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Found 42 results

  1. I was able to get a free OG!Micaiah in this week’s revival banner on my first free summon and apparently for a slow magic unit, my version is +spd but -def. Is it viable to keep her and make a potential speedy and atk based tank mage bulid for her, with the following skills: DB4, lull atk/res 3, joint drive atk, atk/res solo 3 with refined Thani and Luna special, or should I make an atk and res based dmg reduction bulid for her in AR O and Arena as a bonus unit? If neither of these options work or appeal to the type of bulid I wanted for OG!Micaiah, does she also make good fodder for my +atk, -res F!Tiki with Distant Def 3 or should I feed distant def 3 to a mage type unit, like my unmerged Delthea or Valentines Mist?
  2. No one's made a thread yet so here were are~ Well this is a tricky map. Lots of reinforcements and not a lot of space. Go ahead and share your clears and strategies~ Map: Enemy Stats: INFERNAL ABYSSAL
  3. Infernal Map Not too hard~ Cheeky Flash Cleric means I will be cheeky, too~
  4. Didn't see a thread yet so here we go, Elincia and Nephenee~ This was a tricky little map~ Hit and Run Axe Pegasus with Elincia's Flier Formation was super cheeky~ Nevertheless, got it done with some simple skill changes~ Wanted to debut Hostile Elise here and my new +ATK JEORGE~ Elise needed the Axebreaker to double the Axe Flier thanks to the Spd Tactic, Ophelia's Sturdy Blow and +Def Boon really saves her here and Jeorge needed the Rally Atk+ to one shot the Dagger (ssoooo nice having him without an Atk Bane now)~ Wanna see how everyone else faired! Enemy Stats: INFERNAL
  5. Haven't seen the thread started yet so here we go~ The map isn't super hard, took a few tries but got Abyssal~ Go ahead and start sharing your clears! Map (Abyssal)
  6. I need to do some research on the general consensus of healers in FEH, and given that staff units are the typical demote nowadays So I have some questions 1: Are they good to use? 2: Do they compare well to other heroes? 3: Do they need a kind of buff? 4: Do they require more investment to be good than most heroes?
  7. As many people here probably already know, the awful Meath over Manster FEH localization error on Ced's unit description has been fixed. However, with that came a sad new reality: that Manster has been officially localized as Munster. Many people have expressed a bittersweet feeling as some of the old iconic fan localizations of characters, places, and weapons. While it's great to see Thracia and Jugdral as a whole enter more of the spotlight, it comes with the loss of icons. Whether it be Orsin and the Pugi Axe becoming Osian and his Vouge or the Yied desert becoming the Aed, more and more fan names are falling to official localization. And this isn't a bad thing, obviously I'm grateful for the recognition of one of my favorite games ever made by the company that created it. It's just a sort of loss of things that I feel nostalgic for. Today we saw a change that hits me personally the hardest with this bittersweet feeling. The city of Manster is such an iconic part of Thracia's narrative, it's home to the endgame, it's home to the infamous escape sequence that is the most recognizable series of chapters in Thracia. It's home to some of the most emotionally charged scenes in the whole game. The Manster District, named for this city, is the country that all but three or four chapters of the game take place in. The Manster Escape Arc is the part of Thracia that makes people love the game for its story-gameplay interaction and unique set of challenges or hate the game for its brutality to blind players. The Manster escape sequence is Thracia. Almost the entire game takes place in the surrounding areas. It is my favorite country in any Fire Emblem game, it is the home of the game that got me into the online community after years of lurking. So goodbye Manster. I'll miss you. Alright, that's my soliloquy. I guess I also have to change my profile image from Super Meath Boy, I'm glad that they fixed it. Does anybody else have thoughts on this whole thing?
