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Found 29 results

  1. I've made this post on a few of the bad units: Lorenz and ashe. It was coming sooner or later, but today, I am here to argue how manuela is completely usable and even as far as being one of your better units on maddening. Note this is assumed to be VW maddening and Manuela was recruited ch8. We are also assuming her final level is 43. For reference, her growths: HP:50% Str: 35% Mag:35% Dex: 40% Spe:60% Lck:35% Def: 30% Res:25% Cha:50% To start with, I have decided on a solid class path with little cost and large reward: Priest(Starting class)-Mercenary-Pegasus knight- Sword master- Assassin. Note that she gains no levels in priest and only one in mercenary and Pegasus knight. Depending on what you value more with this build, dex or str, she can stay in assassin or sword master for longer. Her average stats (rounded up) assuming she stays in assassin longer are as follows: Hp: 53 Str: 26 Mag: 23 Dex: 30 Spe: 44 lck: 22 Def: 19 Res: 15 Cha: 30 This build requires little investment, since she starts with a D in flying, a boon in swords, and only requires a D+ Bow for assassin exam and D+ for Pegasus exam. Her skills in this build are up to you, but I like this set personally: Sword prowess 5, darting blow, vantage, sword critical, and a skill of your choice (with her flying boon that could be alert stance. You could still pick pretty much anything though) If you are in need of a support based unit, Manuela can provide decent utility through warp, though she would need to go bishop and sacrifice swordfaire or any major form of attack. You could grind her reason as well, with her getting bolting at A. Of course, this would be very difficult to attain and may need solo training, meaning she might lose out on faith utility and sword prowess for just a few chapters of having the ability to use bolting. Her shaky magic growth would also decrease the usefulness of bolting, though she could still provide linked attacks and gambit boosts. Overall, manuela can attain a state of major use/utility with little investment, becoming a solid swap in for any conventional assassin, such as petra. However, her shaky str growth may require you to attack on resistance, meaning she may need to use levin swords or blutgang (10 damage penalty) for solid damage on the tough enemies such as war master, great knight, fortress knight. If a mixed assassin manuela doesn't suite you, she can still fill a role of decent utility through warp. Of course, linhardt and lysithea do use the spell better.
  2. Catherine and shamir count as jaegans for the purpose of this discussion. Also, Imma go with frederick for the sole reason being lunatic+ and Lunatic are impossible without him.
  3. I remembered I had these sketches lying around and decided I'd redraw them, who knows maybe someone would get a kick out of them so why not post them! Please forgive me for any formatting errors as it is my first time posting here. Now I'll go on and explain my thought process behind designing these two! I'll start with Cethleann, since we haven't really seen a "light dragon" throughout the series I based her main appearance off of some divine dragons we see in other games as well as The Wind Caller and The Immaculate one (due to them being related), as for the whole idea of her teeth being flat was mostly due to the whole "Flayn likes fish" thing, plus it makes her look less menacing compared to most dragons which personally fits for me. As for Cichol, he takes most of his inspiration from the earth dragons from the earlier games which explains his lack of wings and tough looking scales. I still wanted to keep the whole design motif of the Immaculate one in his design because it just felt right to me. The first two sketches were from March of this year but the revamped sketches can be seen in this image here which was drawn today!
  4. Ashe is an odd one honestly. His growths speak assassin, but his strength is below par, meaning he would have a hard time killing. This is why I think that ashe is good as a warrior/war master/wyvern lord. His extremely high dexterity also means he is probably one of (if not, the best) user of the vantage wrath combo. His low def means he will get below 50% easy and his stupid high dexterity plus wrath will equal 100% crit rates with killer weapons. Despite his boon in bow, I think that he should ignore archer classes (screw bow knight, sniper is meh, and assassin is also meh due to prior reasoning) and focus more on his boon in axes and budding talent in lance. Here are a few sample class paths that i think are good on ashe: fighter - armour knight - brigand (optional) - Warrior - War master (optional due to neutrality towards brawling). This class path fixes his major str and def problems whilst also focusing on his arguably best asset: axes. fighter - brigand - archer - wyvern rider - wyvern lord. Pretty standard class path for any unit, but the hit +20 skill makes sure he can hit easy enough. fighter - brigand - archer - sniper - bow knight. I dislike bow knight greatly, but ashe is admittedly a good fit for for it. Brigand could be replaced for armour knight if in need of def instead of extra strength. fighter - mercenary - brigand - warrior - war master (optional for said reasons) if you get completely rng screwed, he can just slip into a support role (personal is locktouch) as a dancer, using deadeye for pot-shots and opening chests on maps whilst also being able to dance for other units. Overall, I think ashe is an extremely underrated unit who could do with a bit more spotlight due to his well above average kit. As I said in title, feel free to argue.
