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Found 5 results

  1. Go ahead and skip to below the line if you wanna get to the main discussion of this topic. At the current time, it seems very unlikely that all of our favorite characters from past Fire Emblem games are in FEH. For a personal example, Miriel from Awakening is still not in... HOWEVER, I want to discuss something that I don't think people often discuss when it comes to favorites in the game: how GOOD they actually are. Again talking from a personal example. Nowi was a launch 4*/5* unit (before demotes were a thing), and while yes she was considered good at the time, remember that she was one of 2 or 3 Blue Manaketes in the game, so she didn't have much competition. This was also the time of Year 1 units where Infantry units has around 157-158 BST, and the Trainee bonus gave Nowi a BST boost to 163. So for the time, yeah she was pretty good. Fast forward to now. What started as 2 Blue Manaketes has expanded to 10, almost all of whom are 5* exclusive and almost all of whom have advantages that Nowi lacks. Better skillsets might not be an issue to some, but for those who AREN'T summoning 15 of every released unit it's actually a pretty big problem when you have to decide between your favorite and a powerful unit for the sake of one skill, maybe two if you SI smartly. BST can be an issue for some, especially if we're talking about ranged units. Units like Nowi who got the Trainee bonus aren't as lucked out in that regard, but there is another issue in that department worth discussing in a bit. Weapons. Nowi arguably has one of the best inheritable Breaths in the game, but having a generic weapon is not at all the same as a Prf. Look at the Prf that Fallen M!Corrin, the most recently released Blue Breath Infantry, has and compare it to what Nowi has. We're talking +3 Spd, a potential +5 to all stats, and inflicting Guard on the opponent as long as Corrin is alone, versus Distant Counter and a Special Cooldown penalty on the wielder. Is it fair to compare a Prf to an inheritable weapon, probably not. But a unit gaining a Weapon Refinery update is not often guaranteed to actually receive a good weapon, but more on this later. Stat distribution is a bitch. Let's look at one different tier of Blue units, Lances of the flying kind. They're pretty common as far as unit types after all. Now look at Florina, who let me remind you in her original game was the pretty standard "good Spd underwhelming Atk squishy Def Pegasus Knight" that most Fire Emblem games have early on. You wouldn't believe me just looking at Florina, right? Because she kinda missed the mark on one of those fronts and has one of the worst Spd stats among Lance Fliers in the game, only ahead of Travant and Altena. Now I don't know if Florina has fans or not, but assume that you are and you just learned that Florina is in the game. Leading to my next point... The earliest units did not have established roles. Again with Florina, her weapon would make you think she wants to be an Enemy Phase unit, but her default kit, which remember that at the time there were VERY FEW enemy phase or dual-phase skills, contained a Player Phase skill. Nowi didn't exactly have a clear role either, and arguably she still doesn't. Now compare Ike to Ike. ...Legendary Ike to Fallen Ike. Legendary Ike had advantages over existing Distant Counter swords in an exclusive faster-charging version of Aether, a solid A passive in Warding Breath, and a solid stat spread. But now look at Fallen Ike, who ALSO has a Breath skill and a faster-charging version of Aether, but he has even more advantages than Legendary Ike in the effect of his weapon reversing Penalties, a more solid skillset that didn't include useless skills, and a higher BST total with slightly more focus than Legendary Ikes. This isn't to compare the two, this is to show what the devs are willing to give to a unit in the current age compared to before, when Legendary Ike was brand new. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now for the discussion... When do you think is a good time for a unit to be released to this game? Consider that older units do not have the same treatment given to them compared to new units, even demote units. Remember that old units are still getting Weapon Refinery updates just to make them equal to modern units. Recall that older units have had at least one more recent unit that essentially rends the original irrelevant. Even the original Brave and Legendary units, supposedly special, stronger versions of heroes, don't get seen that often anymore because there's simply far better units available. The later a unit is released, the better they are. Considering that, would you still want them to be released ASAP, if not released even earlier? Or would you be willing to wait for the absolutely best version of that unit possible? In my personal example, would I have wanted Nowi from the beginning (basically the unfocused bag of Nowi we currently have), or could I have waited a few years for her to be the best version of her possible? Can I keep waiting for Miriel to science Lysithea into obscurity, or do I need her to be in the next New Hero banner?
  2. Huge Priscilla fan here, and I was wondering a few things 1: I heard she was top tier in FE7, is this the case, and if so why? Did I get the wrong information about Priscilla, is she as bad as her heroes counterpart? 2: What do you think of Priscilla? Is she a favorite of yours? Do you hate her? Are you indifferent?
  3. So it seemed like one of the most popular changes people would make to Radiant Dawn is the addition of supports. That got me wondering, what supports would everyone like to see? Lets just assume that any support is possible for the sake of this shall we? Also what would you want the support to look like if you've thought of that? These don't have to be romantic by the way, they can be purely platonic! Personally I'd like to see the main characters get supports, especially Ike and Micaiah since they're the two main lords. I'd also like to see Ike and Elincia, Elincia and Micaiah, and Micaiah and Sanaki.
  4. Hello everyone! As the thread title would lead you to believe, I'm curious as to what everyone's favorite complete rom hacks are. I only just discovered rom hacks recently and absolutely love them. The one problem I've had is finding downloads for the complete versions of the ones I don't already possess (The Last Promise, Sacred Contention, Matthew's Nightmare). I've been to the FEShrine, but the links in their directory usually lead to threads with the unfinished files. So, in addition to telling me what your favorite romhack is, if you could also link a download of the completed version I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for sharing opinions and suggestions on this matter.
  5. Essentially what is your favorite music in the series? Anything really applies. Anything from a recruitment theme to a boss theme to a victory theme. My favorite is either powerful foe or I'd Purpose. What is yours?
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