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  1. I finished a warpless playthrough of FE5: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjiK2hBPwZdHvibQIPyoURi__sViJ_QB5 The playthrough struck a balance between turncounts and reliability. It's a very fun way to play the game and I highly recommend it. I went B route which is likely slightly inefficient. I might do an improved version someday and I will do A route next time. Last year I did a theoretical LTC run that ignored reliability and used a hacked rom for 100% growths: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjiK2hBPwZdFEixfqS5UTqQLIvUr0qaax This is a dumb gimmick run and not nearly as fun but is a lot easier to plan out. I haven't gotten around to attempting a full recruitment LTC run with or without warp but I predict the turncounts would be something like this: And this is what a warpskip SSS run would look like with a similar level of reliability as the warpless run I just completed: I'm mainly looking for ideas to improve the warpless route but if you have any ideas that would save turns in any of these playthroughs I'd like to hear those as well. Also if anyone want to try one of these LTC runs please do so.
  2. Hello, everyone! So my friend is doing a blind ironman of Thracia for the first time, and I'm meant to be his navigator. Problem is, I forgot about 8x, gave him certain information, and so he took certain risks that led to Tanya getting splatted. Doing some research, the best course seems to be this ancient Action Replay code list from 2001 on GameFaqs, [https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/snes/577344-fire-emblem-thracia-776/faqs/11522] but there's no indication for living/dead status. There's been very little information on this topic since that I can find, unfortunately. Is there a way I can cheat in Tanya not being a corpse for my friend? Either through this method, a save editor, unpacking it in Python or something, really any method would work.
  3. Salve a tutti! Probabilmente avrete sentito parlare della traduzione inglese di Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, Lil’ Manster. Anni fa, un gruppo di fan molto dedicati di Fire Emblem si sono riuniti per tradurre questa patch (all’epoca Project Exile) in italiano. Purtroppo, a causa di una serie di problemi organizzativi, questo progetto non poté continuare, e sembrò sparire nell’oscurità… fino ad ora! Riprendendo da dove erano stati sospesi i lavori nel 2020, e con l’aiuto di alcuni di questi fan, la traduzione italiana di Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 è tornata in fase di sviluppo, con tutti i miglioramenti portati da Lil’ Manster! In questo momento, tutti i menu e i capitoli fino al 18 (inclusi i capitoli secondari) sono stati tradotti e inseriti nel gioco. Se volete seguire lo sviluppo del progetto o aiutarci provando la traduzione, potete unirvi al server Discord di Lil’ Manster, "FE5 Hacking Hel," dove abbiamo un canale dedicato al progetto. Download (v.0.8.18) Riconoscimenti: EnDavio - Capo progetto, programmatore, editor VittorioFGC - Capo editor, traduttore Ringraziamenti speciali: Miacis e il team di sviluppo di Lil’ Manster, su cui si basa questa traduzione Il team di sviluppo di Project Exile, su cui si basava originariamente questa traduzione Xylonphone, l’amministratore del server Discord "FE5 Hacking Hel" Il server Discord "I Genealogisti di Roy," per il supporto
  4. Hello everyone! Over the past year or so I've been slowly going through the entire Fire Emblem franchise from start to finish, and I've finally gotten to Thracia (which I decided to Blind Ironman, so I'll see how that goes). There's just one problem: No matter what I do the game doesn't work. I was successfully able to patch the game and get it running on Mesen-S, but once I select a save file after hitting new game it doesn't go to the opening cutscene and I lose all control (the music is still going though, so it didn't freeze). Has anyone encountered this issue before or know how to deal with it? Thanks. For reference, this is the translation I'm using: Romhacking.net - Translations - Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  5. Sorry if this is common knowledge but I had no idea it was a thing, and couldn't find it mentioned anywhere even after digging around various forums / websites (including the calculations page for FE5 here on serenes forest). I've been replaying FE5 again recently and got to the final chapter with a really annoying deployment order. After spending forever in preps, I decided the best odds I had was having Ced just dodge a 40% hit from Porcus/Zwolf, but to my surprise instead of attacking Ced he stole a 1 use warp staff I left on him just in case it came up, despite Ced having 36 speed with Forseti equipped. It's not a super important detail (I think this is the only way this can come up in the vanilla game?) but it seriously caught me off guard and I thought it was funny.
