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Found 1 result

  1. I would have to say my least favourite class is probably the trickster, I mean i just don't really see any use for them, I mean acrobat is a decent skill but I think valkryies is the better option, the have nice magic,nice speed, and mobility, i mean sure acrobat negates the mountain thing but there is falcon knights as well, For my favourite class is well i dunno why, but berserker is mine, i mean there aren't really good units that can become an amazing berserker except for mu and morgan, (keep in mind i haven't really looked alot into the children units) anyways berserkers have low defense as well as VERY LOW resistance, i am sure many people have already thought of this exploit but with the skills vantage(berserkers have low defensive stats so vantage makes him pretty good) as well as vengeance and i say that berserker becomes awesome, wrath will insanely boos the critical hit so another plus. give the berserker sword breaker to solve the berserker meh hit and you should be fine. Also keep in mind i don't have any dlc so no dread fighter or bride is the reason why i did not choose those, Also i just got into fe so sorry if i said any noobish stuff.
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