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Found 1 result

  1. STORYTIME, SF! So way back in the good old days of "like two years ago" we had this amazing shorthand for the male and female avatars in FE13 - feMU and maMU the predominant picks. Fast forward to the present day, and we're faced with a conundrum. What do we call the male and female Kamuis? feKamui and maKamui both sound pretty bad... [spoiler=some background info] [4/4/15, 1:43:27 AM] Euklyd: [some people were talking] about how fekamui is the prettiest so far [4/4/15, 1:43:49 AM] zahlman: can I just say [4/4/15, 1:43:55 AM] zahlman: "fekamui" sounds fucking terrible [4/4/15, 1:43:59 AM] Euklyd: yeah it does [4/4/15, 1:44:04 AM] Euklyd: Im just lazy as fuck [4/4/15, 1:44:10 AM] Euklyd: and [4/4/15, 1:44:14 AM] zahlman: "makamui" doesnt sound much better, even [4/4/15, 1:44:15 AM] Euklyd: kamui (f) doesnt render at all [on skype]( "(f)" renders as on skype )SO IN OUR HOUR OF NEED, I TURN TO YOU, THE HONORABLE MEMBERS OF SERENES FOREST DOT NET What is your preferred shorthand for "male Kamui" and "female Kamui"? If your preferred option is not in the poll, let me know, and I'll add it. (Rationales are preferred, but not required by any means.) Note: This is a serious thread, and I would appreciate it if people treated it as such.
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