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Found 2 results

  1. Ok, so, upon replaying Gaiden, I noticed something with the magic hit rates, and I want to get something cleared up, in-case I'm wrong. As far as I know, all the Magic in FE 2 have their own special hit rate system, where only the luck stat factors into avoiding a magic attack, not terrain, or anything else. (Other than the Magic shield, obviously.) Meaning, if an enemy has 0 luck, the hit rate for magic is fixed. Like Angel has 80% hit and Nosferatu has 50% hit. And skill does not effect magic, I'm told. However, I noticed that the further I get in the game, the Nosferatu spell, most notable against high level enemies, seems to reduce its hit rate from a 50% to 40%, then 30% and so on. I may be seeing things, but against Zombies, the hit rate for Nosferatu and other magic spells like Thunder and Aura seems to be as accurate as is stated, with the hit rates like 80 and 70 and so on. Inversely, on other enemies like Later Draco zombies, Heroes, and even shamans, the hit rate seems to go down, despite there being no increase in luck. I find that Nosferatu is even more effected by this phenomenon. Where something like fire seems fine against Dread fighters on a fort, Nosferatu, when it is supposed to be a set 50, seems to be around 25 or 30. I can tell because the bar goes down below half, where it is obviously not me mis-reading the bar. Even with the high knights in the lost woods give me this problem, and investing in skill on healers or giving them normal weapons (because the star lance is hard to get) does nothing at all. If I have been reading or hearing things wrong, please tell me. However, if this is some sort of glitch that I'm not aware of, it'd be nice to know. Maybe Nosferatu just works differently than other magic? I don't know what to believe anymore. I'm not an expert on Gaiden, so any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Which is a more important stat in Fire Emblem Gaiden Specifically? We all know that speed is universally the best stat in every FE game. But is it more or less important than defense in Gaiden? Personally, I'd say that defense is more important. In Gaiden, the amount of enemies you face at the middle and end of the game are quite strong, and many enemy units can attack almost anyone from multiple angles (Knights, Snipers, wizards, paladins etc can all gang up on you). Since the minimum damage dealt in gaiden is 1 instead of 0, you would think that defense doesn't matter much. But consider this: Would you rather take 2 points of damage from being doubled on enemy phase, or 6 damage from one attack? While getting doubled is never fun to look at, it's never really an issue in gaiden, assuming you promote and utilize your items. A majority of your units will have enough speed to double or not get doubled by generic Snipers, Knights, and even the Final Boss! As for being doubled by magic enemies that swarm you, there are few instances in Gaiden where Magic is an issue. You have the angel ring, dread fighters, the magic shield, and even the Dragon shield that all make proper defenses against magic that you can give to your knights and low res units. Of course, high defense and Speed is fantastic, but few units have that advantage. Celica can be fast, but Valbar takes all the abuse. And last I checked, an average Celica can't handle Geyse 1v1. What do you guys think?
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