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Found 33 results

  1. Hey Guys, I was just wondering if anybody knew where to find the music that played in the Invisible History DLC?
  2. How would people feel about if there is enough interest and discussion. Piggybacking off Icy Toasts thread here If we were to set up tournaments or like a semi competitive metagame around this concept? Like we usually make a meta around the LTC aspects, but how about this as well? Thoughts?
  3. Hey Guys, With the recent release of "The Making of Fire Emblem" book I thought that it might be a good idea to make a forum post related to sharing information about Fates provided in the book. Is there any concept art, official art, interesting facts like age or height, etc? Please feel free to share any thoughts, pictures or interesting facts here. I'm sure that those of us without the book will be excited to see and hear about the content.
  4. So far, the only Dark Mage-exclusive tome obtainable/accessible in Fire Emblem Fates is Nosferatu. Obviously, this gives Shadowgift users low viability unless you're a Witch. So for fun (and ideas for Intelligence Systems to write down if they ever find a way to implement these into the game), what kind of brand new or old Dark tomes do you suggest they put into Fates? Now for the ground rules: You can only make up to 5 suggested Dark tomes Only recurring Dark magic are acceptable. This is not like Awakening, sadly. Sorry fanboys. Some exceptions like Poison, Waste, or Mire may apply. They must be balanced in order to fit the nature of the gameplay (ex.: Strong but slow, +5 Def but -5 Res, Might halved after use for one turn, etc.) Must be so that Dark Mages/Sorcerers and Shadowgift users are no more viable as other Magic-based units except Witches because less face it, they're unadulterated sh*t wreckers. Your reasoning for said Dark tomes must be at least adequate. My personal suggestions for more Dark Magic tomes are: Fenrir - 3 Might, 60 Hit, 0 Crit, -20 Avoid. 3 Range. Cannot double attack. A Rank. Eclipse - 0 Might, 30 Hit, 0 Crit. 3-10 Range. Halves enemy's current HP. After usage, cannot be used again for 3 turns. B Rank. Luna - 0 Might, 65 Hit, 20 Crit. Negates enemy's Resistance. All stats -2 when equipped. C Rank. Ruin - 5 Might, 60 Hit, 50 Crit. Critical hits deal 2x more damage instead of 3x. C Rank. Goetia - 17 Might, 65 Hit, 10 Crit, -30 Avoid. -30 Critical Avoid. Ability to double attack -5, enemy's ability to double attack -5. S Rank. And yes, they all have 1-2 range. Note: The following reasoning below is going off by Conquest playthrough scenario. Your experience may differ when you're wrecking sh*t as a Witch when utilizing Dark Mages/Sorcerers in other routes or Shadowgift. Fenrir is pretty much the Expert weapon of the magic-oriented class. You're 1 and even 2 Range counter options are turned off,but in return you can snipe you're enemies out of their range as well! That and Fenrir sounds badass as hell. =3 I removed the Might from Eclipse because I don't see how it has any effect on halving your foes' current HP (unless anyone would like to prove me wrong). Anyways, unlimited usage means unlimited chances of lowering the boss's health for an easier fight. If you're worried it'll be too overpowered, HAH! When you use it, regardless if it hits or not, you have to wait for it to recharge for 3 turns before using it again. Luna. Resistance ignorance. All stats decrease. 'Nuff said. Ruin is an excellent choice if you have a crit happy unit like Odin. And finally, Goetia is made to be the foil of Excalibur. Do you use the Excalibur for the accuracy, easy doubling, and delicious crits or this for the out-of-the-box high damage potential and high risk, high reward trade? That is the question. Anyways, share your thoughts on my analysis and happy commenting! ;) BTW, I just joined this forum. I hope we'll get along! ^v^
  5. I realised that there has not been a proper marriage poll yet, so I decided to make one. Whom did you marry your MU to? Which route(s)? Why did you pick that character? Which marriage was your favourite (if you married more than one character)?