  5. So, after 3 complete runs of crimson flower, I've been quite disappointed in Edelgard and the emperor class. I noticed that edelgard has a budding talent in reason and a higher magic growth than dorothea, so I decided to give it a try. I must say that it went amazing. Edelgard is different to all other mages in the fact that she uses black magic and dark magic (fire, bolganone, luna, hades), meaning that she would be a great fit for the valkyrie class, which increases on her already impressive bulk and also buffs her magic to 50% (it might be 55%). It also increases both black and dark magic range by one, adding to her versatility. Combined with any staff (I prefer the cadaecus staff for its health regen and +1 range), Edelgard can become a 4 range monster who hits ridiculously hard and can also be on the frontlines. Due to her boon in axes, she can also use bolt axes, being one of only two mages who can actually use them (the other being annette). Abilities I find useful: fiendish blow, armoured blow*, uncanny blow (helps with luna and hades hit rate),reason prowess 5, axe prowess 4/5, You can use any ability on her but these are the ones i find useful *despite the misconception, you can actually master armour knight without leveling her once. Just unequip 2 range weapons (equip axe) and put her on a 40 avoid tile with a knowledge gem (optional). It would be good to keep a healer at hand.
  6. On July 17th of this year, I started my first time Maddening Mode run of Golden Deer with no new game + and with a twist..... NO DIVINE PULSE!! What a journey it has been. I always been quite casual when it came to playing Fire Emblem. but I have learned a lot on this journey. The struggles, to the restarts, to the hard as heck paralogues, to our blessed Ignatz!! All of it was quite the experience and has made me an even better Fire Emblem player. Join me today as I take on the final map of Golden Deer in the FINALE of my Maddening Mode run!! My hardest experience and greatest challenge with Fire Emblem thus far!! Ending it with a grand finale to remember.... Let's do this!! Live right now!!
  7. I been streaming a Three Houses Maddening Mode playthrough (no new game+) but with a twist. I restricted myself from using any divine pulses and it has made the game incredibly harder on top of Maddening being already super difficult. Its my first time playing Maddening too. (Yes im crazy, I know) Everything is going surprisingly well so far and I am currently a few chapters in at the timeskip so far!! Here is how my team is lookimg so far. Byleth (Enlightened One) Claude (Wyvern Lord) Hilda (Preist [about to promote to War Cleric soon]) Lorenz (Warlock [about to promote to Dark Knight]) Lysithea (Dark Flier) Ignatz (Sniper [about to promote to Bow Knight]) Raphael (War Master) Leonie (Bow Knight) Marianne (Holy Knight) Anna (Theif [about to promote to Trickster) Yuri (Trickster) Hapi (Dancer) I gave all of the girls (save Marianne because she is super slow) Darting blow so they can double more reliably by making them all Peg Knights. I also made every physical unit a Brigand for Death Blow. And then all my magic units get Fiendish Blow. So I have a Death Blow, Fiendish Blow, Darting Blow combo on everyone respectively and its awesome!! I made Hapi a dancer because she is the waifu heh heh. And she came out incredibly powerful!! Amazing gambit, amazing damage output, amazing avoid and a solid resistance tank!! And she doubles and crits often!! If you want to check out my run. I been streaming it on Youtube. There is 17 episodes episodes out currently at the time of posting this!! Come check it out if you are interested!! It was quite amazing so far!!
