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Found 51 results

  1. Hi, I think something is really wrong with FE13. Not something like durability, gold costs, shops upgrading far too slowly compared with the ennemies' weapons (like when you have access to steel while the ennemies get silvers and you get silver or killer when they get braves...), beast stones being a myth before chapter 10/12 and dragonstone being barely enough before beating Gangrel (just before getting access to the shop that sells them...a shop selling transformation stones...for real?). That's certainly a stupid design but Awakening wasn't a game for logic, coherence. It was a game for fans and new comers to enjoy and play with adaptive difficulty (with really high gaps between each difficulty and the return of FE6 stupid EP reinforcements). No, what I'm addressing here and now is...THE most awfully balanced stat. I mean, RESISTANCE. You know, a stat very useful for late game, mid game and not deniable for early game when ennemies power creep each chapter before staying still for 5 consecutive chapter just before the mid game power creep. When you take damage from physical ennemies while magical attackers take out 1/2 of your HP in one attack. With D ranks. Cordelia, your bulky offensive pegasus, has 90% in HP, 60% in str, skl and spd, 45% in luck and def and...35% in res, starting with 8 res level 7. Level 20 she'll have on average 12.55 res. Level 20/20 Falcon knight she'll have 17.1 res not counting promotion bonus. Magical ennemies in late game deal 35-40 damage easily, even the ones who use 10 range tomes hit more 30-35 without difficulty. A pegasus, class made to tank magic damage and kill mages before they slaughter your whole team, takes 20 damage on average from each of those mages who manages to hit her. Sumia starts at 7 res level 1 and has 40% res. Level 20/20 she has an average of 22 res without promotion bonuses. Still taking 15 damage per hit on average in late game. Maribelle has 6+2 level 3 and 55% growth, average of 25.8+2 as a troubadour/walkyrie level 20/20 without promo bonus, and 24.whatever+2 as a war cleric. A unit whose only defensive stat is res still takes 12 damage on average in late game, and her 18 base HP and 65% growth don't let her the pleasure to face tank magic while any physical ennemy can come in and finish her at 60% HP (15% def growth as a valkyrie and 20 as a war cleric, 75% hp as a war cleric). Lissa is even worse: starting at 4 res, with 50% growth as a cleric and downgrading to 45% after promotion, she has 22 res on average without promotion bonuses, with 70% hp growth as a cleric/sage and 80% as a war cleric. She's a healer with the same res as a physical unit (Sumia) in end game, starting with less res than said unit. Nowi has 2+9 res with dragonstone and starts at 18 HP, with 50% res growth. On average level 30 she has 16.5+9 res (25.5), the same as Maribelle before res +2. She doesn't get any promotion bonus. Even your hybrid hyper tank has only 60% magic damage reduction without abusing seals. This game was completely balanced around multi-reclassing instead of being balanced to be enjoyable with base classes and normal gameplay. You can't even choose to de-activate the attack stance mechanic, so if you wanna play old school, you loose your support bonuses. Avoid has been severely cut, with spd *1.5 instead of 2 and luck *.05 instead of 1. So in a normal game you have your highest dodge/res magical tank/mage killers who take 40-55% of the damage magic attackers deal and they have 37+2 spd 30 luck (Sumia), 39*1.5= 58.5; 30*0.5=15; 58+15=73 avoid. The ennemies who target Sumia have ~140% hit rate, they are higher than 60% hit rate. Awakening has craptastic res levels even on the highest res units, and res growth per class is incredibly low: 10% for pegasus, 5% for mercenary, like pegasi and mercenaries were supposed to have nearly the same res...seriously? Nowi at 50% res! Myrrh had 7 base res +20 in FE8with 30% growth at level 1! Fae had 6 base res +20 with 50% growth in FE6! Nowi is pure trash compared to these! Not only on the res part, but also on the def with 2+15 base for Fae with 30% growth and 2+15 base for Myrrh with 150% growth! These manaketes barely took any damage from unpromoted ennemies in their joining map (at least Myrrh since I didn't go so far in FE6, too boring, maps are too big you spend entire turns just walking), while Nowi get 2 shot in her joining map with Gregor backpack increasing her def and more base HP! Her only good point is having more uses of dragonstone and getting dragonstone + by the end of the game, not salvaging her awful start and unability to do anything once she inevitably breaks her first dragonstone while levelling up to get on par with your other units without getting any kind of bonus exp (no paragon, no exp *1.5 or other kinds of bonuses from GBA games), unlike the GBA manaketes who could reach level 20 in 19-30 fights and keep 20 uses at max level to kill the most dangerous ennemies, while having no 2 