  6. Shadow Dragon and The Blade of Light, Thracia 776... my two favorite games in the series. Despite their age gap, they're similar in some interesting ways, such as being the only two games where the Convoy/Storage is a physical building that can be visited during maps, and the only games out of the 10 I've played to have 25 mandatory story maps. (FE6 doesn't count) Having played some FE1 hacks with all new maps lately, it got me thinkin'- would it be possible to demake FE5 in FE1? I posted a hack on FEU in which I ported FE5 graphics to FE1, so I know it's possible from a visual standpoint, but what about deeper mechanics? Maybe Resistance could double as Magic, or actual trading could be implemented, I've no way to know for sure. https://feuniverse.us/t/fe1-visual-hacks/16924 I've attached renditions of the first three maps of the game (sorry 2x) I made in TileED to this post. I made these a while ago, and I want to see if others are interested in the idea.
  7. Download the lastest version here! (FE4) Download the lastest version here! (FE5) Download FE4's intro here! Hey guys, I'm not trying to make money with this remake, I only use Patreon as a media for easier access and easier management with other projects I'm working on, right now. The Remake is free for everyone and the subscription is not required, only if you want to donate something yourselves. Tell me what you think about this project so far! Fire Emblem IV-V: The Holy War is remake of Fire Emblem 4: Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem 5: Thracia 776 using the Lex Talionis Engine. It aims to be a new take on an SNES classic, adapting some features from the original to GBA ones as necessary, yet trying to stay faithful to the source material, rebalancing the levels, stats, weapons and places like the arena and the shops. Chapters are going to be done as huge as they were in the original game, being a total of 12 FE4 maps + 35 FE5 maps of variable length. Later, we aim to rewrite a little, only the necessary, of FE4 and FE5 stories so they fit as only 1, making it fluent to side with Sigurd, Seliph and Leaf (names used are going to be discussed in a form for every release if needed). Important note about playing As said before, this is made with Lex Taliones Engine, which means it is not a romhack, but a game itself, so no patches are needed, no roms from snes, no cheats of that kind. To start playing execute the GotHW776.exe file. Here you have the FEE3 from 2021 so you can see a demonstration of how the project goes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6ZjmkXQ--8 Credits inside the game. Most of them to FEuniverse and Serenes Forest Communities Plans for game versions Version 0.1.0 Add Prologue. Version 0.2.0 Add Chapter 1. Version 0.3.0 Add Chapter 2. and so on Version 1.0.0 Fully remade FE4's 2 Generations. Version 1.1.0 First FE5 map added and so on Version 2.0.0 Fully remade FE5's story and maps, now fitting with FE4's. ChangeLog and Features Download the full ChangeLog and Features file here! Notes Though I'm having all support I could ask from Rainlash and other people from the Lex Talionis Community it's still only me remaking everything, so there may be cosmeticals bugs and errors with some animations and sprites. Feel free to point them out to remind me of them if you wish. If you find any gamebreaking bugs, do post about it as soon as possible so I can look for a solution and issue a fix patch. ### Requires To run the game you need to download and install the following: Python 3.7.X+ Pygame 1.9.4+
  8. This is a pretty minor philosophical quibble mostly intended to spark fun discussion. I recently played through Thracia 776 with the Lil'Munster patch. I deliberately decided not to install the reposition patch in order to experience Thracia as Kaga intended. Well, Kaga is a madman so that might've not been the greatest idea, but I digress. Anyway, I think not being able to reposition units enhances the way Chapter 19 hits you in the mouth. I get the feeling that if Kaga was in charge of a remake of Thracia, he wouldn't allow you to reposition units in that chapter because it is supposed to be an attack that catches you off guard and causes casualties. Having said that, I ended up restarting the level and picking more mounted units so I could rescue and escape faster. In a way, I circumvented the mechanics by picking different combinations of units and restarting the map a couple of times. In practice, it was like repositioning but in a less transparent manner. So, my philosophical question to the board is this: Did Kaga deliberately intend for us to not reposition our units or did he just lack the tech to do so? And if it was deliberate, should we play as Kaga intended or screw that and install all the QOL updates possible? Edit: I guess this could be extended to other NES/SNES era games as well. Experience them in their original form or patch them with QOL features?
