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Found 8 results

  1. Hello I would like to know which banner of the month of November is that you liked the main hero as well as the other characters that come out and I also asked another couple of questions enjoy!!!
  2. Hey guys how is it going, i'm pretty new to Fe Heroes.I don't know a whole lot about builds so i kinda made my Tiki build with whatever seemed nice My tiki is +atk and -spd A-Distant counter B-Quick Riposte 3 C-Goad dragons Seal-Quickened Pulse special-Ignis Does this build seem good to you? what would you change from it?
  3. Need some urgent help on the Challenges guys. Outta orbs and this is all i can do to get em. Gotta a 4.25% Pity rate and really want that Hinoka but the Banner expires in a few hours. Can a kind soul help me out by doing these challenges for me if they can I'm an idiot so doing the ones I've yet to do is kinda impossible. Thanks
  4. With the new arrival of world of holy war to the game we can expect some new heroes. The only names that have been officially announced are: Sigurd, Deirdre, and Tailtu. However we can see a brief appearance of who is most likely Ayra from the first generation of the game. Since she is not named with the rest we can probably assume there will be more characters on their way. What heroes would you like to appear? It is safest to assume that any new additions will be part of the first generation.
  5. Personally I'm a no, it's fun but the game isn't really worth a download imo.
  6. So FE: Heroes updated and I need to update the game via play store on bluestacks and my playstore doesnt have it apparently, so does anyone know what to do? is there another APK I gotta download?
  7. As you may be aware, Takumi is one of the best units Heroes has to offer. But the trouble is, the summoning system means there's no way you can guarantee that Takumi will be on your team. Until today! I just discovered this secret trick to GUARANTEE you can recruit and use not only Takumi, but all your favourite units! I call it, play Fire Emblem Fates instead.
  8. So, while playing the game and going through the characters I have, I noticed something. Magic in Fire Emblem Heroes seems to have fit two Magic types from the main series into each color rather than one: Red contains Fire and Dark. Blue contains Thunder and Light. Green contains Wind and... I don't know. I haven't run across the second Green magic type yet, if there even is one. All I can think of for it would be Hoshidan Spirit Magic, but I don't know if Heroes even has any Spirit Magic-users in it yet. Has anybody gotten a Green Magic-user or run into a Green Mage who uses something other than Wind?
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