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Found 4 results

  1. The Outrealm Gates. They are an enigma to how other places work. They are gates between world unknown and a common scapegoat for otherworldly conflicts. Zenith used to be the gatekeeper of portals like these, but the numerous factions at war fought until stalemate. Another quaint and fledgling continent far away east in a different world has no former ties with the two sides of the century-long war. Its name is Levfia, founded by a maiden figure only known as Diana, whose roots can be traced to Archanea. Recently, its towns and villages have been bombarded with foreign forces like that of which the nation of Embla controlled. But strange entities such as elves and mithril have started to trickle in. A world where a human once disappeared lies in the middle of the conflict. A freak accident with a futuristic machine in a place beyond that of normal reach made it the center of a multiverse larger than the real universe it was only connected to. Recent reports of missing people hasn’t gone unnoticed in a world where carriages and swords have become obsolete. In the medieval world of Levfia, a happily married couple noticed a few humans in modern attire waking up in the middle of their town with nothing at their side except tools unsuitable for combat. Questioning their untimely appearance, they took them in to take care of them for the time being. A week passed and the visitors’ foster town was under siege by strange shadows. The modern-day humans, not having any experience of how Levfia works, are hastily trained by the two caretakers to prepare them to fend off the forces ahead. Thus a new story unfolds, breaking away what was a common conformity of worlds where dragons once roamed free. Welcome to the renewed edition of Fire Emblem: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror. A lot has changed since its first inception. Its premise of a conflict between multiple universes like Super Smash Bros. and Project X Zone is still the same, but a lot of the mechanics has changed. Main characters from the real world now take control of three other characters in their respective party, 2 from any Fire Emblem continent and countries, 1 from another world. Weapon Ranks, EXP, LV, promotions, classes, etc. have all been reintroduced. Master Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jCloT_TPvEtKNLEEiEglpYpMb1cQvJQ3opNJphVQLNg/edit?usp=sharing Roleplay Discord for Updates, Announcements and Chat: https://discord.gg/D5fmyen Character Forms: Lefvia, the Hub Continent: Game Mechanics: Most calculations are based on Awakening’s formulas. EXP mechanics come from Sacred Stones’s formulas. RN generation will be single-numbered for all instances except HIT which is 2RN. Weapon stats and character stats mostly mirrors Awakening and New Mystery of the Emblem’s iterations, there is no weapon weight or constitution. Reclassing is based on Fates’s version of reclassing, with the Second Seal used to change classses instead of the Heart Seal. Weapon triangle is a three-level version with rank-based advantage modifiers. Base triangle is the unified Fates version, while tomes branch off into the Trinity of Magic with its own Anima magic sublevel as seen in Radiant Dawn. Character inventories and character skills both cap at 5 slots. Permadeath is a near-Casual version, dead units won’t come back until the players are transported to a new world. Skill mechanics have traits unique to this roleplay: the skills are separated into three “metallic” ranks reachable by AExp, experience that increases by an amount every time a certain skill activates. Most skills in return have their own scrolls, but any unit who wants to learn one must have a corresponding skill rank that is less than or equal to the rank the skill is assigned to in the spreadsheets. Actions: Movement Attack - attack enemy with weapon that specifically targets it Staff - use ally-targeting staff in range Item - use a item in the inventory Inventory - reorder weapons in inventory Open - use keys to open doors and chests Trade - exchange weapons and items between two adjacent units, both units may reorder their inventories after transactions (skill) - applies to skills that activate via commands (Rally skills, Dance, Shove) Wait - ends the unit’s actions/turn General Etiquette: Inactivity won’t do, please post at least 3 times a month. Don’t make your character from the Terra form self-insert, it’s a general rule of thumb. GM actions and posts will and always be final. Make sure you conform with the setting and its rules that you currently have at hand before I come every day and post. All worlds visited should be close to their canon description, only there should be OCs come from the Earth where Kiran comes from. Please note I may not update every day. Occasionally this can be made up during the weekends. After the first 4 players are ready for the roleplay's Prologue, the roleplay will commence at 6PM 23 September 2017. Symbolic, isn't it?
  2. Prologue: Alternate Army 07:00, Levfia Levfia, a small continent, houses an Anna that one might not remember. Like her sisters, they are merchants looking for a way to substantially live. This Anna was reading scriptures on the worship of Naga and Mila, two of the most notable divine dragons in the world that they currently live in. Jake creaks open the employee door of Anna’s store to tell her dismal news. “It’s horrible. Damn near impossible to go out for a stroll,” Jake complained. “A horde of strange warriors are approaching from the north.” Anna put the scrolls down. “This is grave news,” she fretted. “I must tell the humans we’ve been housing for a week.” Jake was skeptical about Anna’s plan. “Are you sure these four are good for the job?” Anna stopped and thinked about it. She nodded. “If they’re from another world, then they must have some kind of potential!” She ran to the guest rooms upstairs to wake them up. Gabriella and Kyodaina were happily snoozing away in their beds. Chuks was lazing out on his bedroom floor and Simon lighted out during the middle of the night frantically trying to contact an unknown deity with his prayer books. Anna opened Gabriella’s door and yelled out her name. “Get up. We’ve got something bad going on near our town.” Gabriella is free to post. Somewhere else around the house, Jake opened the door to Chuks’ room. What he saw through the window in Chuks’ room was an axe hurled toward a window in a house across the road. This was an unsettling sight for Jake. He tried to get Chuks up, but he wouldn’t budge. So Jake decided to drag him on his legs to move him out of the bedroom. That’s when Chuks finally opened his eyes and realized something was quite different. Chuks is free to post.