range allowed them to tank ranged attacks without loosing durability; Nowi hits at 2 range, and thus looses durability so she breaks her dragonstone much faster than the other 2). Even Tiki, with 12+9 base (normal dragonstone, not counting dragonstone +), only reached 18+9 (27) res while having the highest res growth of all of Awakening's cast, simply she joins already at level 20, not helping much, and her recruitment chapter on anything above normal is really annoying, with late game level ennemies, every one of them flying, packing on your weakest units with 40+ damage each while you had to maintain a turtle-like formation to take the incoming ennemies out and then go kill the next ones before coming back to turtle again and again for like 10+ turns before you can finally end that pain by rushing the boss with your best units and torture them to make them pay for this awful level design they have nothing to do with (thanks Intelligent Systems/Nintendo devs for this game so purely made of brute force and suicide, it feels like playing The Lord of the Rings instead of watching it, but you don't have many parts where you can kill the boss to end the chapter). This game is a pain for these reasons, and I miss my magic nullifying units each time I play awakening without playing dread fighter. Oh man, why did they put so much damage AND accuracy on every single magic ennemy in the game? The prologue already sends you to hospital with it's mages. If you have tips on how to get a mage killer invulnerable to magic without using second seals like 3x in a row or having 10+ levels more than the ennemies (well it's the same since you have 10+ levels more than them at that point) with the rare anti magic units. And without nosferatu involved because it breaks the game by existing and being buyable from chapter 4 onward as long as you have gold... For me it's like, let your mage killer behind and send them kill the mages, until you get to Valm and the mages become dark knights who tank all damage better than your units tank theirs... and you've got to risk your more physical oriented units to finish them off cuz your mage killer left them at 40-50% HP... So in the end, I say "F*** off, this game is not a T-RPG, it's a hack n'slash, just grind your way through the 50 ennemies who deal 70% of your damage each and come 5 by 5 on each of your units". It always ends like that. I'm not into puzzles. At least I finished this game twice. I didn't even get to the 2/3rd of Fates because it has no story to keep me in and gameplay also becomes boring or map design annoying at certain points, and I quit because I'm bored. I did FE8 like...15 times from the beginning to the end, 10x creature campaign, completed lagdou ruins so many times I don't even recall (I was into min-maxing my units), stopped more than 50 playthrough during mid game and hundreds around chapter 6-12 but I can't even get to chapter 19/20 of Fates and Awakening becomes boring during the Valm arc, and ends up completely boring after the Valm arc, when you don't even feel like there's a point in continuing to play, because any random encounter is harder than the main game anyway, DLC are harder, and unit balance is just about who get the most second seals and the best skills. I feel like Fire Emblem has gone out of it's genre, Awakening being the one at fault for taking a 180° bend from Fire Emblem, downgrading everything introduced in the Tellius series (rabbit is worse than anything in Tellius games, I even preferred the herons although I hate dancer-like units outside Fates), the height/balcony bonus/malus has vanished, the indoor movement malus to mounted units has vanished, allowing mounts to return to their all around domination in rushing tactics and in Fates cavaliers even benefit from elbow room, one of the most OP free damage skills in the game, and they have it from level 1. Transformation takes no management again, has no drawbacks unless weapon durability is a drawback (more for Taguel than Manakete who can buy dragonstone + anyway from the beginning), so manaketes can freely attack/counter at 1/2 range, I feel like this game just wants you to play the same way as in a hack n'slash: maximize your sustain and damage, and go slaughter waves of ennemies after waves of ennemies. Team building is limited by open maps with a mix of flying ennemies, cavalry and foot units, meaning you can barely use squishy supports from the Valm arc onward, you have nothing to answer the 10 sages/sorcerers with 10 range tomes too far for you to reach, while they can eat half of your units' HP in one attack or 2 while being virtually invulnerable until they have used all their durability and become useless. So, now I'll literally play Awakening like I play Diablo 2 and 3, grind and slaughter waves of ennemies who now can't scratch you anymore cuz the game allows and encourages you to be 20+ levels above your ennemies. And forge like your life depends on it, because 1RKO means less possibility to be RNG-screwed. End of...is it even a rant?