  8. Which mainline Fire Emblem game do you feel hard the hardest soldiers and why?
  9. I made a thread similar to this back when Echoes: Shadows of Valentia was freshly released in the west, so I figure I'd do the same here. So the game has now officially hit street date in the far east (I think as of 5 hours ago or so). Obviously a lot of people still have yet to acquire the game, but I feel between the genuine Aussies who pre-purchased the game, those who live in Japan that purchased the game, those who may have "tricked" the eshop servers into believing they're Aussies/in Japan so that they'd get the game early, and those who got the game early through other means, there are enough people who have the game now to warrant this. Plus, the game will be out in the west in, like, 10 hours, so it'll preempt the flood of people talking about the game. So those who have the game and played it... What are your thoughts on it? What do you like/dislike about the game? What do you think of the supports, the gameplay, or any of the new features? Where are you at as of your posting? If you have any spoilery thoughts, post them in spoiler tags, as this isn't meant to be a predominantly spoiler discussion. If you can, avoid spoiling too much. When answering how far you are in the game, just list a simple chapter or the date that you're currently on. If it's post time-skip, just say that's where you're at; I would like to avoid people talking too much about that, as again this is meant to be a first impressions topic, and I feel if you list a chapter there you could inadvertently reveal the longevity of the game, which I'd count as a spoiler. Oh, and while I'm at it, feel free to say which house you went with, what difficulty you're playing on, what you named your professor, etc. Just as long as you keep the things outside of spoiler tags spoiler-free and it has to do with Three Houses, it should generally be okay here. I don't have the game yet, but I'm curious what those who do have it think. I'll probably post my thoughts tomorrow.
  10. Which Students Will You be recruiting and why? Idk how many students you can recruit from the other houses so... Mine: Marianne(to try and save her from her curse) Lysithea(So she won't die) Hilda(She's so pretty and adorable) Caspar: His timeskip design is kinda hot. Mercedes(reminds me of someone) Annette(Can't have Mercie Without Ann) Possibly Sylvain for my black eagles playthrough because of the disowned brother here i come special boss dialogue😂
  11. Right now, OJ PlayerEssence is answering questions about FE16 from what he played right now on Twitch. Also, there's gonna be a Lunatic mode so...yay. I'll just leave the link here.
  12. I don't know if anyone has talked about it, as it is really easy to miss, but we actually have confirmation that shields are returning - but this time they can be equipped alongside weapons. It is the item Ignatz steals from Dedue here. The shield on Dedue's map model even changes after Ignatz steals it. It is hard to see, but Ignatz actually equips the shield as well, but I don't see his model change at all. Maybe only classes that have shields on their models normally get different shield looks for equipping them? Also we get to see Dedue as a "third army" unit. Canon classes are also a confirmed thing - which makes sense given other house students may/will be enemies post-time skip.
  13. I'm really lost at how much was shown until now and mostly is because I want to avoid most of non-mechanics trailers. But now I got myself wondering..is there any evidence (or a straight forward reveal) of skills at this game? Also, you don't need to actually give a explanation if you don't want to, a simples YES or NO is enough.
  14. So like the title said, I had a dream-a very strange dream. I dreamt that I was watching this youtuber who was watching a Nintendo Direct and this one was showing a new trailer for Three Houses. In it, the main villain was Cell, the guy from Dragon Ball Z, and apparently he rules (?) the kingdom that Claude comes from (I think it's Leicester). He also decides to build a castle that looked exactly like Ganondorf's in Ocarina of Time and I guess he was created by some king. Then my dream got reader because I saw the cast of That's So Raven, Tracer from Overwatch who took the place of Eldegard, and some lollis. I also saw people who looked like they were from the kingdom of Muspell in the game as well as Donny from Harry Potter. After that, I woke up. Oh and I also saw free roaming like in Echoes so that's it. I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I thought I'd share it with you. Oh and if this turns out to be in the game, I totally called it.
  15. What are your thoughts on the characters we've seen so far? Do you like the designs/art style? What do you think their personalities will be? What are your hopes for any yet to be revealed characters? Personally I really like the art style and the designs we've seen so far! Though, Claude is my favourite. #TeamClaude I like Edelgard and Byleth as well and I don't even dislike Dimitri's design :P As for the other characters I have high hopes! Or at least high optimism. The consensus seems to be that the character artist is Kurahana Chinatsu who designed the characters for Uta no Prince-sama. I'm a fan of her art but I do wonder how varied her designs can actually get in terms of differing body types. I'm excited to find out though.
