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Found 3 results

  1. So after finally clearing a couple rpgs off of my backlog I finally sat down and started Tearring saga (thanks for the shiny translation work, @Aethin), and I know Julia is far from the best swordmaster in the game, but what can I say? I really like her official art, she's got some cool interactions with the Vega, Shigen, and Yoda, and I've got a soft spot for myrmidons. Assuming relatively average growth (maybe even a little bit of RNG screwage), what kind of minimum stat threshold should I aim for to expect her to start doing work, or maybe even snowballing? Who is a great support partner to stick her with? I am all too happy to engage in favoritism, but the first few maps before you recruit the big guns have kinda been the Raffin show, and I don't know when I'm going to get a STR potion to patch up that wimpy strength.
  2. One of my favorite goals in an FE game is to raise some characters who don't do very well and raise them to become as powerful as they can. My favorite wimpy duo that I made powerful (On Radiant Dawn NM) are Sanaki and Micaiah. Anyone who has played Radiant Dawn is likely frustrated that these two mages are forced for the endgame, and I thought if I had to use them, might as well put them to work. My Micaiah really grew on Chapter 1-6-2. I always saw the potential of those horses for Thanibombing, and tried out a risky and absurd idea. Miccy had resolve, biorhythm at max, hid in one of the thickets above the bridge next to the left, and Sothe was 3 spaces away. Even with all these precautions, the horses were at about 30% or so displayed hit. It was a big risk, but Miccy ended up destroying about 10-12 horses on this map, and gained 4-5 levels. Miccy did well for the rest of part 1 and was at level 20, mostly from CEXP and the RNG blessed me with speed and def. Around the beginning of part 4 she was Level 6 light sage (but blessed with WTF capped 15 def and 21 speed??? I would have rather won the lottery) and had to play some catch up again. Same strategy as 1-6-2 for 4-P. Thicket, Sothe, and Paragon instead of Resolve with about the same 30% or so displayed hit at 2RKO. Miccy gains 10 or 11 levels and the rest is BEXP'd to cap everything at tier 2 and ended up using my lifetime allocation of luck because my Chrom and Avatar love getting 1 stat and empty level ups. Sanaki starts terribly, so I feed her a speed wing and an energy drop. She also got the blossom skill and 99 BEXP, which apparently raises her total growth rates to about 585%. She ends up playing carefully on the bottom right side with her loyal pegasi nearby should she need help. and she gets blessed with 2 perfect level ups and a third level up that procced all but def/skl. Sanaki got Resolve and Arms Scroll on light magic for the desert and solo'd the middle, burning through most of Arcthunder and Nosferatu and destroying all those 1-2 attackers that used to give my Haar and Skrimir a hard time when the bishop forced naptime. She cleared the middle in a few LONG enemy phases before the black knight even made it and laughed off the sleep staffs. Nosferatu, and resolve/flare procs were my savior here, as well as her rising avoid. I notice that Lekain the douche is still at the bottom and send Sanaki to attack him praying for Flare since crt was 0. I killed him with a critical Cymbeline anyway thanks to resolve, gaining 80 exp to reach level 13 and further went into luck debt with Anna. Sanaki went on to have 34 AS with Rexflame and did very well in Endgame. At the same time Resolve! 20/20 Miccy got to Stefan on his own, and got the laguz gem after Sanaki cleaned up the boss area. Miccy Sue capped everything at 20/20/18, starting from leveling up from those Generals in 4-E-1 with paragon and getting a few all-important speed level-ups. Miccy Sue also showed me my first ever empty level up in RD when she was done capping everything. Both Sanaki and Miccy pulled of plenty off ORKOs in the tower Also on the same play through I was so sick of Boyd, who I loved using in POR, being slower than a two-legged dog so he got an HP/str/skl/spd transfer, his first 2 level ups were rigged to give speed AND he got the speedwing that Haar brought over. Basically Boyd got a +6 to base speed in 2 levels up to 24 speed, only 3 from his tier 2 cap. This just made him absurdly broken and he hit like the Black Knight and dodged like Mia. I was just happy that he doubled instead of getting doubled. How did you make a powerhouse out of a wimp, and how did it work out?
  3. This isnt really that much of a "Who's your favorite character" thread as much as "Who Gets The Most Favoritism On Your Teams." While favorite character and most favored in terms of gameplay are often linked, they arent always mutual. Like for example, Nowi isnt exactly my favorite character in the game or anything, but she definitely gets a lot of favoritism. The same goes for Yarne who tends to wind up being fed kills and great things. First and foremost, for those who've paid attention to my posts since February, you know i put Virion first in all of my runs. Poor guy. He has such a shitty base class and his reclass options arent that incredible either. But i always make sure he winds up awesome. Whether its who hes paired with, how many levels he gets, skills, etc. He also usually gets in the top 3 in kills. Nowi, like i mentioned above, really isnt my favorite. But i always go out of my way to make sure she kicks ass. Yarne too. Why? I dont even know. Im not that big of a fan of Panne's so she usually doesnt get that much love, and well...Yarne for some reason just gets treated better on my runs. Owain, Cynthia and Gerome also get the love treatment. Inigo too. But that has a lot to do with their characters. Henry, Cherche, and Tharja same story. Stahl gets an incredible amount of favoritism on my runs as well. Why? Other than the fact he reminds me of an onion, i dont even know. Severa ends up getting used a lot and made sure she joins with decent stats and stuff too. I ABHOR Severa so i dont even....
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