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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, so does anybody know how in FE8 events, I can be in a map, and make a unit move off the map and go into another map? in the same way valter fights with seth in the prologue scene, and seth rescues eirika and runs off to another map. (The Prologue Chapter Map) In addition, is there anybody who can point me to a AN FE8 ORIENTED tutorial for map making and inserting. Because even when i get to tiled to make the maps, I have all the tiles for the map, but still I don't know how to really make a good map. Is there any way I can learn that, or am I just not creative? I don't know how the mountains really work or how most of the tiles connect besides the obvious ones like the village or castles. As far as the inserting, I can save the map, but I REALLY don't understand what you have to do after you make the map as far as nightmare, the actual insertion, AND ESPECIALLY NOT THE OFFSETS. Please someone point me in the right direction or help me. Thanks so much.
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