  2. I'm replaying Awakening and I've gotten all the other kids and I'm saving Severa for last but i'm conflicted for who to pair cordelia with Gregor or Libra? Statwise and Skillwise
  3. Hey, I'm new here so if this isn't the right place to ask this please let me know. I've been wanting to add swords to the Griffon Knight class in Awakening to differentiate it a bit more from the other flyer classes. Where could someone who knows very little about modding go to figure out how to do this? Or does anyone know of a project that already does this?
  4. I've been playing through FE13 on HM/Ironman, asking my partner to choose all of my pairings. I realized her method for pairings units is visual, she picks whoever look like a cute couple and then confirm the pairing if they visually mesh with their children. I usually pair units based on either optimization or specific builds I have in mind for that run, so this has been an extremely unique experience. So far it's been a lot of fun playing through with another entirely different system for pairings, and I'm curious how others here determine their pairings.
  5. I just wanna see who enjoyed 13. I enjoyed it for being senseless and fun, but I know a lot don't like it. Let's not be negative please, just a simple yes and no. (First time making a poll, sorry if it's uh bad)
  6. What if the fire emblem heroes were to fall and all their adventures were given to random people? The fire emblem has been corrupted by the presence of the fell dragons, now a lone group of adventurers must travel to the different worlds and pick up where the fallen heroes started. (roleplay is welcome to everyone, would prefer it if we roleplayed on discord. Canon and ocs are allowed
  7. So I decided to just sit down and make a list of every legacy bonus character in Fire Emblem Awakening who had some kind of special property that couldn't be replicated by just any old MU or other legacy character of the same gender. There's not really a whole lot more to say than that, so here's the list! Note that I've only listed the skills the characters couldn't normally learn through reclassing/leveling up. This is not meant to contain their complete base skill sets.
  8. I'm currently tinkering with Awakening so I would like to know how to edit growths, any help I can get is appreciated. I'm currenlty using FEAT to decompress the .bin.lz files and the Class Editor and Character Editor 1.1 modules to edit my files. I would also like to note that the Awakening Nightmare modules aren't on the resource directory, should I make that question there?
  9. So to include only the key details, I want to swap an English Avatar voice bank with a Japanese voice bank (Boku #2, the voice option that was excluded from the english release's japanese voices), i'm assuming this can't be done through simple save editing, and i'm not 100% sure about the process, will any of the sound files themselves need modifying to work correctly? Or can I just replace the English MU files with the Japanese MU Files and everything will work fine? However, if this isn't an option, is it possible to force the Boku #2 voice to play in the English release with a hex edit? Or do the unselectable voices not exist in the English release all together?
  10. Hi! I figured out how to rip models from Fates. But now I'm trying Awakening, and I have all the files extracted. But every time I try to load a body model, it doesn't load on Ohana3DS. Weapons load fine, but the bodies are what I need, and they won't open... Has anyone figured out how to rip them?
  11. After finally getting to the final step in the Gay Awakening, I keep getting INVALID changing the romfs setting. If it helps I'm trying to get this going on a digital copy however, I also bought a physical copy and the path remained INVALID. So I pretty sure that I messed up somewhere but I really don't know how or where.
  12. I am entirely new to this type of hacking so if I've left out any important info pls let me know. So reached the final step in installing the Gay Awakening hack, Homebrew opens and all the options have been replaced by the actual files on my SD. Instead of HANS I have the ''hans'' file I created. For background, I'm using the tutorial that was linked in that thread. I renamed my Romfs as instructed. Also using the Oot3ds hax on a new 3ds xl with firmware 11.0. I just wanna marry Olivia (and like everyone else tbh)
  13. What is your favorite critical quote? Please only talk about the Awakening critical quotes considering Fates hasn't come out yet. I'd have to say mine is between "Errr...Rage!" and "Checkmate!"
  14. I'd just like to share a few simple wallpapers that I've made. If you'd like to show your love for FE but aren't a big fan of wallpapers featuring people (like most every official wallpaper), or just prefer minimalist designs, these might just work for you. All wallpapers are 3840x2400 (proportional to 1920x1200) JPG files (for some reason, exporting as PNG made them really grainy). Please use the links to download, not the attached image previews. FE13 Brand of the Exalt FE13 Fell Brand FE14 Hoshido Emblem FE14 Nohr Emblem I didn't make a wallpaper with the FE14 Revelation logo simply because I couldn't find a straightened root file online.
