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Found 4 results

  1. I want to figure out the best classes and skills for all units (including child units and spotpass units, i.e. Emmeryn, Gangrel, etc.) based on strategy AND storyline (basically what's good for them gameplay-wise AND story-wise). Yes, I plan on getting all DLC and tackling Apotheosis. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated!
  2. So... forgive me if I'm posting wrongly. I haven't done this sort of thing before, I'm still new to this website and have no idea how to use it. I mostly use the subreddit or my own Tumblr, but, well, here goes. In this thread I'll be posting mostly Awakening art pieces I've done, though there might be a few other stragglers here and there. (If that's allowed? I read the rules I'm just not sure is all) Anyways... So here's my stuff from 2016: This one was a commission! Someone asked me to draw them as a Fire Emblem character in Severa's clothes and I had a ton of fun with that: Here's a few WIPs I'm doing: And this was a commission of someone's Corrin! Currently, I'm working to color this, but a friend and I also agreed to collaborate. I drew it, she's going to also color it! and while this piece is a little old, I still do like it: so again, apologies if I did any of this wrong, I'm still new to this, thank you for looking!
  3. I'm new to the Fire Emblem series. Awakening is the very first game that I have played and it has become my favorite game that I have played on any system. I have been struggling very much lately with my Lunatic mode save file. I have tried looking online for guides for optimal parent pairings for the top children. I have not had much luck in finding anything to help me out. I am trying to find Chrom a wife since the next chapter is the chapter where he is married automatically afterwards. I was thinking Sumia because she really just seems like a power house. I'm not sure though if that is wasting Chrom's fantastic skills or not. I've also seen a lot of places that Olivia is a great choice, but for a defensive Lucina. There is just so much information that I am overwhelmed and undecided on any pairings. I'd really appreciate help on this and some guidance for optimal pairings.
  4. If this has been a topic before I apologise in advance... So yeah, self-explanatory really. Was considering doing a poll but then I remember there's about 80 or 90 different pieces in this game, so... Id (Sorrow) is probably my favourite. It's so soothing and it fits the tone pretty well considering when it's played. Conquest (Ablaze) is a pretty close second, although all the ablaze songs from what I remember sound good
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