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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. Im about to start SGW romhack but i need to decide some things first. 1. I do not want to use fatigue mechanics, but im afraid it will make the game too easy. Should i play on Hard if im not using fatigue? 2. I can pick 0 Growth rates and 100% GR. But what does it mean? Will units not get stats at all on 0? And always max stats on 100 gr? What would be the purpose of 0 GR?
  2. FE5 introduced this feature. It was a very interesting mechanic, but unfortunately it wasn't implemented very well. It screwed the player too easily. The consequence was that many people wanted to get rid off it. Personally I liked the idea of fatigue and I'd like to see it back, but other circumstances have to affect it to screw the player less. Here are my ideas how fatgiue could be made better: A new stat called endurance could be added. It's a gainable stat and affects how fast a unit will get fatigued. So higher the endurance, so longer it'll take to get fatigued. It's a realistic mechanic, but it would disadvantage lower leveled units because of their lower endurance. An action limit gauge for each unit could be added. Everyone starts with a bar of... let's say 50 points. It'll rise after each chapter, because the chapters become longer. Each action reduces the gauge . If the number reaches 0, you get fatigued. Moving costs 1, healing and dancing cost 2 and (counter)attacking costs 3 points. That means the more turns you need, the higher is the possibility to get fatigued. It's fair because it affects each combat unit equally and dancers aren't as much as affected as combat units. The fatigue is affected by a exp. limit count. The exp. limit depends on the unit's level. The higher the unit's level, the lower is the exp. limit. It's like giving bexp. in the Tellius games. The higher the unit's level, the more bexp. you have to invest to give it a level. This forces you to use lower leveled units. It's a mechanic LTC players wouldn't appreciate it most likely. Also 1 + 2 could be combined. The higher the endurance, the higher the action limit gauge. If you start with 50 points, each endurance stat will give you like 4 action limit points. Maybe someone else has better ideas than me.
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