  15. SSJDennis told me to look into whether or not a 3 turn is possible on Lunatic, and it turns out the answer is yes! And with significantly less RNG abuse than I imagined (though it is still a rather nontrivial amount) I will update with details soon, and potentially (though unlikely, Citra still isn't that nice yet) a video. UPDATE: Adding turn counts to the first page, too lazy to add links yet [spoiler=Turn Counts]Premonition (2 turns) Prologue (3 turns) Chapter 1 (3 turns) Chapter 2 (3 turns) Chapter 3 (3 turns) Chapter 4 (2 turns) Chapter 5 (2 turns) Chapter 6 (3 turns) Chapter 7 (2 turns)
  16. Has anyone successfully messed with the 3d character models yet? I'm trying to do some character model swaps from "Fates->Awakening" and "Awakening->Awakening", where you take a 3d model (ex: Iron Sword) from Fates/Awakening, and I'm trying to put that model in for a different weapon (ex: Bronze Sword) in Awakening. I've noticed an extreme lack of matching file types between the games (Fates: bin.lz, bch.lz, ect./Awakening: m.lz, r.lz, ect.), and I'm wondering if there are any programs that we can use to convert said files into the other type. I've tried just "renaming" the fates one, it crashes as soon as you try to load the model. Is this what I'd use the Nightmare program to do, or is this beyond our reach at this moment?
  17. Welcome to another playthrough, in which I try to get a low turncount in FE13 Lunatic. I'll make a turn-by-turn playlog for each chapter, but will try to make a video of the final chapter + Epilogue. I sadly don't have the pre-C3 strats in much detail, since C3 is when I started writing them and the stats down. I can describe the Prologue strategy off the top of my head, but my C1 and C2 strats differ from the clears KoT did (with the same turncount), so sorry about this. I'll try to reconstruct some details after the playthrough. While I only allow for 1000 renown and below and will stay true to that, I think it's fair to allow more renown items, such as the speedwings since Robin's ability to double C5's wyvern riders depends on good growths for both her and Chrom, whereas with the speedwings, Robin needs a Spd proc less and Chrom's doesn't matter. Anyway, Rules: - Lunatic / Classic mode. - Low turncount is the primary goal, but if a strategy is too unreliable to be pulled off reasonably, I might choose to avoid it. I don't draw an exact line when it comes to reliability, though. - Renown items are allowed up to the Bullion (L). - All gen 1 units must be recruited, second gen characters are optional. No deaths of recruited characters are allowed. - Paralogues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 17 are mandatory, it doesn't matter when they are done. Children paralogues are optional. All paralogues are counted for turns. - Skirmishes and DLC are banned. - Bonus box weapons are banned, obtaining items or recruits from the bonus box teams is disallowed. Using bonus teams to rout skirmishes or to replicate blocked shops is fair game. - Items from shining tiles and Anna shops are banned. I mustn't step onto shining tiles unless it is ideal for the strategy. Since FEWoD doesn't have FE13 maps past C9 and only displays normal mode enemies, you can view them on this site: http://kamikouryaku.com/kakusei/ . The chapter links are on the left part of the site. Premonition - 2 turns Prologue - 4/6 turns Chapter 1 - 4/10 turns Chapter 2 - 6/16 turns Chapter 3 - 4/20 turns Chapter 4 - 3/23 turns Chapter 5 - 5/28 turns Chapter 6 - 4/32 turns Chapter 7 - 3/35 turns Chapter 8 - 4/39 turns Chapter 9 - 4/43 turns Chapter 10 - 2/45 turns Chapter 11 - 2/47 turns Chapter 12 - 3/50 turns Chapter 13 - 1/51 turns Paralogue 12 - 1/52 turns Paralogue 1 - 1/53 turns Paralogue 3 - 1/54 turns Chapter 14 - 1/55 turns Paralogue 4 - 2/57 turns Chapter 15 - 2/59 turns Chapter 16 - 1/60 turns Chapter 17 - 1/61 turns Paralogue 2 - 1/62 turns Chapter 18 - 1/63 turns Paralogue 17 - 2/65 turns Chapter 19 - 1/66 turns Chapter 20 - 1/67 turns Chapter 21 - 1/68 turns Chapter 22 - 1/69 turns Paralogue 9 - 2/71 turns The rest of the playlog is in post #3.