  3. "The Outrealms are beckoning..." Welcome to Fire Emblem: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror's sign-ups and discussion page! Spreadsheet available for all players to refer to: SPREADSHEET LINK Here's the interest check topic for background info: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/73306-interest-check-fire-emblem-realms-of-the-cosmic-mirror/ Table of Contents: Intro Reading and Picking Characters How to Prepare for Battle Gameplay Mechanics Current Roster/Positions in separate posts (except for first battle). 1. Introduction This roleplay pits canon Fire Emblem characters against other characters derived from foreign mediums. Focusing on the various strategic battles that the Fire Emblem series has, the battles require teamwork and should safely create an environment similar to a mega crossover game like Smash Bros. and Project X Zone. Created with a hybrid in mind, it tries to insert elements from various Fire Emblem games and make them composite, in order to create a different experience. Dealing with a composite gameplay can be tough, so some debilitating ideas are removed for ease of management. If you start to have problems with the rules and character you’re given, you're better off asking questions than making direct statements I can’t find a good reply to. Please use proper etiquette when needed, and don’t be inactive for more than 3 weeks. This should act as a real Fire Emblem game but with several twists here and there. The more familiar the Fire Emblem experience are to players who sign-up the better off a game goes. 2. Reading and Picking Characters (Please note that you’re mostly writing established characters for the time being.) Most probably the hardest part to understand: which character suits my playstyle the best? Here’s what’s so different about this RP, characters are preset; they’re merely rentals. Once you choose to sign-up for a character, it will be yours to control for the battle. The player expects to write dialogue for every character they sign as throughout the whole RP. If a character name appears in more than one roster that each correspond to a separate battle, you are allowed to use that character again if you like. Using any character is fair game, but signing up for a more familiar character to write dialogue for is recommended. A Smash Bros. player is probably more likely to choose Marth than Ephraim for example. Players sign up for a designated character, detailed in this chapter. Once a battle is over, a new set of units will be up for the next battle. Sign up again if you choose to pick a new unit from that selection, otherwise waiting for a new one is completely optional. If your player character dies in battle, don’t worry. You can choose a new character in the next battle after the battle in which the character dies in is completed, whether it was a win or loss. A form template is detailed in the spoiler here. Example using Lachesis from FE4 in spoilers. List of commands units may share (bold are universal): 3. How to Prepare for Battle 4. Gameplay Mechanics Positions follow here. Battle #1 - Objective: Rout the enemy Note: All unit rosters are in spoilers.
  4. I wrote up this roleplay earlier this month… in another site I won’t mention, with the reputation of Fire Emblem Fates… It got the cold shoulder after two previous attempts, so I’m trying out to see if this roleplay could work in a place like this. Third time’s the charm, right? But there’s a lot of differences with this roleplay in particular that might not coincide with roleplays that are more common here. Taking bold actions can be risky sometimes. Edit: Google Docs file to help with how this roleplay works. - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vhy_SjBaV2bi2AYKz7-gzgHoAxV909mVC4_p_etclwQ/edit?usp=sharing The Basics as to What’s Here and What’s Absent What's so different about this? 1. OCs and original settings are not integral to the story. This roleplay is more about a what-if scenario between foreign forces that plays out like a typical Fire Emblem skirmish. I’ve experienced writing and conceptualizing OCs before. It’s where a writer puts OCs that make the concept of "Sturgeon’s Law" stand out even more. The game is basically Massive Multiplayer Crossover meets strategy RPG, in this case, Fire Emblem. I currently have no intentions of integrating an original generation into a storyline where a crisis between fantasy media is the main idea. Don’t expect a new Jake or Anna from a non-canon continent/kingdom/nation/etc. here. 2. Without OCs, what will happen to sign-ups? How can one participate in a battle? Sign-ups are much shorter due to the limits a character has with pre-determined stats and inventories. They’re all similar to rentals, in short. Character availability varies between each battle. (from 5 up to low teens) The available field other than username and character chosen: are stat variations (will be now referred to as Boon and Bane in this and the sign-up topic.) Boons and Bane are a simple +Boon and -Bane format based on the corresponding stat. For example: This raises the character’s HP by x1.1 and lowers the character’s STR by x0.9. If you want a neutral variation, write “Neutral” for both fields. 3. How will dialogue be handled in this roleplay? Roleplay is based on a third-person limited point of view. Players are only allowed dialogue for their player unit while the GM controls NPC and enemy units. All actions done in the map must be bolded. 4. How will maps be handled and detailed? I’m yet using another spreadsheet to handle maps. I’m currently not a very good digital artist, so the terrain detail is limited to color coding, but sprites will luckily be present. Chess-based coordinates are in use. 5. What does the game master do during a battle other than dialogue for enemies and NPC? The game master (that’s me) will detail battle calculations, turns, phases, etc. If a battle’s objectives are completely fulfilled, an objective’s failure causes a player loss, or all the player units are killed in battle, I’ll detail results and notify players of upcoming battles (It might take from a day to a week to prepare.) 6. How do the canon Fire Emblem characters experience foreign worlds and their characters? If a Fire Emblem character such as Chrom has, in physical form (they used dialogue once), appeared in an officially-sanctioned crossover featuring the enemy or NPC units from that piece of work, they have knowledge of that work in question. Robin may know about Meta Knight, but he will only have a blind experience of something like Middle-Earth, where he’ll scratch his head at the concept of hobbits. Characters further gain knowledge about other worlds every time they go into battle. I don’t have much left to say at this moment so I’ll leave the story leading up to the first battle here (it’s Pokémon themed). If you have any further questions about the roleplay, I’ll do my best to answer them.
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