  16. I make FE music arrangements and just wanted to share what I've got with you all. New songs will be added as they come, and I hope you enjoy. Feedback and requests are welcome! [FE16] Trailer Theme (No SFX) [FE7] Reminiscence - Ninian and Nils' Theme (Cinematic Orchestral Arrangement) [FE7] Winds Across the Plains - Lyn Map BGM (Relaxing Orchestra Arrangement)
  17. This is just my take on it from what I gathered with the trailer! The description says this is a country ruled by the church of Seiros, who was the woman who received a gift by the goddess, meaning the kingdom is a theocracy. First, it seems a lot of people think the lady at the beginning with the dragon crown is the goddess herself, but if you take a look at her clothes, you'll notice they're identical to the ones Seiros is wearing on the painting: Meaning the lady is actually the descendant of Seiros or Seiros herself, and that along with the crown means she's the queen ruling over this kingdom, since, as the description says, the kingdom is ruled by the church of Seiros. Now this queen is clearly at war with some other people with some barbaric designs; one of them even tried to attack her and a soldier stopped him. It can be assumed some are not happy with the church ruling over them, which is of course to be expected. But what I noticed through the trailer is that our three key characters (Edelgarde, Claude and Dimitri) are also shown fighting against the kingdom. Dimitri and Claude are shown fighting against an unit called "Kingdom soldier", whose design correspond with the same one who was defending the queen. Edelgarde, on the other hand, is seen fighting against Mercedes, whose clothes look to me kind of like that of a nun, and her overall design fits better that of the church than that of the enemies with their barbaric designs: Then we have Edelgarde talking about what a horrible world it was, and she says: "some believe the crests, tokens of the goddess' power, are necessary to maintain order. But they're wrong. The crests are to blame." Meaning she doesn't agree with the church at least partially. She would later warn her teacher that if they're to follow "this path", one misstep would take them to ruin. And speaking about the teacher. His name is Byleth, which is another name for Beleth, the king of Hell, who had a vast knowledge and the ability to command legions, which agrees with him both being a teacher and a tactician, so it's not a coincidence. But the fact it comes from a demon lord makes it ideal for him to be the one going against the church and the goddess it serves. Byleth can be seen fighting against a kingdom soldier too, with a design also seen before: So what I want to make clear is that, maybe not at the beginning, but at some point, our three key characters will be on the same side, fighting the church, so it's not like Fates in which you choose sides, and it will not be a war against the houses, but against the church. Also, since Edelgard represents Spring (according to the japanese title, which is Four Seasons), it will probably start with her, then we'll get Claude (Autumn) at our side and lastly, Dimitri (Winter). As for the queen, I don't mean to say she's evil. Maybe she's wrong, or waiting for something, it's happened in past games. But it did striked me as weird that she, who looks so benevolent, like Elice or Emmeryn or something, shows no sign of sadness or pain while watching the massacre unfolding around her, her face doesn't even show seriousness or severity, nothing. It doesn't mean much now, just that it's weird. Sorry for the links instead of the images, and for any grammatical errors, since English is not my first language. And well... that's my take. If all of this was already discussed somewhere, I'm sorry, I get lost easily! If not, I would love to talk about it, your own thoughts and theories, I just want to talk about this game so bad haha. Thank you for reading!
  18. Since the old Fire Emblem Switch Leaks thread probably won't be used much anymore, I'm starting a Wild Mass Guessing thread for Three Houses. Here are mine to start with: Dimitri's kingdom invades Edelguard's at some point The teacher is connected to the villains LOVE TRIANGLE (for who gets Claude) Roster will consist of about 40 characters. My exact guess is 37, not including DLC.
  19. We believed those characters confirmed are : A -----> the unconfirmed true LORD Byleth - sensei, perhaps the avatar Claude - major character Dimitri - major character Edelgard - major character ************************************ Now, what will you hope about A? ************************************
  20. As of today these very dubious FE16 leaks have been making the rounds through Instagram. If this were proven true I'd certainly be up for it, though I have to wonder how the day/night cycle and villainous Avatar would work. What are your thoughts on this? Is there anything in this that seems particularly interesting?
  21. IS decided to release this game for the Switch instead of another 3ds game. This made me wonder why that is. There must be some reason for using the Switch instead of the 3ds other than the existence of 3 FE games already being on the 3ds. Other than simply the ability to make a larger scale game with more characters, chapters, classes, etc. What unique features do you think will come with the release of FE Switch. It seems Nintendo loves their Joy-con controllers and the "Sharing the Joy" multiplayer feature they have, so maybe FE Switch will have a co-op mode. A pure-mobile system isn't very good for co-op but the Switch is great for it's accessibility to co-op, not to mention people playing co-op will help more people get into Fire Emblem. If I'm playing Fire Emblem in public and a curious person asks me about it, the conversation changes from "This is Fire Emblem." "Uh Ok." to "This is Fire Emblem, do you want to play too?" "um sure." Tell me what you think the Switch will do to make FE16 unique.