  9. (I initially put this in the wrong subforum due to not being able to create a thread in Fan Projects, but it has since been moved.) So without any further ado, last year I made a FE5 randomiser, but it used a command-line interface, was incredibly cumbersome to use, and on account of me only releasing on reddit and not thinking about SEO at all (I called it a Thracia randomiser and didn't mention Fire Emblem 5 or FE5 at all), I think it rather left general awareness. More recently I've come back to it, adding a few extra options, some QOL updates, some bugfixes, and most importantly, I've added a proper GUI so it should actually be more-or-less as usable as randomisers for other games I've used. Features Well, I cannot figure out how to do one of those collapsible sections I've seen in other posts, so I guess I'm just going to regurgitate some screenshots right into the middle of this post to show the settings. Sorry? And here're some in-game screenshots. (Don't mind the reordered menu, that's a silly optional setting) It should work with any regular Thracia 776 rom, but I've specifically tested with both a vanilla untranslated rom and Lil' Manster 1.07 Downloads (Dropbox): .py file Windows executable The former download can be used if you have Python 3 on your system, and also serves as the source code download if you want to check it's not doing anything shady. The executable should work if you don't have python, and was generated using PyInstaller 4.4, with the --onefile argument. While I've tried to find and fix bugs, chances are there'll be some bugs still because I can only test so much and there's a stupidly vast number of combinations of settings possible, and there's no way for me to find things like 'ch23 venin tome event gives Alphand a weapon he can't use' without actually playing the game through. Find bugs, lemme know, I'll try and fix them. Update History:
  10. I’m playing FE5 right now & there’s a stat in the unit UI in my version that is titled: DDG… what does DDG symbolize & how is it calculated?
  11. These are thoughts I had while replaying Genealogy and watching a let's play for Thracia 776. I love discussing the lore of Fire Emblem, and especially Jugdral, my favorite continent in the series. I am dabbling with writing a fanfiction about Cigyun, and this is an aspect of Jugdral law and culture that I became a little confused about. I would love to start a conversation about this with anyone else who is also passionate about discussing the lore of Jugdral. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THE ENDINGS OF BOTH GAMES. As we know, in the ending of Genealogy of the Holy War Seliph becomes the king of Grannvale (and assorted other kingdoms, depending on your pairings and character deaths) and Leif becomes king of the New Kingdom of Thracia. This seems natural at first glance, but upon further reflection, they may not be the characters with the best claim to their respective thrones. SELIPH At the end of Genealogy of the Holy War, this conversation occurs: Lewyn: The crusaders' heirs will be returning home to assume their rightful thrones. And with the proper leadership, they can pool their strengths again to build a world, one where all can live in happiness. Seliph: A new world, you say... Lewyn: Yeah, Seliph.. a new world. And your role is the most crucial of all. You'll remain here in Belhalla, and you'll guide the rise of this new world as the King of Grannvale. Seliph: Hold on. I'M to be the king?! Lewyn: Mm-hmm. After all that's happened, you and Julia are the last living heirs of the blood of Grannvale's kings. The two of you have inherited the last will of all who lost their lives on this path. These souls watch over you, even now. You mustn't forget the light for which they strove. Seliph: Mm... I understand, Lewyn. So long as I have the power, I'll do all I can. Lewyn: Now, Julia. What do you say? Julia: I agree, of course. I wish to aid Lord Seliph, no, my lord brother, every step of the way. I know this path will be a grueling one, but that's all the more reason to give it my all. (Epilogue, Genealogy of the Holy War) Seliph is the oldest child of Deirdre, who was the heir to the throne. However, he did not inherit the major blood of Saint Heim, or the ability to wield the tome of Naga. His younger sister, Julia, was the only child of Deirdre to do this. It seems here that because of this, Lewyn appoints them to rule side-by-side. However, the epilogue states: In the royal capital of Belhalla itself, with overwhelming support from the public, Seliph was officially hailed as their king. The newly appointed king Seliph devoted himself to rebuilding his land and bringing peace to all, his goal nothing short of a prosperous world free of oppression and bigotry. And by his side, one would always find his loving wife, [wife], and his sister, Princess Julia, regarding his toil with the warmest of eyes... Here, Julia's role as a ruler alongside her brother Seliph, and her conviction to "give it her all" to be a good ruler for Grannvale, is reduced to simply watching over the progress of King Seliph "with warm eyes" as a princess. This seems strange to me, when she is the sole, rightful inheritor of the power of Naga and major holy blood of Saint Heim. According to King Azmur: "Lord Naga's lineage through Saint Heim must not be allowed to perish! I want the two of you to bear a son as soon as possible! If the child inherits the power of Naga, he shall be Prince of Grannvale. And once I pass on he'll become the King of Grannvale. Lord Arvis, until the boy is old enough to rule, you shall be the provisional king. Do raise him well." It seems, according to this, that inheriting "the power of Naga" (which I interpret to mean the power to wield the Naga tome, or major Heim blood) is a necessary precondition to inheriting the throne of Belhalla and thus, Grannvale. Azmur says that IF the child inherits the power of Naga he shall become King of Grannvale. That indicates that if their child does NOT inherit the power of Naga, he will not become King of Grannvale. From this quote alone, it seems that of the three children of Princess Deirdre, Julia alone would possess the right to the throne of Grannvale. However, I also noticed that King Azmur