  18. So I was going to start playing Lunatic Mode and wanted to know if anyone can give me any tips. Such as, If I should go classic or casual mode. This is my first time playing Lunatic mode. ((EDIT: I have the DLC MAP "EXPonetial Growth." I'm guessing I should grind that right?))
  19. Oh, hello there! As you can see from the topic's title, I'm going to do a patriotic run. ...And by that, I mean that I'm allowed to use only characters that are born in Ylisse only. (Yes, Robin is not allowed. He's the bad guy after all) Anyways, I'm going to post a link of the run, which is in a different forum. ...Why post it here? I thought that some people might be interested with this run. That, and SF apparently doesn't allow me to upload images from Miiverse because they're too big why Anyways, here's the link: http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/topic/9252140/1/ The run's up to Paralogue 1, and I'm also going to update the run soon for Champions of Yore 1, so stay tuned! Also, the first post has broken images. Why? Because I copied the URL straight from Miiverse, and I deleted the images. From Update 2, I downloaded the images, and then uploaded them on Imgur, so the problem only happens in the first update.
  20. Since this isn't fates exclusive (it supports FE4, FE13, and FE14) I thought posting here is more appropriate than in the Fates subforum. ANYWAY I'll just paste what I have from my Tumblr post: FIRE EMBLEM PAIRINGS OPTIMIZER tumblr post here tl;dr have a weekend project because some nerd (cough) wanted to implement some search algos with FE and this happened praise github I'm thinking of adding randomized pairings and customized sets at some point
  21. Hey everybody, I've been thinking of doing an FE Awakening playthrough. You guys have seen plenty of these on the forums before, so what is different about this one? Well, I'll be using Citra, and recording an LTC (most likely), something which nobody has done before! For those of you who don't know, Citra is a currently in development emulator for the 3DS. It currently doesn't support sound (or save states, or many other standard emulator features), but Awakening is playable without any major graphical glitches, so I think you guys might be interested? The game runs slowly during cutscenes, but IIRC nearly full speed during actual chapter playthroughs (and I can probably speed the frames up as necessary). So are you guys interested? Let me know if you think this is a worthwhile endeavor (and fill out the topic poll!), and I'll probably decided what I'm doing in a couple of days or so. Keep in mind that I've never played this game before (and know almost nothing about the new mechanics), so it might not be a great idea to vote for Lunatic (unless you want to torture me).
  22. I have the System.bfnt but I haven't been able to figure out what to do with it (I spent maybe two to three hours trying to figure out how to use or convert a .bfnt with little-to-no results). I found this, though, which gave me some hope that maybe that file isn't a total mystery. I also downloaded the Fates translation patch in hopes it would have what I want but no dice, it's just more .bfnts (compressed as .lz this time, so double me not knowing what to do with it lmao). What I'm wondering is, does anyone have the font/know where to get the font in like a truetype file or even just a transparent image with all the characters (JP ones optional in this case) so I can make an sfont out of it? I've been trying to get a similar font instead but none of them were free. Forgive me if I posted this in the wrong place, it seemed relevant because I want it for a fangame of sorts. (As a side question: does anyone know where I can get a still image of the support background?)
  23. I didn't include husbands who I've already married or don't like very much. Also, if it's Owain or Brady, I would appreciate it if you could comment who you think the father should be. MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost
  24. Mother: Lissa Father: Lon'qu Stats: Class: Swordmaster Lv: 15 HP: 43 Str: 24 (+5) Mag: 9 Skill: 30 Spd: 33 Lck: 23 Def: 16 Res: 15 Skills, Vantage, Lethality (from father), Avoid +10, Astra, Swordfaire Weapon Rank: Swords A I've heard that he's really good as a Sage, but then Swordfaire would be useless. His Magic would go from 9 to 14 if I reclass to Sage.
  25. So, what I wanna know is the best parents for each children, EXCLUDING MU, b/c he/she is the best parent. Here are my thoughts: MUxChrom Sully/Donnel Cordelia/Lon'qu That's it. Help.
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