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Found 3 results

  1. Well, I have a horrible track record for finishing long stories. But let's see how this goes, it's been a few years since I last seriously tried to write one, and now that I have some degree of progress over the course of the past few weeks I think I can post it now that I have something resembling a real title. Which is subject to change, but whatever. You don't really need to know anything about Fate/Zero (or anything Fate related) to read this. Do I recommend reading/watching Fate/Zero? Of course, it's great. But this story is 100% set in Harry Potter world following Harry Potter world rules and adhering to its timeline. As such, I do recommend at least passing familiarity with the events of Harry Potter, because everything that occurs in the books will occur here, just mostly offscreen. This is essentially a "What if Waver was a person who existed in Harry Potter?" story, which sort of evolved from a "What if Waver was competent?" plotline. Harry Potter and the Nasuverse have vastly different magic rules, with one favoring capacity to learn and the other being "inborn ability, if you lack it you suck." So it's basically sticking Waver into a world where he can be competent (mostly, there are exceptions) and is able to fully use his natural intelligence for himself more (sort of, thanks plot). Anyway, moving on. Thanks to @Silverly for being a cool guy and proofreading when I suddenly went up to him and asked out of basically nowhere. And @Kriemhild for the same reason. I own basically nothing, Waver and Fate/Zero is Type-Moon and Gen Urobuchi's, Harry Potter is JK Rowling's, etc. etc. The rest of this post is for indexing. I'll post the first proper chapter in a post after the OP. Feedback thread here. Prologue Prologue I Prologue II Prologue III Prologue IV Prologue V Prologue VI Prologue VII Prologue VIII Prologue IX
  2. I never quite got the point of this board, since imo it's easier to keep everything in one thread, but here we go. Feedback thread for Waver Velvet's Guide to Being an Insignificant Extra. Story thread here.
  3. yeah. I'll do up an actual list later of who I'm restricting this run to but uh yeah surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise~ DA CREW Chrom (Zero!Kiritsugu) Fredbutt (Black Knight) Lissa (Animu!Saber) Virion (ZERO!CASTAH) Sully (temp. only so I can get her kid AKA ILYA~) Stahl/Donnel (Shirou) Miriel/Flavia (FSN!Caster who's totally my Nasu-waifu shhhhh) Cordy/Severa (Taiga) Tharja/Kjelle (ILYA~) Olivia/Anna (Zero!Assassin [one of 'em]/FSN!Rider) Inigo (GARCHER & MUFUCKIN' KARIYA) Noire (Movie!Saber [also Arc in the nonexistant Tsukihime animu]) Tiki (Rin fucking Tohsaka) Basilio (Zero!Assassin [again, one of 'em]/Kuzuki) {Yen'fay (FSN!Kiritsugu)/Priam (FSN!Kirei/ISKANDER, KING OF CONQUERORS!}
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