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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, I revisited this game recently in an attempt to crack the RNG formula and found it somewhat easier than expected. In particular, I already managed to crack the PRNG, so that I can calculate all of the random numbers in advance. My only issue is... interpretation... while my script readily obtains the 32 bit hexadecimal numbers produced by the game's RNG, I haven't been able to figure out how the game converts these values to a random number between 0 and 99 (it's not as simple as division like it was in the GBA games). I can do stuff in game to get the associated random number for any string, but I'm looking for a mathematical formula so I can get a lua script ready and post it to the website. If anyone has some experience with figuring out this kind of stuff, I'd appreciate some help. For anyone interested in helping, I can grab data relatively quickly by modifying Lena's in game HP growth rate and giving her a first level up to figure out what the value is. Hopefully we can wrap this up fairly quickly and get this up and running!
  2. I was wanting to edit the growth rates of characters in FE Shadow Dragon because the defaults kind of suck. The readme says to "1) Open up database.tpl in 'Nightmare.exe', included with the editors." but whenever I try it, it says "an unnamed file is not found" Precisely what am I supposed to be doing, here?
  3. As you might have seen from recent posts on the old 55 turn playthrough thread, I'm thinking of starting this up again, aiming for a 51 or 52 turn clear of Shadow Dragon on H5! This playthrough will involve significantly more RNG abuse than the previous one, and will perhaps be slightly less interesting to watch (besides Jagen during the early game, pretty much only Marth and Caeda are ever going to do any useful combat). On one hand, this makes guessing the correct answers to the topic poll questions a little bit more interesting, but it does have the potential to make the playthrough become even more bland than it already is, since there won't be any interesting Jake or Hardin shenanigans to watch. Anyway, tentative turn counts for the 51 turn playthrough are posted below: [spoiler=Expected Turn Counts]Chapter 1 (5 turns) Chapter 2 (4 turns) Chapter 3 (5 turns) Chapter 4 (2 turns) Chapter 5 (4 turns) Chapter 6 (2 turns) Chapter 7 (2 turns) Chapter 8 (2 turns) Chapter 9 (1 turn) Chapter 10 (2 turns) Chapter 11 (1 turn) Chapter 12 (2 turns) Chapter 13 (2 turns) Chapter 14 (2 turns) Chapter 15 (2 turns) Chapter 16 (1 turn) Chapter 17 (1 turn) Chapter 18 (1 turn) Chapter 19 (1 turn) Chapter 20 (3 turns) Chapter 21 (1 turn) Chapter 22 (1 turn) Chapter 23 (1 turn) Chapter 24 (1 turn) Chapter 24x (1 turn) Endgame (1 turn) I'm probably not going to actually start work on this for some time, but feel free to post comments, questions, advice, or anything you think I might find useful during the planning stages of this run. I have some tentative strategies for most of the chapters at this point in time, so if you want to ask about forges, character recruitment, or general strategy, I can probably answer most questions that you may have. Hope you guys will enjoy!
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