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Found 5 results

  1. Hi sorry, i am trying to do my personal hack on Fire Emblem 8, with Fe Builder, i make all good but i want to ask you how to put a new character (for example Hector) not in a single chapter but in all the rest of the game... because when i put him in a chapter, in the latter chapter he doesn't exists... can you help me?
  2. i was starting to look at thanes fe randomizer but everytime i pull out the randomizer it crashes in between ch 1 -6 and i dont know what is causing it so i was wondering if using layeredfs in luma is the cause? also, i want to get into fire emblem hacking so if you have some videos to share or tips i will gladly take it it doesnt matter if i work my way through from GBA fe i just want to learn how to do it right :)
  3. I am new to inserting new spell animations into Fire Emblem and was wondering what the best tutorial is out there for this. Let's say I want to insert a new animation for "Wind" into Fire Emblem 7. I see that the spell animation for Set's Litany ends at 0x3D. Does this mean that I can insert the Wind animation at input value 3E in FEeditor using the Load From Script command? Assuming that inserts the animation into the game, how do I use the Custom Item Animation List to create the spell animation? Does this table need to be repointed? Also, I assume the Spell Association Editor needs to be used as well. The problem is that I find this impossible to read. There is no way to change the Weapon dropdown, and the weapon labeled in the dropdown down not make sense. In the image below, the weapon states "value for entry 0x7D," which is Nini's Grace, but the animation used reads Excalibur. There seems to be a mismatch here.
  4. Okay, I decided to start rom hacking cause it seemed fun but FEditor will not boot I found the executable jar file file after unzipping it but I got this error message Could not find the main class: FEditorAdvance.App. Program will exit. So according to this, I don't even have the editor if I'm reading it right but that is kinda bullcrap cause I downloaded 3 times from 3 differnt sites in a attempt to slove this problem. Am I doing something wrong P.S. What are the limitations of just using Nightmare Modules
  5. I am also relatively new to modding games, but I decided to try changing a few things in Fire Emblem 7 since I am a fan of the game. I ran into two problems and was wondering if anyone had any pointers. Preparation Screen and Athos not joining: On the final chapter, Athos is not joining the team. I see the code lines where he would enter the map as a blue unit from the Event Assembler disassembled chapter, but his character does not appear on the preparation screen at all, which is really strange. Athos magically shows up during Final (part 2) against the dragon and replaces the character in the last active party member slot. Anyone have any direction on how to fix this bug? FeEditor's text editor works only sometimes: I have experience some difficulty with FeEditor's text editor. It works 100% of the time when I have a clean game; however, it only occasionally works when I do not have a clean game. I was wondering if anyone knows the easiest way to make simple text changes (e.g. if I accidentally wrote in the incorrect character portrait for a line) without having to start from scratch again. Does such a way exist?
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