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Found 6 results

  1. ~~~~~~Narcian and the Mirror Chamber (Demo)~~~~~~ (Dropbox link at the end) Greetings dear friends! (You can skip the introduction by scrolling down!) My name is Max. I first heard about these Rom-hacks through a Let's Play. (*cough* *cough* Mangs: Sacred Chairs) I really enjoyed it, so I decided to create my own one. Apperently I've found FeBuilderGBA and downloaded it. I had no idea what I was getting in to... First, FeBuilder is a extreme massiv programm at first glance Second, I had no ideas where to start... So I closed the programm and left it for a year. BUT, now I returned with more power and knowledge about hacking and I started my own hack for REAL! It was quite simple for the first chapter, but, the more I got into it, the more problems accured. How to insert music, create special and unique events and so on. I made like around 500 safety copies, cause I always messed something up. But I didn't give up and now I have my very own first 4 chapters. There are still many, many things to change and improve, but whatever! The only thing I couldn't fix was the world map. You'll see by yourself what happened. Still I hope, that when you are really gonna playing my hack, you have much fun and most importantly(!) give me some feedback what I should change/improve! 😉 ~~~~~~Information about the Hack~~~~~~ Creators: Alexandra & Max Title: Narcian and the Mirror Chamber Chapters: Ch0-Ch3 (cause it's just a demo) Gameplay: The first chapters are pretty basic, but chapter 3 got some special objective. Difficulty: It's automatically set an hard. Music: I think I played with custom music the longest. Is it good? You'll hear it. Story: You will see, where I tried to make a good plot and where I just inserted memes... Characters: There are some unique characters...and Gheb. Credits to the Female Fighter animation: Original Tellius Fighter by MK404 Design by Pikmin1211 Axe animation by Maiser6 Handaxe animation by Maiser6 Unarmed animation by Maiser6 Palettes by MK404 and Pikmin1211 Map Sprite by Pikmin1211 Class Card by flasuban and Pikmin1211 This animation is just beautiful! I guess that's with the informations, so have much fun with trying it!!! 😊 This link contains: screenshots, readme, the patch of the hack! Please inform me if something doesn't work!!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/6lecv5f95fp524p/NarcianFe (Demo).zip?dl=0
  2. This is my first attempt to begin an FE hacking project. This is an FE8 romhack, not FE7, since FE8 gives me more freedom in FE Builder. I've done it all on my own so far, there are 5 chapters, and I want to make sure I get as much feedback as I can before I keep rolling. Problems you have with the demo, things you want to change, things that you want to see more of as I continue working on it, or even if you want to help out, as I've done this by myself for a little more than a year now. Below are some fun things like known bugs (only one that I'm aware of currently, but I'll edit if I'm notified of more), credits, and growth rates, check those out if you like, then play my demo and hopefully have fun :D Then tell me what you liked, didn't like, what you'd change, etc. Your feedback is VITAL Creator's Notes and Things You Should Know: Known Bugs: Growth Rates for Current Playables: Credits: Crystal of Bonds Demo 1-1-19 UPS.ups If the link doesn't work, comment below and I'll fix it asap This demo is no longer up to date. I appreciate all the feedback I’ve gotten, whether here, on the Discord server, or on other platforms, but I no longer need critique for this demo. Hopefully a new, rebalanced demo will be released publicly in the future, with added chapters and less bugs. I’ll leave this demo up if anyone wants to try it in its… er… rawest form, but just keep in mind that this version is completely obsolete and commenting your critique likely won’t give me anything new to consider. Also join the Discord if you want to test the latest released version, just make sure that afterwards you tell me any bugs, balancing issues, gameplay issues, etc., that you encountered while playing it https://discord.gg/Kx9Wx9A <- Updated Discord Link
  3. If anyone here plays Plants vs. Zombies 2, do you remember the cone mechs in Far Future? Well, I made a sprite animation for it for use in FEditor Adv. It's for magic attacks. Here: Robo-Cone.zip
  4. Does anyone know where in the data I can find the multipliers for weapon effectiveness? I want to give weapons such as the armorslayer a low might but a high multiplier as to only be effective against armored units and ineffective otherwise, I'd also like to change the bow effectiveness against fliers in FE7 back to x3.
  5. MrKisuke