  22. I had this idea whilst revisiting my old Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 game. In the game, there's a (now offline I believe) 'scenario building feature' that basically lets the player create scenarios to put on the Dissidia 012 network for others to download and play. These scenarios consisted of a series of fan created conversations between characters, with battles following usually after. The creator set the rules and limitations for these battles. I was thinking about it, and I would really love a feature similar to this for FE Switch or any subsequent titles. In regards to supports, It would certainly be would be fun for character building even if it would be non-canon, and I've seen Youtube videos of people making their own supports that are significantly more in depth and interesting than what's been pumped out lately. And in regards to battles, it'd be fun to see what interesting maps players could come up with. (though Im not sure how enemy units would work? Maybe a simplified version of user macros to set the actions of them, kinda like FF12?) What do you guys think? For or against? And if for, what other features would you be interested in seeing in a mode like this?
  23. This is gonna be damn fun. This is what id like to see in FE switch, though NOT A PREDICTION. Ill separate it into categories, for fun mostly but it'll probably read better as well (Just kidding there is only one category for detail) Editing and open for suggestion to fanboy over. GAMEPLAY Distinct difficulty levels, for replayability and accessibility, standard, hard, no lunatic, though, as i think FE7 did the difficulty gap between hector normal, and hector hard mode better that conquest did, and, to be honest, it was a little daunting seeing lunatic on the start screen, first playthrough, for some reason. Rescue, not pair up. pair up is unbalanced to use and unbalanced to play against in the few instances that you do (Conquest, 17/18 cant remember , General bros being a fine example.) I don't really want shove back unless the enemies also use it on hard, as it was a little broken. Promotion to work kind of like a fusion between FE4 and Gaiden/ Echoes plus a little of the Gba norm. As in like that, promotions would only get you up to the promoted classes bases, never over, but promotion would not reset your level, or stunt exp growth. But also some three tier classes for good measure, not all classes though. but so that it was generally rewarding to see happen i would probably have the class bases for promoted classes be like, 40% stronger than the un-promoted variants. Third tier would, stat wise be less significant, but grant some gnarly skills. Also branching promotion would be cool, but only for first to second, not second to third, as that would be confusing. Second to third would join back together in one super class that combines the strengths of both lines together. Promotions, finally, would take items, like the riders whip, for mounts not just fliers, or the training guide for some standard infantry. etc Level cap 40 Skills would be linked to the class, not the level of the class, like fates did it. So Gamble would be innate of fighters and Sol would be innate of heroes ETC. Proc skills would replace crits for their classes, so if a hero crits he deals triple damage and heals half the damage dealt. Sword-master crit would be weird in that, instead of doing three times five hits doing half damage, it would be five hits doing half damage with a mini luna (25% less def on hit) at base might. Killer weapons would be low might and rare but still have high crit to compensate. I want dungeon crawling like echoes did. Not like FE8s attempt, oh no no no. Lots of cool loot, not too much though. Weapons unbreakable, but no shops, only forges, enemy, and dungeons. I want more echoes, but with cherries on top. Fe6 style rush for the throne based map design; Gives the player more control without feeling overwhelming to figure out . Also map size similar to fe6 would be fun as I think it hits a nice sweet spot. Large but not overwhelming. Gaiden chapters. I would prefer if the pause menu told you in advance the conditions for unlocking the Gaiden, At the very least, on a second play through. NOTHING locked behind multiple playthroughs. Ever. Hard mode would be just a harder version of the same game. maybe some new gimmicks on certain maps but nothing crazy like enemies dropping new items on hard. NO characters you have to choose between, like Sonya or Deen, or Bartre and Echidna. Playthrough differences would be formed by a close balance of the cast to chose from. Echoes/Gaiden/FE8 style world map, grinding possible, but slow and unnecessary. Echoes style bonus exp, but max gained per battle is 30 instead of 20, otherwise, identical. Trinity of magic RETURNS! anima>light>dark>anima. Light magic would actually be useful, having slightly higher range than other magic(1-3), but heavy-ish. Weapon weight would be a thing, With a con stat as well, to calculate rescues Visuals would just be HD sprites. GBA style animations Music would be ... ... AH! Done by the same composer that did fates. Because to be honest, that is the only way to describe what kind of music i would want for an ideal Fe switch. By the composer. Yeah. Im out of ideas. Maybe you could help me though. If so please comment. Ta-ta!
  24. This idea was brought to my attention by a good friend of mine. And honestly, i agree. Having some sort of interactivity in battles similar to the Mario RPG games would make battles feel more fresh. He does mention in that thread about having a string of buttons to input for a better critical hit but i disagree with that part since it's RNG so you don't really have time to prepare. But the rest sounds like a solid idea. What do you think?
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