specifically asks for a great- grandson, and only makes reference to a male child inheriting the power of Naga. He doesn't make provisions for a potential great-granddaughter inheriting the power of Naga, which is what he gets in Julia. This seems strange, since he knows female children can inherit this power as well, such as Deirdre. It could be an indication that the Houses of Grannvale practice male-preference primogeniture, although I am not sure how this can exist alongside a system in which it is necessary for a child to possess the power of Naga in order to inherit the throne. It's also interesting that he doesn't name Deirdre Queen of Grannvale, but rather names her husband, Arvis, "provisional king." Even in cultures which practice male-preference primogeniture, it is preferable to have a female heir of your bloodline rule rather than pass control of a kingdom to another House, such as her husband's. (We see this in real world examples such as Queens Mary, Elizabeth I, Victoria, and Elizabeth II.) Does this indicate that in Grannvale women cannot legally serve as monarchs or leaders of Houses? This could be the case, although their neighboring countries don't seem to have the same restrictions, since Queen Rahna ruled Silesse for many years in Lewyn's absence, and Linoan serves as Duchess of Tahra for most of her life. Maybe only single/widowed women can rule countries, but if they marry their husband takes the reigns? Even if this is the case, should the seat of King of Grannvale have gone to Julia's husband and eventual child rather than Seliph, since she was the inheritor of the power of Naga? After all, none of Seliph's children will ever be capable of inheriting major Heim blood, or wielding the tome of Naga, unless he practices incest by marrying Julia (which I do not accept as possible canonically, since it is purely a mistake that this is even possible in the game) or perhaps marries someone else with minor Heim blood, such as Linoan (who is said to have never married in her lifetime). However, it is more than likely that Julia will bear a child with major Heim blood if she ever marries. Would that child not pose a threat to Seliph and his children's claim to the throne of Belhalla? Would this lead to a civil war in the future of Grannvale? As I see it, there are four options for why Seliph becomes the King of Grannvale over Julia: 1) Right of conquest: he led the liberation, he conquered the Empire, therefore the throne is his, and he chooses not to give it up to the rightful heir. 2) Absolute primogeniture: despite King Azmur's words, the eldest child of the heir always inherits the throne of a Kingdom or House, in spite of holy blood inheritance patterns. 3) Male-preference primogeniture: despite the fact that his sister inherited the power of Naga and he did not, the kingdom cannot legally be ruled over by a woman, and so must pass to a male heir. 4) Will of the people: it is stated in his ending that the public overwhelmingly supported his right to rule Grannvale. He was more popular with the people as the "Inheritor of Light," while she carried the stain of her relation to Emperor Arvis and Julius. Whatever the case, with this act, Seliph has essentially changed the ruling House of Grannvale from the House of Belhalla to the House of Chalphy, with the "true" inheritor of the House of Belhalla serving only as an advisor. His children can only inherit major Baldur blood from him, and can only wield Tyrfing, while Julia's descendants will continue to pass down major Heim blood and the ability to wield the tome of Naga. Could this spell civil war for the future of Grannvale? LEIF A similar, indeed, nearly identical, issue happens in the Thracian peninsula. After the liberation army sweeps through, despite discovering and reuniting with his elder sister, Leif takes the throne of Northern Thracian, and eventually the New Kingdom of Thracia. Finn: Lord Leif, the only nation in Northern Thracia that has a male heir is Lenster. The people want you to take the throne and unite Leonster, Alster, Conote, and Manster under one flag. (Epilogue, Thracia 776) Leif's older sister, Altena, simply "helps" him rebuild the country. Leif: I know my sister, Altena, wishes dearly for a restored Thracia as well. Seliph: Indeed. This war has lain waste to Thracia, and I can only imagine the burden laid upon you, the king-to-be of a united peninsula. I pray you give it your best, no matter what happens. Leaf: I will. Seliph: So you're destined for Thracia as well, Princess Altena... Altena: I am, sir. I've got to help the new king in his quest to give rise to a united Thracia. At the very least, I ought to atone for the legacy of my adoptive family... Travant and Arion. Seliph: How wonderful it would be, if Arion were to work together with you... Altena: I...I don't believe that could happen for the time being, sir. But perhaps someday, he'll feel the time is right... (Epilogue, Genealogy of the Holy War) Altena is the oldest child of Quan and Ethlyn, and also the inheritor of major Njörun blood and the Gáe Bolg. It is heavily hinted that Altena eventually marries Arion, inheritor of the blood of Dain and wielder of Gungnir. It seems like this uniting of the two bloodlines that have ruled Thracia for centuries would be the perfect opportunity for the countries to unite under a single House. Years from now, there will probably be Altena-Arion children running around, who have major blood of both Thracian houses in their veins, yet they yield the throne to Leif and his descendants, who only possess minor Njörun blood (and most likely minor Hezul blood, but that's irrelevant to Thracia). This time I see only three possible reasons for this outcome: 1) Right of conquest: like Seliph, Leif lead the liberation army that conquered Thracia, and so has the power to take the throne, regardless of previous traditions of inheritance. 