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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone, So, I'm currently working since two months on a hacking about Sacred Stones thanks to FE Builder and I would like to implement two things that could be interesting : the freeze debuff and skill scrolls. I think that Freeze debuff is less impactful than plainly "just standing there et take hits without doing nothing" with sleep and stone so that's why. Mainly for the player since I would like to put that sort of effect on ice magic and I don't want to rendering the foe incapable to act for game balance. (I woule like something like the one which is in FE Fates : Can't move and -20 evade) Skill scrolls because it could be interesting for customizing the different characters who appears in my project. However, even if I've seen there's a possibility to implement these mecanics apparently since I had read on the tuto about skills which we can access with FE Builder on a link, I don't know if FE Builder permit this or we have to try another method. Indeed, even if I know the most things about basics (inserting music, modifying classes, map creation, items creation, win/defeat conditions etc), I have not again playing with code or that sort of thing to create new skills for example. I have also searched on different others hack ROM, without success. So if we could help me on how to this, thanks for your help. Also, if you have advices about skill creation, I'm also interested, even for replace with some existing skills which are not in the 255 basic skills, which I don't know how to do currently. Others things I would like to know if it's normal but here that is mainly about the system, it's : -I've seen that if a foe have the same character ID but different classes, their first skill learned on lvl 5 tends to change and be one which is allocated to one class but not for its own (example, I had soldier and knight sharing the same character ID in an experiment and the knight had their skill Strong Ripost learned on the lvl 5 replaced by Silent Pride of Soldiers) -Since I've done a Str/Mag split on my game, I would like to separate the energy ring in two items, one which raises strenght the other magic. But when I've tried to create the item for raising magic, the item can not just be used in the game (they have the same effect so energy ring effect, is that because of that ?). So for the moment, I'm sticking with a item which give +2 Str/Mag but I would like to separate the two if possible. -Finally, it's about promotion item and it's a case similar to the energy ring. I have done a special class on an important character of my story and I've seen the Terra Seal not used in the promotion item. So I thought "Hey it could be interesting to use this instead of the Solar/Lunar Brace that I could give instead for my main character and a potential second "Lord" Character". I have placed the effect Orion Bolt on the Terra Seal since the character is an archer and I have put her in the classes that could be evolved with that item but here, when I have tried it, the game just freeze when I tried to open the inventory of the character. With an Orion Bolt, however that worked. So can I think that in FE GBA, effect items can not be shared on multiples items ? I hope that my questions were not already answered in the past, if yes sorry about that. Anyways, thanks for reading and have a good day !
  2. I'm trying to make a hack in which a character contracts lycanthropy at a specific point in the plot, at which point they would gain access to some form of monster weapon or dragonstone (and have their strength growth inflate HARD). I know that the trainee class would allow a character to promote at a particular level, but can I make them promote at a specific chapter?
  3. I have been working on a rom hack and have run into an issue. After chapter 1 once you enter the world map, the Eirika character does not show up when selecting manage items. She also does not show up in the battle preps. Does anyone know what might be causing this? In the image the first unit should be a female mage named Lydia.
  4. My prologue has been causing me a fair amount of aches and pains,. So, I finished making Ch. 1, (2nd map, since the prologue existed) and went to the world map to change the location of the nodes in advance so I could change the items sold in the location. I then go back to try the game from the prologue. Surpirse! It loads straight to ch. 1, which works as normal other than the fact that Lyon doesn't load (?) and Duessel doesn't have weapons, which makes sense since I gave the items to him in the prologue. I go back to make sure I hadn't accidentally added an "End chapter" event at a very bad spot. I hadn't. I went to the world map events to see if anything had changed. It hadn't. I then decided to play through, using the green units to rout the enemies. The chapter end event worked as usual until it froze because it couldn't give a skill to Lyon since he didn't exist, even though I have him loaded into the chapter the same way I had Duessel in. According to the emulator background thing that shows me the information, the prologue loads, but gets skipped and it goes straight to Ch.1. I don't really want to try again on another ROM since it took a million years to fix all of the support info, fix all of the animations, etc. on this one. Is there anything I could do to get it to load the prologue normally? Side note: How to I make the game get a game over if Lyon dies? I have him and his class set as Lord units, bbut it doesn't make difference.
  5. I'm a pretty green modder rn, and I've run into two errors concerning an fe8 rom hack I've been making. 1: Several of my magic using characters are displaying the "STR" stat instead of "MAG", and display physical weapon levels instead of the magic weapon levels. Is there any reason for this? None of them have physical weapon levels, btw. 2: I replaced several of the characters with my own OCs, planning on fleshing them out later. Testing them out in vanilla Sacred Stones and everything was working fine until the chapter where Moulder and Vanessa are recruited. Instead of being replaced with a Wyvern Lord and Troubador, they were the same classes as before, a Priest (Moulder) and a Pegasus Knight (Vanessa), and their inventory was completely unchanged. Even more curiously, the unit portraits, base stats, and growth rates were all changed according to what I had inputted. This led me to believe it was something I had forgotten to change in the Unit Placer, but I checked both the character editor and unit placer and nothing seemed out of place. Anybody have any ideas? Help out a tough boy?
  6. So I was editing a rom of fe 8 and I wanted to add more classes, so I extended the battle list, which worked, but when it came to adding an animation past CB the animations for the Ephraim lord and the new class become corrupted. Any tips, tricks?
  7. Anybody know how to insert an midi music file into fe8 using fe builder? Not just from another fe game but from any game that has an midi file, and if it requires a certain patch? I see there is a section where you can import and export from other games but it doesn't specify which address is music. If anybody knows how to do this, the details would be appreciated thanks.
  8. Anybody know how to insert an midi music file into fe8 using fe builder? Not just from another fe game but from any game that has an midi file, and if it requires a certain patch? I see there is a section where you can import and export from other games but it doesn't specify which address is music. If anybody knows how to do this, the details would be appreciated thanks.
  9. Does anybody know how to import and export gba music from other games into fe8 with fe builder, I know it has some music features in it but I'm not to familiar with them, thanks for any help.
  10. Hi, this is my first actual post here. Only recently got into hacking really. I didn't see anything about this but my search functions been wonky, so if there was I'm sorry. Anyways, basically what title says, is FE Builder better, as good, or worse then seperate tools. I watched a tutorial on the basic FE builder stuff, and started wondering, if there was anything it can't do that gives other tools the advantage. I'm planning to start my first FE8 hack and I've got:FE Builder, event assembler, and Sappy, and if there was anything I might need since it lacks that function, I'd like to know.
  11. i wanted to make some tweaks to the fe8 master version hack, just for fun. I knew that using hacked rom could bring problems with febuilder, though actually there isnt as many as i was expecting. So... the problem is that went to the item editor, the item list dont appear, i tried to get the list using the hex adress and the counter but just bring me a list non sensical items, anyone got an idea off how to deal with type of problem ?
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