    Weapon Exp

    Does anyone know where I can find the data to edit how much exp is required for each rank in FE7? For instance, going from E to D requires 30 exp.
  6. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP Last Updated: 24 May 2016 ~~~~~Blazer's Stuff~~~~~(Currently being worked on) [FE7] Character Changer [FE7] Knight Ward [FE7] Sniper Range+1 [FE7] Special Weapon Bonus [FE7] Variable Effectiveness Bonus ~~~~~Brendor's Stuff~~~~~ [FE8] Pierce Glitch Fix [FE7, FE8] Enemy Control/Mine Glitch Fix ~~~~~Camtech's Stuff~~~~~ [FE7] Generic/Personal Themes ~~~~~Circleseverywhere's Stuff~~~~~ (done) [FE8] Boss Movement Display Fix [FE8] Contemporary-Style Talk/Support [FE7, FE8] Enemy Range/Danger Zone Display [FE8] Generalized Support Changing/Setting Events [FE8] Generic/Person Themes [FE7, FE8] L Button Animation Toggle [FE8] More Than 5 Supports/Only One A Support [FE8] Native Instrument Map [FE8] Normal Mode/Difficult Mode Only [FE8] Untradable Items ~~~~~Crazycolorz5's Stuff~~~~~~(mostly done; need to release a few things I realize I never made a topic for.) [FE7] 0xFF = Cannot Critical [FE7] Cannot Double Weapon Effect [FE7] Check if Rescuing [FE7] Check for Equipped Item [FE7] Check Hard Mode [FE7] Compare Levels [FE7] Generalized Support Changing/Setting Events [FE7, FE8]Give All Items ASMC [FE7] Luk Gains on Promotion [FE7] Make Hard Mode ASMC [FE7] Negate Weapon Triangle Effect [FE7] Reaver and Double WTA Split [FE7, FE8] Renewal and Soothing Sword Effecr [FE7] Reset Turn Count ASMC Afterword: Since these are my hacks, if anyone wants an EA installer to be written for any of the hacks here that don't have one, let me know. ~~~~~Icecube's Stuff~~~~~~ (done) [FE7] Automatic Hand Axe Animation [FE7] Enemies Consider Stat Bonuses [FE7, FE8] Fix Weapon Range Display [FE7] Item Based Branching Promotions [FE7] Ranged Weapon in Melee Battle [FE7] Str+Skl Weapon Range Boost [FE7] Transform Weapon Type ~~~~~JJ2357's Stuff~~~~~ [FE8] Arbitrary Number of Weapon Types ~~~~~Venno's Stuff~~~~~(done) [FE7, FE8] Array-Based Weapon Locks [FE7, FE8] Autocursor/Status Screen Fix [FE8] Check if Being Rescued ASMC [FE8] Custom Animations [FE8] Dancers can't refresh other dancers. [FE7] "Drop Last Item" as unit flag [FE7, FE8] Dropped Items Don't Refresh Uses [FE7, FE8] DSFE-Style Growths [FE7] Enemies Gain Luk [FE7, FE8] Growth Modifying Items [FE7, FE8] Index-Based Effectiveness [FE6] Individual Weapon XP [FE7, FE8] Item Might-based Staff Healing [FE7, FE8] Passive Stat Boosts [FE7, FE8] Remove Weapon Ranks on Promotion [FE7] Variable Status Staff Length [FE7, FE8] Weapon Rank Bonuses ~~~~~Misc Work/That of those long gone~~~~~ Mariobro - [FE7] Native Instrument Map Ryru - [FE7] AS Changer WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP
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