2) Male-preference primogeniture: regardless of the inheritance of holy blood, male children are always given preference to rule over female children. This is supported by Finn's statement that Leonster is "the only nation in Northern Thracia that has a male heir." 3) Will of the people: Finn states that the people if Northern Thracia want Leif to unite the kingdoms there and be their king. This does explain how he could be given right to rule over Northern Thracia; however, I doubt the people of southern Thracia would choose Leif when Arion and Altena still exist. In fact, in Altena's ending in Genealogy of the Holy War, it is stated that Leif "entrusts" the lands of southern Thracia to her. It is not clear what this means, since he still rules over The Kingdom of New Thracia. Perhaps she is a kind of governor figure in the south? Arion's involvement is not mentioned. CONCLUSION These two instances alone seem to suggest that male-preference primogeniture is the established system for inheritance in Jugdral instead of absolute primogeniture or major holy blood/branded children as inheritors. However, with everything else we know about the world of Jugdral, this seems an unlikely form of inheritance for the crusader Houses. How is it that nearly every Duke or King we see in the game has major holy blood if male-preference primogeniture is the practice? It seems unlikely that every inheritor of major holy blood from the crusaders till the time of Sigurd happened to be male. How did the bloodlines continue when we know that children with minor holy blood cannot pass on major holy blood to children (without incest)? Perhaps holy blood preference is the usual system in place, but in these two instances, Leif and Seliph seized thrones only by right of conquest/will of the people. Why do they never bring up the fact they are disinheriting their sisters? What does this say about them and their hunger for power? Could this all come down to the game developers thinking that the only satisfying ending for the player would be to have their main lords become kings of their respective countries? That they thought the players would be disappointed if the ending was "Seliph ceded the right to rule to Julia, inheritor of the power of Naga, and Altena and Arion married and together ruled over a united Thracian peninsula." I don't see a logical reason for these endings when you consider how things must have been done in Jugdral for centuries, and the importance of major holy blood and holy weapons to these ruling Houses. What does this mean for the future of these countries? Several years down the line, would there be civil wars and faction battles? What are the roles of the inheritors of the holy blood of Heim, Dain, and Njörun in the future? What do you think is the best explanation for why things ended the way they did? In possible remakes of these games, do you think the disinheritance of Julia and Altena/Arion should be addressed? Would you want the endings to change, or stay the same?
  12. Version 2.0 is here! Over four years after the original release, version 2.0 of FE5 Reverse Recruitment is here! The hack has been completely rebuilt using newer hacking tools. Major changes include: The patch now includes the Lil' Manster translation and QoL patch. All credit goes to Miacis and the rest of the Lil' Manster team. For details on the Lil' Manster patch, see here. No currently known glitches Personal weapons are the same as they are in vanilla - no wacky makeshift personal weapons anymore Ronan no longer uses swords, and other similar weird work-arounds have been removed Characters generally have correct palettes in battle (A few characters will use default palette until they promote). Character portraits are changed during dialogue (Note: portraits are not changed during the world map sequences) A few units have some different weapon ranks on secondary weapons, since weapon ranks now follow a new formula when swapping characters that don't have the same number of weapons Authority stars are now swapped, instead of being based on the original unit. Special events items have been changed to be relevant to the unit Some chest items in the Manster arc have been updated to be more relevant for the units you have Other minor changes that are inherent to the fact that the hack was rebuilt Screenshots Patch V2.01 Patch This is an IPS patch, so you will need an IPS patcher such as FLIPS to apply them. The patch should be applied to a clean, japanese, unheadered, V-ROM version of Thracia 776. You will know the ROM is unheadered if the filesize is 4096 KB. Spreadsheet I have created a spreadsheet with a list of which units swap, unit stats, and special events. See here. FAQ Do characters have their normal growths? How did you calculate the character base stats? Character growths are kept the same. Base stats were calculated by either leveling or "deleveling" characters to their new level, and adding in or subtracting promotion bonuses as necessary. When leveling or "deleveling" characters, all promotions were assumed to occur at level 10. What about Weapon Ranks? Weapon ranks are based on the character that is being replaced. Example: Vanilla Dagdar had A rank in Axes, E rank in bows. Amalda, who replaces Dagdar, now has an A rank in swords, and an E rank in staves How do you get through Manster without a thief? Every character that joins in the Manster arc now joins with 3 door keys in their inventory, so there are plenty of door keys to get through Manster. Some additional door keys have also been added to enemies throughout the Manster arc. Why doesn't Galzus have insane health like he does in vanilla? Galzus's HP is the one stat that is nerfed from what it "should be" based on the calculations for balance. It won't work in my emulator. What should I do? Use SNES9X. The English patch expands the size of the ROM, which some older emulators don't like. Who are the route split characters? A Route Characters: Brighton (Alba must be dead or unrecruited), Macha, Lifis, Dagdar B Route characters: Ronan, Marty, Eyvel How do supports work? Supports are based on the new characters. So Galzus only supports Mareeta, he doesn't support most of the army like Leif does. Credits Credits to Miacis and the Lil' Manster team for the translation and QoL improvements, and this hack was built with the Lil' Manster teams hacking tools. Many thanks to ZaneAvernathy for all of his work in FE5 dissassembly. Also thanks to Kirb who helped me with some documentation during earlier development of this hack. V2.0 Changelog V2.01: Fixed an issue where Galzus's authority stars underflowed.