  6. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone had pictures of the different my castle stages that are available to choose from. I've been trying to find them everywhere (especially the one with lots of boats and water) but have been largely unsuccessful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
  7. [ONGOING] I've seen lots of reference compilations for stuff like data and supports, but none for class refs. I've come across quite a few, so I figured why not. If a class is in Italics it is a unique model or pallete. I want to clarify that I DO NOT take credit for any of these pictures, I'm just compiling them into a single document for easy access. Now to see if I can figure out spoiler tags. Anna: Azura: Asama: Ashura: Belka: Benoit: Camilla: Charlotte: Crimson: Cyrus: Deere: Effie: Elise: Eponine: Felicia: Flannel: Flora: Foleo: Fuuga: Grey: Gunther: Harold: Hinata: Hinoka: Hisame: Ignis: Izana: Joker: Kagerou: Kamui: Feel free to post any refs that I dont have on this list so I can add it to the OP.
  8. Hey guys, I was hoping that the Fates community here might be able to help me come to a decision regarding Kanna. I would like my M!Kanna (Manna) to be able to use the dragonstone regularly since his personal skill relies on it and since the dragonstone depends on magic I thought that it would only be logical to make a Manna who is more magically inclined for offence and who has really good defence to balance out the perks/penalties issued from the dragonstones. To do this I was hoping to marry: Femui +MAG/-LCK: -1/3/0/2/-3/0/2 To Rinkah!Ignis ... Rinkah!Ignis: 0/1/-1/-1/1/6/2 To get a Manna with these mods... Ignis!Manna: 0/5/0/2/1/7/4 Does this look ok for a Manna that will utilise the dragonstone more? Upon saying this, I have other questions... Would this waste my Femui's potential? Seeing that magic (and dragonstone) has been nerfed in this game and taking into account how amazing Yato is, would my Femui be wasted? Of course, upon saying this, I can still use Yato with my Dark Blood Femui, however with this set up she will have a magic bias and would not be as effective with it. Would it be better to give up on the dragon Manna and go for a more physical Ignis!Manna? Ignis Manna with +STR/-LCK mother: 4/1/2/0/-1/9/3 For those who have played the game ... How does a physical Kanna perform compared to a magical or dragonstone based Kanna? Is magical/dragonstone Kanna really worth it???
  9. If Zero get's an A+ support with Odin does he get the samurai class line? I just wanted to double check because I've got my Zero character break down pretty much done apart from the buddy seal.
  10. Here is a list of the cards available for the wave 2 cipher release. Also, on a side note ...
  11. Hey Guys, I was just wondering if anyone has the sprite art for Hooded Hydra? I would really like it for MU's family tree. I can't find it anywhere at all (I checked the spriters resource as well and heaps of other places). Any help is appreciated, thanks. :)
  12. Firstly, I don't actually own the game. I am planning marriages and children ahead of time so that I'm ready for Invisible Kingdom, the campaign in which I will be taking the couples and children seriously. I am planning on marrying Charlotte with Flannel, however Flannel's secondary Class is that of a Fighter, Charlotte's primary class. What class will she inherit? I think that I read somewhere that if this happens the character acquires the complementary class from the other nation (Nohr <--> Hoshido), so in this case, Oni Savage. However, I am unsure how true the previous statement is. I'm unsure on what this means for her, so I just thought that I would ask to clear the air.
  13. Hey Guys. I'm pretty new to the concept of 'breeding' children for optimal stats and skills and wanted to give it a go during my FEF: Invisible Kingdom run through. I have already calculated the max stats and growth rates for each child as the result of each pairing available to the father or mother in Azura's case. This is where things begin to get a little confusing for me. How do you determine which mother is the best for what child? Is it more preferable to balance the child units stats or polarise them towards having higher stats in some areas (i.e. a +6 in DEF or a +7 in STR, etc)? Then, going on from the stats, how do you determine which of their available class sets would complement them the best? I understand how skill inheritance, class inheritance and seals work and have not gotten around to considering the best options in depth for the child units yet. If anybody would like to use Shinonome as an example to explain how to determine who the best mother is l have provided all of the stats from each pairing below. (The stats next to Shinonome's name are Ryoma's stats). Ignore the colours, they are for my own reference. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.
