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Found 1 result

  1. I joined this site back when Radiant Dawn was new. Made friends, had good times. I used to post here very frequently. I am 29 years old and going to be 30 in April. I am on the autism spectrum. I am still in the small town I grew up in, which has held me back on the account of it being so small we are not allowed a Walmart, closest is 30 minutes away, and all the jobs are ranching, agriculture, auto shops...not suitable for someone who is more into computers. There are plenty of animal jobs, but I would rather go into computer tech, for that I plan to move two hours away to the nearest bigger city ASAP. In a nutshell, I have not had as many adult experiences as is typical for my age because of a combination of my autism and the area. With that in mind, I would like to move on. As many autistic people do, I interact better behind a screen and I fixate on my interests, and I have social difficulties. I have made some posts here I am not proud of. I have made myself look like a clown, and not in a good way. But, I have also made some posts that there was nothing wrong with, and got met with scorn and downright hostility in some cases. When a forum moderator starts to belittle a person for having a neutral opinion on a heated topic instead of parroting the hivemind in that topic, perhaps that means said person is not welcome here. When a person is friends with someone who is blunt and abrasive at times, and said person states that the friend is being unfairly picked on despite that, and said person is met with scorn for that, perhaps that means said person is not welcome here. Many of my friends I have made here have moved on to Discord. Many people I know on Discord also started on SF and moved as well. I am also active on Reddit now. My PM inbox is still open here and I still get emails when I get one, which will put a notification on my phone. If you have something to say and you don't use Reddit, you may PM me, but if you are stirring up old dirt and hostility it will be ignored. I do not expect apologies nor do I demand them. Talk is cheap, although I will gladly accept them. Perhaps someday I will return, when I am a more stable, successful individual. For now, there is not much here for me. Reddit: Dragoncat91 Discord: Ask via PM on here or Reddit I will not be replying in this topic, btw.
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