  13. Not entirely sure if this belongs here or into Fan Projects, but Fan Projects specifies Hacks, so I won't post it there. I made a complete Super Thracia Guide! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xQHEjnAJrgQmLGmvPXvsLF4HBRbfyQjOJ-6Rphr7BWU/edit?usp=sharing There's a lot of empty space due to formatting, but I believe it's still of over 100 pages of text. I attempted to cover every important part of the game in one single resource. Now there's no excuse to sleep on ST anymore, guys!
  14. Turncounts: Chapter 1: 4 turns Chapter 2: 4 turns Chapter 2x: 8 turns Chapter 3: 5 turns Chapter 4: 11 turns Chapter 5: 18 turns Chapter 6: 7 turns Chapter 7: 7 turns Chapter 8: 4 turns Chapter 9: 3 turns Chapter 10: 12 turns Chapter 11: 6 turns Chapter 12: 6 turns Chapter 12x: 10 turns Chapter 13: 5 turns Chapter 14: 10 turns Chapter 15: 2 turns Chapter 16b: 4 turns Chapter 17b: 3 turns Chapter 18: 6 turns Chapter 19: 1 turn Chapter 20: 15 turns Chapter 21: 5 turns Chapter 21x: 1 turn Chapter 22: 3 turns Chapter 23: 3 turns Chapter 24: 4 turns Final Chapter: 4 turns Total: 171 turns
  15. Negative Growth patches have been around for some time now but they were always missing a little... something. The basic idea of a Negative Growths patch is that rather than gaining stats on a level up, you lose them instead. Now with this new FE5 patch, the biggest problem of a hack of this sort is solved! You can finally have a game where you randomly lose movement on a level up and experience real pain! This patch contains 2 different versions: One where scrolls still increase your growths and therefor also increase the chance of losing stats titled "UnforgivingScrolls" and one where they decrease your growths and give you a higher chance of keeping your precious stats with the name of "HelpfulScrolls". Pick the one you prefer. In addition to that you can find a couple of standard Lil' Manster optional patches in the "Optional" folder found in this download link but also two new ones. The first sets all movement growths in the game (including Dáinn's Scroll which would increase the move growth by 5%) to 0% so you don't get massively screwed over by a bad level up. The second guarantees that a staff will hit since losing skill on a level up can also ruin your hit chance later on in the game. But you have to keep in mind that all the enemies will also always hit with their staves. 😛 Download (v1.02) (You apply the patch the same way as the Lil' Manster patch; onto an unheadered japanese ROM) If you happen to find any bugs or glitches just send me a DM on Discord (Ultimage#6308) or join the Lil' Manster discord server (link in its post) Changelog:
  16. Hello everyone! Today I would like to present you my first Fire Emblem hack: FE5 Weapon Reversal. Over the time I've grown more and more accustomed to editing smaller things in FE5, like character data, class data and the likes and decided to search for a bigger project to work on. One day I heard of the discord user Scoop Poops doing some basic planning for a weapon reversal patch and then decided to pick it up and make it a reality. Over the last 4 months I've learned how to edit even more things like spell animations (it's a pain), map sprites to even writing my first custom ASM (which you can see in the picture above in the Arms Scroll). And here I am today... ready to release it. This patch is based on the Lil' Manster patch and was made with Zanes tools (and yes I've got his permission to release this before anyone asks). The only changes you will see are purely gameplay based, I did not change any dialogue so don't expect any memes to pop up here and there. General changes: Changelog with new bases, growths and inventories (sorry in advance that you have to deal with this not exactly visually pleasing spreadsheet) Download (Version 1.3) - You apply it the same was as the Lil' Manster or Project Exile patch; onto an unheadered japanese rom. (and don't try to apply both unit repositioning patches) Changelog: If you find any glitches, wrong items in inventories, or other things you can join the Lil' Manster discord server and tell me all about it. I'm glad to help! And keep in mind: The main focus with playing this is having fun 😄 Many thanks to: - the original Project Exile and Lil' Manster teams - Miacis who supports me and gives me feedback to various things - Zane Avernathy for letting me use his tools, his amazing QoL patches, and his general feedback and improvements to my Arms Scroll code - Min who created patches for the crit display during combat and the unit repositioning during preps - Robert of Normandy for the unit ordering patch - and everyone else who supported me and made this become reality
  17. This is a crosspost from FEU. While working on my FE5 project I had figured it'd be nice to rip the map sprites, because I can't find a unified sheet of them anywhere. Although the data is ripped using the class data table, there might be errors. If anything's odd about these, let me know. FE5 Map Sprites Here's an example: Each class gets its own sheet. Some sheets have some strange things going on, such as: Some mage classes have incorrect sprites, probably due to the correct sprites being set in character data Some mage classes have other mages in their battle sprites The High Priest and Priest have some strange things going on There's that weird Baron class More stuff, probably Unused sprites and stuff may be added later, but any sprites that aren't referenced are not included yet.