  8. Full Lineup: Red: L!Eirika, Sothis, Phina Blue: L!Chrom, L!Azura, L!Julia Green: Gunnthra, L!Lyn, Gerik Colorless: Alm, Duma, F!F!Corrin
  9. We can all agree the FEH pass blows right? But I think we should at the very least acknowledge why it is bad, and form complaints to IS/Nintendo Mobile about why it’s bad So I got two questions for everyone 1: What things should have been in the pass that would make it worth getting, but at the same time not implement a P2W scenario like with Early Life SW Battlefield 2 2: What exactly is bad about the pass, and what changes would you make to it in any way?
  10. Which weapon do you feel Lysithea is going to wield? Given that Green is going to be taken by Edlegard with Amyr Blue is going to be taken by Dimitri with Areadbhar Claude has a bow which is primarily colorless Dark Magic is red primarily with few exceptions (Dark Aura and Dark Excaliur) Futhermore Lysithea has two crests Charon and Gloucester it makes sense that she would have Red as her color but this asks a question. Which Relic is she going to have? Thyrsus points Dark Magic is Red, and Lysithea is known for Dark Magic She is typically much more powerful with this staff then with Thunderbrand If Claude is Red, Thyrsus could maker her Colorless Unit Thunderbrand Points Hidden Proficiency in swords, which gives her a Magic sword technique Has a support with Catherine with them bonding over their crests
  11. Personally, I don't think the lords of each game should be picks since its inevitable they will get alts anyways with Legendary Banners and the like (*Cough* Lyndis *Cough*) But I was wondering what everyone thought of this question? Do you hate the CYL Event, do you like it?
  12. Hello I would like to know which banner of the month of November is that you liked the main hero as well as the other characters that come out and I also asked another couple of questions enjoy!!!
  13. This is the feedback thread for "Fire Emblem Heroes: House of Sues". Please keep all feedback to this thread so as to not clutter the main story. This story was unspooled as originally written at varying intervals between roughly 9:40 PM Central to 1:10 AM Central on the evening of May 4, 2019 (going into May 5 based on strict adherence to dates changing over at midnight). My thoughts as to the project were posted below once the last chapter finished; as I did not want my vision to be influenced by comments as I was unspooling it, I would have not read any comments posted in the interim until after the project was finished. As the opening spiel at the start of the story implies, bringing my vision to life involved opening a few small cans of worms unavoidably (as not everybody's going to agree with how I've handled some of the quirks), but opening major cans of worms--or worse, Pandora's Box--was not my intent. I want people to enjoy the story for what it is as a whole, not being majorly irked by minor choices in character quirks.
  14. DISCLAIMER: The experience portrayed in this fanfic is not intended to be representative of any particular player of Fire Emblem Heroes, and the character quirks of any Fire Emblem series character therein is not intended to be representative of any canonical depiction of said character. Full-on adherence to canonical depictions has been set aside in favor of entertainment value. Even if you personally disagree with any portrayal of said character quirks--and there is a fairly large chance that you may indeed personally disagree with at least one of these quirks--it is best to accept this difference of opinion and simply enjoy the fanfic on its own merits. My material, by my own admission, has been known to be quite lame among those that have experienced it, and I make no guarantee that this fanfic will be a high-quality masterpiece; odds are it will come across as cheesy D-list material at best. I hope you enjoy "House of Sues". Contains suggestive themes and "inventive" allusions to foul language. Parental discretion is advised. If you wish to comment about this story, use the feedback thread. ---- Chapter 1: Meet the Sues [A Summoner enters the summoning chamber] [SUMMONER] Selecting banner..."Colored Bows". [SUMMONER] Summon! [Summoning circle appears; five green orbs appear] [SUMMONER] Select upper right! [Summoning process; summons 5-star "Sue: Doe of