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Found 4 results

  1. Kamui Customizer Don't have the game and want to make a custom Kamui? Have the game and still want to make a bajillion alternate builds? This app is for YOU at http://serenesforest.net/app/kamui/ MIRRORS: The old links at Appspot and Github will stay up since it's free anyway, and it's been circulated around quite a bit off SF so I don't want my links to break. I'm leaving the links to them here still. Plus it's nice to have in my coding portfolio for what it's worth. http://kamuicustomizer.appspot.com/ http://luminescentblade.github.io/KamuiCustomizer/ BWDYETI has kindly lent me his servers to use for a mirror. Hopefully that'd take the load off until I can figure out a thing to increase my server quotas. http://www.bwdyeti.com/kamui/ Any bug issues, performance issues past initial loading, etc, please tell me and I can try to fix it ASAP. Please also tell me which browser you're on, unless it's IE because I'm not supporting IE when my computer can't even run IE. SOURCE CODE Direct download v 1.0.6 (up to date) Github repo link INSTRUCTIONS IF THE HAIR DOES WEIRD THINGS THANK YOU ECLIPSE I should have theoretically fixed the Firefox issue, but if Chrome does it as well (which is very hard to test on my end since it doesn't happen to me) or it doesn't work on your browser well, hard light works more reliably than overlay, but it gives a slightly darker tone. F.A.Q. Q: Why is the screenshot so blurry? A: I'm working on a Retina Mac so HTML5 Canvas resolutions get a bit wonky on my machine. It should look fine on most people's machines, and if you're a retina user like me, the exported version should still be fine. Q: I can't export! A: Right click canvas save as only works in Chrome and Firefox as of now. I'll work on implementing a cross-browsers solution later. For now, just download Chrome. It's my favorite browser anyway. Q: But I don't wanna download Chrome or Firefox! A: I guess you can take a screenshot or something? You won't get the transparent background if you do, though. Q: Why does it take so long to load? A: Gotta preload 100+ assets to make sure rendering goes fast enough. Fun stuff. Q: The servers are down! A: Unfortunately this is free hosting so I don't have a lot of quota. I'll figure some way to increase that if it's not too much on me. Q: Pls make a Robin Maker too! A: I'll get to it eventually but if you want my life easier, go here, cut up the Robin spritesheets (make sure all assets of the same type are the same size), zip it up and send it to me. If the Robin sprites are separated, I can easily port it by just adjusting some assets and changing the menus. Otherwise, I'd have to write something entirely different to accomodate and I'm lazy.
  2. So while making this magnificent hack, while rebuilding some assets and stuff, I came across the runes that circle around Anankos every time he uses his attacks. (alt links: http://i.imgur.com/WzblfZU.png http://i.imgur.com/WC0rFZd.png, yes, this is the original size of both images) Anyone have any idea of what these could possibly say? They're absolutely tiny so it's really hard for me to tell.
  3. My biggest question after finding out that Kamui has access to dragonstone is how are they going to Nerf it? I mean if it stayed the same as it was in FE:A than Kamui would be even more broken than Robin was, especially since it seems to be infinite uses. Will it be minor bonuses instead? Or no bonuses and acts more like magic? Thoughts?
  4. I think we deserved the right to, after all considering how much of a success is Awakening over here. Though the Japanese and my taste for characters is pretty much identical, so I think I could count on them on voting for my favorite characters. (Lucina and Cordelia, good job Japan) So what do you guys think?
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