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Found 6 results

  1. There's specifically two things that I'm kinda of struggling with, One is more the fault of my emulator/SD card on my phone, the other feels like it could be the game. 1) The pace of the game, and the fault of my SD card, I have got to chapter 7 3 times before my SD cards start dying or I update something and it rests to an earlier save including save states. I'll be, So is there anyway without losing parings, to get though the earlier chapters of the game. I'd take Game Genie codes at this point but I have a feeling they don't work with the translation patch. Either way, the game is starting to feel too slow which I do blame on the saves dying more than anything else, 2) The games kinda...dull...Story wise I don't feel anything special goes on, I've read most of it since I've had the save die, and...It just sorta feels like it's the story of how someone been stupid and impatient doomed the world for a bit. And the actual playing feels like the seems of where part 1 wanted to be it's own game shows too much. The in game story is trying to rush it's self. I also don't really get what keeps people saying the games so great, possibly it's the over exposure to it but I thought "if it's the best, I'll leave it until last (excluding FE 5 which I said I'd play on and off after beating chapter 5 so I it was chronological kind of) But instead I can't really find the enjoyment that the game apparently gives, The game itself is repetitively easy in comparison to other games since Crit RNG can't screw you as much and you can level people in the arena easier from lower levels. While the maps are nice looking, they seem to overstay they're welcome and drag on after a while (again having to do the opening 3 times hasn't helped). One problem I also find is I'm comparing the game to Final Fantasy Tactics since it came out around the same time, and In comparison, that game does the story of a young lord who forgos there nobility while an evil plot masterminded by an unseen foe a lot better. Like, Ramza learns to not trust nobility after he's betrayed, Sigurd goes and dies. I just feel like I got to the game too late and now it just is a half baked okay thing, Like I know it's two game stitched together and I feel like you can tell bit that would have been developed more if it they didn't merge the two games. I'll give the game credit, The musics great. It's looks nice One option I'm thinking is just stopping and coming back to the game in like a year or two and trying to forget everything about it and see if that helps, but at the same time I just want to clear it so It's done. Is just skipping Onto FE 5 and clearing that a better option? while it seems rather clunky and unpolished, the actual story seems better since it's more personal to a specific character and does something that's kinda different to the rest of the series since it's smaller. I'm sorry this comes across as a rant. I genuinely annoyed that I can't like this game as much as everyone else seems to since FE took over one of my favourite series of all time. So I can't tell if I'm missing something or what
  2. I am planning on playing FE 4 and I honestly am not sure what to expect. I have heard the game is very good but I really dont know too much about the game's appeal and feel. Also, I tried playing FE 3 but it felt VERY clunky. I honestly hope that FE 4 isn't like this. either. I just want to gather info on what other people think about the game before I actually play it.
  3. Ok, a better way of phrasing the question above is: Can talks that give love points still give them even after the turn cap of 50 is reached? For example, If it is turn 65, and Alec has the talk conversation with Sylvia, do they still get the 100 love points from the conversation? If no, are there any acceptions?
  4. Recently, I've tried to use the FE 4 Translation patch, "Project Naga" by bookofholsety. But I ran into many hiccups. This one is causing me the most grief. Here's the problem I ran into: I have tried to patch the Japanese Rom of FE 4 with IPS. (the description of the rom and file name says it is Japanese, but the dialogue is in English) It works, but only for the title screen and the opening narration before it. When I press "start" the screen slowly pans down a few frames, then freezes. I cannot do anything to correct this. I do not know if I am doing anything wrong, and I am using the emulator "Snes9x". The image of the Rom file appears like the logo of Snes9x (it is also saved as a Snes9x File), and the Rom file size is 2.84 MB of storage space. The reason I include this much information is because there are apparently "Headed" and "Unheaded" Rom file types. All I know about the difference between the two is that one has more "unnecessary" space. How can I tell the difference of file space? Is there a specific number in file size that I need to look for to tell whether or not it is headed? I may just be applying the patch to the wrong file type, and I want to be sure that I am doing things properly. I am not the only person with this issue either. I've spoken to another member here on SF with this problem who has not found a solution. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  5. I have wanted to get around to playing this for awhile now, I think now is the time. I know nothing about it other than the generation system and how highly recommend most fans make it out to be. No translation patch for me either. Got my cartridge I found at a recycle shop, and my dictionary. Prologue:Birth of the Holy Knights. Some kingdom called grandbell is sent their military force to fight barbarians from Isaac. Then Gandalf attacked and is about to capture a princess. It's up to Siguardo to save the day. Wow this map is huge! And it's the prologue!?!?!
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