the Plains"] [SUE #2] I am Sue of the Kutolah tribe. The blood of the Hero of the Plains, Dayan, runs in my veins. (The reason why this particular Sue is stated to be "Sue #2" will be explained shortly.) [SUMMONER] Select again. Lower left! [Summoning process; summons 5-star "Sue: Doe of the Plains"] [SUE #3] I am Sue of the Kutolah tribe. The blood of-- [SUMMONER] Yeah, blood of Dayan in my veins, I know, I know! Next! Lower right! [Summoning process; summons 5-star "Sue: Doe of the Plains"] [SUE #4] I am Sue of the-- [SUMMONER] Yeah, yeah, Kutolah, blood of Dayan, yada, yada, yada. Next! Upper left! [Summoning process; summons 5-star "Sue: Doe of the Plains"] [SUE #5] I am-- [SUMMONER] Yeah, I know, Sue, Kutolah, blood of Dayan, not my first rodeo! Final selection, topmost! [Summoning process; summons 5-star "Sue: Doe of the Plains"] [SUE #6] I-- [SUMMONER] Yeah, I know, I've heard it plenty already! [Summoning circle shows results: All five positions show a five-star "Sue: Doe of the Plains"] [A short time later, in the Barracks] [Sues #2-#6 walk onto the scene, into a room wherein Sue #1 is already seated. Further in the background are a number of other characters, most notably eight different Lilinas (six normal-variation, two Valentine's-variation).] [SUE #1] What? That summoner summoned five more of me?! Just what are the odds? [SUE #2] Yeah, now that's six Dayans who are worried sick! Six grandfathers forced into worry! Six more people who are having to go through having a loved one plucked by that summoning ritual! [SUE #3] Not sure about the rest of you, but I'm not sure my Dayan would even survive the shock of finding out about my disappearance. [SUE #4] Eh, I'm sure your Dayan would be just fine. Surely he can take care of himself, and if not, he's got his son Rath and daughter-in-law Lyn to help! [Six of the Lilinas in the background sneer at Sue #4] [SUE #2] Wait, "his daughter-in-law Lyn"? That's news to me! Last I checked, Lyn had been the Marchioness of Ostia when she died! [LILINA #3] Yeah, you tell her! [LILINA #6] For Mom! [LILINAS #1, #3, #4, #6, & #V1] Yeah, for Mom! (For the record, these are five of the Lilinas who had sneered at Sue #4 upon mentioning Lyn. Lilina #V2 also sneered at Sue #4, but did not chime in on this line.) [SUE #2] And Lyn surely never married Uncle Rath... [SUE #4] UNCLE Rath? You take that back! If my father, Rath, heard us calling him uncle, he'd go ballistic! [SUE #1] Hold it, everybody! You [pointing to Sue #2] say that Rath's your uncle and Lyn married Hector? While you [pointing to Sue #4] say that Rath's your father and Lyn's your mother? I suspect we're not as similar as I thought we'd be. I'm thinking that each one of us came from worlds where certain things played out differently. [SUE #5] How differently? [SUE #1] That, I'm not entirely sure right now. From what I've read from our libraries here, summoning rituals have been known to tap into quite a many different realities, with quite a number of different combinations possibly taking place between them. For all we know, the only thing we know for sure we all have in common is that we've got a grandfather named Dayan, and we know he's got a son named Rath. Now, we know that in your [pointing to Sue #4] case as well as mine, Rath is our father, but our mothers are not the same. But in your [pointing to Sue #2] case, you're the daughter of some other child of Dayan's and in turn Rath's your uncle, but you're also like me in a respect in that my world's Lyn was also the Marchioness of Ostia at the time of her death. [SUE #2] So you're suggesting that we're not identical? [SUE #1] Precisely! We're all clearly as different as night and day. Given my experience here, we're far from the only ones from being dissimilar from their counterparts. I'm familiar with a number of different Roys and Lilinas, and not every Roy is a son of Ninian's nor every Lilina a daughter of Lyn's like from back where I came from. And god forbid I even outright assume any given Lucina is the daughter of any given possibility! [pointing to Lilina #V2] I noticed you sneered at that Sue who stated Lyn was her mother, but I didn't see your mouth move with the other five. May I ask, what's your mother's name? [LILINA #V2] Florina. Lyn was a very good friend of my mother's, and in my case Lyn died in