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Found 3 results

  1. So it seemed like one of the most popular changes people would make to Radiant Dawn is the addition of supports. That got me wondering, what supports would everyone like to see? Lets just assume that any support is possible for the sake of this shall we? Also what would you want the support to look like if you've thought of that? These don't have to be romantic by the way, they can be purely platonic! Personally I'd like to see the main characters get supports, especially Ike and Micaiah since they're the two main lords. I'd also like to see Ike and Elincia, Elincia and Micaiah, and Micaiah and Sanaki.
  2. Hello everyone! As the thread title would lead you to believe, I'm curious as to what everyone's favorite complete rom hacks are. I only just discovered rom hacks recently and absolutely love them. The one problem I've had is finding downloads for the complete versions of the ones I don't already possess (The Last Promise, Sacred Contention, Matthew's Nightmare). I've been to the FEShrine, but the links in their directory usually lead to threads with the unfinished files. So, in addition to telling me what your favorite romhack is, if you could also link a download of the completed version I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for sharing opinions and suggestions on this matter.
  3. Essentially what is your favorite music in the series? Anything really applies. Anything from a recruitment theme to a boss theme to a victory theme. My favorite is either powerful foe or I'd Purpose. What is yours?
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