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Found 9 results

  1. So, thoughts? I was wondering, as I've seen multiple thoughts on both her canon class and her best class.
  2. I went with Gray being a Mercenary, Tobin being an Archer, Kliff being a Mage, Faye being a Cleric, and Atlas being a Mercenary/Cavalier. Well what are the best options?
  3. Hi, I'm wondering, is it normal that my falcon knight Faye has less than her class's base res stat as a falcon knight? she had 9 before promotion, she has 9 after promotion instead of 12 (that's a 3 points loss! I can't bear with it! Especially since I want to reclass her with a pitchfork now that she has 34 hp, 13 atk, 7 skl, 13 spd, 17 lck, 11 def and this crappy 9 res). I thought promotion was supposed to give your unit the promotion's base stats as a minimum...WTF with you Faye? Wanna get killed by the waves of thousands of witches hard mode sends you in chapter 3/4? At this rate I'll have to kill Desaix with a falcon knight Faye to get Alm the dracoshield so he doesn't get 1-turned by witch waves too.
  4. General Base Stats HP: 39 / 42 / 45 Atk: 27 / 30 / 33 Spd: 21 / 25 / 28 Def: 22 / 26 / 29 Res: 28 / 31 / 34 Faye has a balanced defense-oriented stat line, with good HP and Res, middling Def, low Atk, and poor Spd. She is a strong 2-range defender; she has a powerful defensive personal weapon in Bow of Devotion, which boosts her stats when attacked from 2-range, and grants her a guaranteed follow-up when refined. As a colorless bow user, she is unaffected by the weapon triangle except against mages wielding -raven tomes, and will deal effective damage to fliers with all bows currently in the game. She suffers from a low Atk stat, lowering her ability to land ORKOs without a special activation and making it difficult to deal with -raven mage builds. Her middling Def also makes it harder for her to fight physical enemies (bows, particularly, but also melee physicals if she is using Close Counter). Suggested Skill Sets When multiple options are available, my personal recommendations (if any) will be in bold. Budget options will be colored red. Distant Defender Sample Skill Sets These sets have been used either by me, or those who have posted their preferred sets in this thread. Mixed Tank Usage: Aether Raids offense Weapon: Bow of Devotion (Eff) Assist: Reposition Special: Iceberg A Passive: Steady Stance 4 B Passive: Null C-Disrupt 3 C Passive: Atk Smoke 3 Sacred Seal: Distant Def 3 A mixed tank setup for Aether Raids offense. This set was used in Light season with 2 Eirs to maximize her bulk. It will falter against repeated assaults from melee foes. It will also have trouble with tank killers like Alm: Saint-King (she may be able to handle 3 individual hits, KO-ing on her 2nd counterattack, depending on the situation, but it’s inconsistent, and she will be severely weakened afterward). Speed Demon - WARNING: VERY HIGH INVESTMENT Usage: Aether Raids offense Weapon: Bow of Devotion (Eff) Assist: Reposition Special: Iceberg A Passive: Bonus Doubler 3 B Passive: Null C-Disrupt 3 C Passive: Atk Smoke 3 Sacred Seal: Swift Stance 2 This setup is not viable for an unmerged Faye with no Dragonflower investment due to her low base Spd. A 2-range tank setup for Aether Raids offense. Ideally paired with Kaden on the backline. This setup uses field buffs to increase her Spd to levels where she can compete with the increasing cast of high-Spd tank killers. Susceptible to buff negation and Panic. Change Log
  5. Personnally, I didn't follow the "canon" classes for villagers, but rather their interests in becoming this or that. Tobin became a mage, Kliff an archer (archers usually have good overall stats in FE and Kliff had about 11-15 everywhere), Gray a mercenary because he didn't do any good level up so I was bored of him and promoted him around level 10-12 (like Tobin who was a lot better). Faye had around 16 attack and 17 defence as a level 20 villager. Even my Lukas didn't reach so much defence (he had about 14 def at level 20 soldier). Assuming that I used villager Faye to bait ennemies, including archers, and that she had such high attack and defence, I made her a cavalier. Why? Because she has baron stats. A mage with baron stats, not able to double mid-game ennemies wouldn't be very useful. A cleric with so high defence would be a total waste of her tanking ability. A pegasus without speed would be a pain and she would have more difficulty to tank archers, that's not what I desired. So she's a baron-like cavalier with very high attack and defence. I'm training her to 1v1 Baron Desaix in final part 1. I don't know how good armor crush is, but I'm gonna try it. Anyway, she will probably take 1 damage per hit so I don't worry too much.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm new to this site so sorry if I mess anything up in advance. Anyways I've been playing a lot of Heroes recently and I've noticed that in later challenges like hard/infernal hero battles, squad assault, higher level chain battles and etc I've been not doing so well. I have a lot of five stars with competitive skills but I didn't have the sp to get them all the skills so I've been grinding for xp. I was hoping that some of you could help me with a team comp based off of My units listed below. Thank you all so much. -M Eldigan, Xander, Camus, Priscilla, Caeda, Tharja, Cordelia, Nowi, Hecor, Sonya, Merric, Nino, Faye and Bridal Cordelia are all five stars. Also please recommend other units that I should summon for to go with these units. Anywhere from 1 to 3 teams would be greatly appreciated for squad assault and chain challenges. Thanks
  7. Hey, folks, how are you doing on the brink of summer? I have recently heard that you can recruit Faye and Kliff with Celica in Act 2 if you leave them at Ram with Alm and it got me wondering: Is there really a point to that? I mean, if you don't recruit Faye or Kliff you either really dislike them or you're doing a challenge run in which you only recruit the characters that are required, in which case you won't be recruiting them with Celica either. So I ask: Is there any tactical advantage to bring those two over to Celica's team? Or is it just to give you a second chance in case you missed them the first time?
  8. I just went to the home page of YouTube and this user did uploaded video popped out on the Recommended Sections. But, I did managed to watch the whole video, I did saw some new ones that we haven't seen it yet such as Gray's Critical Hit Cut-in line, couple of Faye's battle lines, more battle of Clair, scene where you rescue Clair at the Southern Outpost Interior, interesting greeting conversation with Alm and Clair, Clair doesn't seem to know of cows and not picturing about the Ram Village, and Chapter 1 Zofia's Castle Cutscene. Clair does sounded more like Alexis Tipton since her voice actress was confirmed in Heroes. And also, I did saw some of items that were found in this video: One of the Alcoholic Drink is called Leftover Ale Cell Key Wine is still called Wine Blue Cheese Black Pearl Ram Wine Ridersbane is still called Ridersbane since that was used from Shadow Dragon
  9. Simple enough: Who is your favorite villager in SoV? Tobin is my personal favorite.
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