  18. Fire emblem has been straying further and further away from the "strategy" part of SRPG and more into the RPG direction. Before I start ranting and raving I want to get my biases out of the way first. My favorite games in the series are Mystery of the Emblem and Thracia 776. and the reasons I love those games so much more then the rest of the series is for 2 reasons. Meaningful class differences and a 20 stat cap. When I say "Meaningful class differences" what I mean is, for specific maps/parts of maps some classes have better tools then others that would better fit the task you're trying to do causing you to use a valuable deployment slot in order to field a unit of that class. For example take Mystery of the Emblem chapter 14, most of the chapter takes place indoors (meaning mounted units can't use there mounts) so you would generally want to bring foot units, but there are ice dragons inside who ignore defense so you'll you want to bring a unit with a lot of hp as well. Also there is a thief running away outside with a warp staff so you'll want to bring at least 1 high movement mounted unit to get that high value item. this Is why I love the fact that mounted units can't be indoors, not because it nerfs mounted unit, but because it adds another layer of strategy and consideration for the player to decide who to bring along for the chapter. Now some people might be hesitant to bench a unit they're "training" for a chapter, but luckily having stats cap at 20 across the board compliments this aspect of the game. By having a stat cap of 20, it doesn't matter if some units miss a chapter, or maybe even a few chapters! first off enemies are usually very bad in these games, but also training units 20/20 to cap their stats yields little reward to the amount of time you put in. also having super high stats are meaningless if whatever class a unit is in is unfit to deal with the level design. in fe4 there are tons of foot locked units with 10/10 combat that will clear the arena without fail 100% of the time, but that doesn't change the fact that it's very hard for them to see combat in the first place since the maps are so vast and spread out. In new games there is very little consideration on who to bring with you because of the level design. In 3 houses i'm never "oh a desert map, better not field any of my cavs" its more like "oh a desert map, sucks my cavs aren't going to see much combat but might as well bring them cause everyone else who I don't use regularly is to under leveled to use even if they would be useful otherwise." don't mean to sound elitist, but I think the pushing of RPG mechanics over strategy mechanics has made the series lose some of what made it unique in the first place. what do you guys think?
  19. Hey I'm new here in the sense that I've only been a lurker up until this post. I would love to play Thracia 776 and wanted to know what the best patch out there was. And if there are any issues with it, what I should be aware of. I did however check the pinned post on this forum. But the link did not work (refer to the picture below). Regardless, I would also like some help getting it to work. Though if installing the patch is exactly the same as setting up Project Naga's patch for FE4 on the snes9x emulator, then I should be fine. Thanks. P.S. Are usernames on this forum unique? I've had a harder time on other sites trying to get variations of Hilda Goneril, but not here. If names aren't unique then that checks out.
