levels of strength and throwing them into the final chapter alone, watching them wreck shop with all those grimleal, but what about you?
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