Pherae as its marchioness. [SUE #1] [pointing to Lilina #2] And your mother's name? [LILINA #2] I don't know for sure, I never knew my mother. I do know for sure that Lyn never married in my case, and I also know that I do not have any Ilian heritage. [SUE #1] Anyway, I don't think we should be trying to get at each other's throats. There's six of us Sues here now, and we're going to need to get along if we hope to survive this journey in the long term. We really should get to know each other for who we really are, no matter how similar and different we are from one another. [SUE #6] As proud nomads of Sacae, we really do need to stick together. I'm sure my Uncle Rath and Aunt Lyn wouldn't appreciate it if we stayed at each other's throats. [SUE #4] ...Aunt Lyn? As in, your world's Rath and Lyn also married, yet you're not their daughter? [SUE #6] Yep, I'm a daughter of Rath's brother, and Rath and Lyn's own daughter is my cousin. [SUE #1] Well, I see we have a lot to learn about one another. Why don't we get situated somewhere, perhaps a room just for us, and I'll start off? [SUE #3] Good idea.
  15. Kuronga

    Picnic - FEH

    <--- Lecture I love Lukas x Felicia.... and Fernand... is a Sugar baby X'D I need him in FEH
  16. Okay, not sure where to put this but the link below is to my FEH 10+ List/ Units I'm investing in. The List Of course I have left it open to suggestions on builds etc of various characters I'm planing to fully build up as well as the builds I am currently using plus small snippets of hopefully humour added in (Aka the M!Grima section of said list/M!Morgan section). I've put this here since I'm not sure if it should be in the heroes main forum or here, so my apologies in advance.
  17. Here's hoping Camilla isn't involved. I, personally, hope that FEH will get some Dragalia characters added, but I've yet to see any indication of that so far. I put this in General Gaming because its about Dragalia mostly, but if mods would rather it be in the FEH forum that's cool too.
  18. Free orbs incoming. For the first time it isn't a stream but a video.
  19. IS hasn't exactly made the most popular decisions and it's caused many players to quit FEH. Some people still remain around in spite of that, myself included. What's everyone's mindsets to continue playing?
  20. This is a topic I thought of a bit after posting my Modes You Would Like To See In-Game thread. What changes would you make to current gamemodes of FEH? Note: Try to avoid things that have been discussed through and into the ground. Things like BST (kind of. If you have a really interesting alternative ranking and matchmaking system, feel free to discuss it), Mythic Heroes in AR, or banning units like Surtr and Veronica from PVP.
  21. this morning i had to delete fire emblem heroes from my phone and when i re downloaded it and linked my nintendo account again, it didn’t load my save data and restarted the game. The account was linked when i deleted the game so does anyone know if there is anyway to recover my lost data? Should i just call Nintendo tech support or anything like that?
  22. At the moment the only interesting game I have on my phone is Heroes. I figured I’d be fine going out with just my phone today, but no. I’m not feeling motivated to do tap battle nor Arena. I’m out of Aether (and that mode’s more stressing than fun sometimes). TT+ is meh and VG has time between each battle. Also, I just really, really don’t want to grind through the abundance of TT stratum quests. Anyway, the point. What do you think IS could add to the game as a mode that’s accessible (Doesn’t cost Stamina (or at least much stamina) nor has long time intervals between sessions), more laid back than the competitive modes, and replayable without getting dull very fast? Or just talk about your dream mode that you would personally play over and over. Either works I’m part bored, part curious what everyone else can come up with, and part fishing for ideas to send into support. Regardless I thought it’d be an interesting topic for discussion and for getting creative
  23. Ishtar: Spring Goddess "The heir to Mjölnir, she carries the blood of the royal family of Friege. Left Friege to enjoy a spring festival. Appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War."
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