  20. I applied the patch, and the end result was such that the game is in English, but - upon clicking New Game, it displays a “k” where the Chapter title should go in the save slot - the opening narration is broken, with it displaying endless amounts of SSSSSSSSSSS that break the text bar - the game immediately freezes upon Chapter 1 player phase beginning can’t find a good result as to why this is happening
  21. I recorded an SSS rank playthrough of FE5. I took 163 turns, played on normal mode, and did not use movement growth or movement stars. I prioritized safety over turncount, but recorded best-case-scenarios. I know most people here just care about getting the lowest turncount so I have some notes on that as well. Here are the videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjiK2hBPwZdHKtH-kd8TQegZrA8GsElEr Here are my turncounts: ch1 - 4 ch2 - 4 ch2x - 8 ch3 - 6 ch4 - 13 ch4x - 8 ch5 - 15 ch6 - 7 ch7 - 7 ch8 - 4 ch8x - 0 ch9 - 2 ch10 - 6 ch11 - 4 ch11x - 2 ch12 - 2 ch12x - 5 ch13 - 5 ch14 - 10 ch14x - 0 ch15 - 2 ch16a - 2 ch17a - 2 ch18 - 9 ch19 - 1 ch20 - 15 ch21 - 1 ch21x - 5 ch22 - 1 ch23 - 1 ch24 - 6 ch24x - 3 ch25 - 3 total - 163 As for an elite mode SSS route that prioritizes turns over reliability here are the turncounts I would expect: ch1 - 4 ch2 - 4 ch2x - 7 ch3 - 6 ch4 - 9 ch4x - 5 ch5 - 11 ch6 - 6 ch7 - 6 ch8 - 2 ch8x - 0 ch9 - 2 ch10 - 2 ch11 - 3 ch11x - 2 ch12 - 2 ch12x - 5 ch13 - 1 ch14 - 10 ch14x - 0 ch15 - 2 ch16a - 2 ch17a - 2 ch18 - 7 ch19 - 1 ch20 - 15 ch21 - 1 ch21x - 3 ch22 - 1 ch23 - 1 ch24 - 6 ch24x - 3 ch25 - 3 total - 134 I am looking for information on potential improvements to this run, either to increase reliability or to decrease turncount. Please let me know what I've missed. Edit: added turncounts for unreliable route
  22. Which mainline Fire Emblem game do you feel hard the hardest soldiers and why?
  23. Hiya! I'm Zane. You might know me from my FE5 Menu Translation. Although work on the menu translation has essentially ceased, I've been steadily working on a project that uses it as its base. So, I'd like to introduce Emblem Chronicle VII (henceforth called ECVII): ECVII is essentially a demake of FE7 within FE5. It's a proof-of-concept, learning tool, and showcase all in one. I'm currently planning on making all of Hector mode, skipping Lyn mode. This release has two chapters. This isn't 1-to-1, however. I'm not looking to write Elibe fanfiction, but this won't ever be a cut/paste job from 7 to 5. Classes, enemies, maps, and dialogue, along with some other things, will likely be changed. Unit stats, skills, and classes are not final. This is partially due to the WIP nature of the hack, but is mainly just me figuring out how to play with FE5. Have some screenshots: Here's a patch: ECVII [12-1-17] This is for an unheadered, unedited FE5 ROM. I'm not responsible for anything past chapter 2. Please don't ask me why it's vanilla. I'd also like to reiterate that essentially none of this is final--if you have a suggestion, I'd like to hear it. If you've got a complaint about stats/levels, be thankful that they'll be getting smoothed out later. I'd like to thank everyone involved--I certainly couldn't do it without you: There are plenty of bugs in the current build. If you find one not listed here, let me know. I'll probably be releasing more tools, doc, and whatnot sometime soon. More info, plans, and screenshots are likely to be appended to this post shortly.
  24. [FE5] EnDavio's Thracia Palette Mod - Version 1.0 This hack for Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 modifies some units' portraits and palettes to make them consistent with the game's official artwork. The modified units right now are: -Callion -Dean -Glade -Saias -Homer This patch is compatible with the Project Exile english translation patch. If you wish to apply both of them, remember to APPLY THE TRANSLATION PATCH FIRST, otherwise it won't work. Download Here Changelog: - Ver. 1.0: Initial release Installation guide: 1) Obtain an unmodified ROM of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. I can't help you with this. This patch only works with the cartridge/ROM version of the game. 2) Extract your ROM, flips.exe (included in the patch folder) and EnDavio's Thracia Palette Mod.bps. 3) Open flips.exe and click the "Apply Patch" button. 4) Select EnDavio's Thracia Palette Mod.bps. 5) Select your unmodified ROM. 6) Choose a filename for the patched ROM and open it in an emulator to play it. Credits: EnDavio - Hacking Special thanks to everyone that supported this project in the Project Exile Discord Server, especially to Ando, HidoranBlaze and Robert of Normandy, for helping me to understand the ways of ROM hacking. Also, thanks to Raymerald for helping with some colour choices. Finally, thanks to Shouzou Kaga, Intelligent Systems and Nintendo for making this great game. -EnDavio
  25. Does anyone know how to remove the weapon triangle from FE4 and FE5? If possible, through Nightmare or hex editing, because those are the only manners of editing that I know of. Thank you for reading!
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