  14. So I saw some preview pictures of the starter decks and booster box pack art and just wanted to share them. Edit [27/07/2015]: Ok! So we have more information about the cards now. I just thought that I might add those details here for those who are curious. Hoshido Starter Pack - 1,300 Yen (w/out tax) Comes with a download code for a '25th Anniversary Heroes' 3DS theme. Nohr Starter Pack - 1,300 Yen (w/out tax) Comes with a download code for '25th Anniversary Heroines' 3DS theme. Booster Packs - "Soulful Flames of Light and Dark" (Originally I put "Holy Fire of Light and Darkness") - 350 yen (w/out tax) Booster Box comes with a Series 3 (Radiant Dawn) Promotional Card and 2 limited edition card sleeves. Source: http://fecipher.jp/item/
  15. So I'm curious what you all think this 3rd route will become before we get more details on it! I'm actually expecting a very SMT style neutral route idea, wherein you fight both sides to absolute destruction and remake both with their ideals BALANCED.
  16. Junk

    u r lame

    So it's been a few days and I'm just wondering how does it compare? Was the game terrible, amazing? I'm just curious to see what the general consensus is and if I should buy it. I know this is incredibly stupid but please put story spoilers in spoiler tags.
  17. Following the confirmation of multiple sources cited in this thread via Famitsu scans, I've decided that I'll take it upon myself to give a quick overview of the JP cast to those that may not be super aware of seiyuus. I'll also be updating the list with more info as it comes out pre-release, as well as with English VAs when that news begins to roll in. With that in mind... [spoiler=Japanese Seiyuu][spoiler=The Mains] Male Kamui: Nobunaga Shimazaki Best Known As: Haruka Nanase, gay swimming anime Free!. Other Notable Roles: Guan Xing (Dynasty Warriors 8), Yusuke Godai aka Kamen Rider Kuuga (Kamen Rider Battride War), Ryo Sakurai (gay basketball anime Kuroko no Basket) and Shido Itsuka (Date a Live) Poly's Thoughts: Sadly, I have not seen Free! at all to really judge his voice super well, but there's at least some big name factor to it considering. Will update this one. Female Kamui: Satomi Sato Best Known As: Ritsu Tainaka, K-On! Other Notable Roles: Wendy Marvell (Fairy Tail), Banri Edosaki (A Certain Scientific Railgun), Eru Chitanda (Hyouka), Hong Meiling (Koumajou Dentetsu II), Nova (Tales of Xillia 2) Poly's Thoughts: This isn't too bad. A bit higher than I probably would have gone for an Avatar, but it still works, considering. Besides, Sawashiro went higher for certain voices, so... sure. Aqua: "Lynn" Best Known As: Fuuko, Conception 2 Other Notable Roles: Young!Shigeru Miura (Death Parade) Poly's Thoughts: OH GOD CONCEPTION 2 PTSD GO AWAY NO PLS. [spoiler=Hoshido] Ryouma: Yuuichi Nakamura Best Known As: Hazama/Yuuki Terumi, BlazBlue Other Notable Roles: Graham Aker (Mobile Suit Gundam 00), Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail), Ren Kouen (Magi), Tomoya Okazaki (CLANNAD), Fei Long (Street Fighter IV), Alto Saotome (Macross Frontier), Kyohei Kadota (Durarara!) Poly's Thoughts: AUDIBLE SCREECHING ALL THE WANT GIVE NOW. ... Ahem. Sorry. Anyways, Nakamura is probably my second favourite seiyuu after Hiroki Yasumoto (who I'm still hoping will be doing work on this game), so this choice is great. Not 100% sure about the fit as Ryouma specifically, but it works. Hinoka: Kaori Nazuka Best Known As: Nunnally Lamperouge, Code Geass Other Notable Roles: Rei (Persona Q), Maria Ross (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Eureka (Eureka Seven), Kisa Sohma (Fruits Basket), Kiyoko Shimizu (Haikyuu) Poly's Thoughts: I, uh. Wasn't expecting a voice quite this feminine. I mean, sure, if you wanna go that route, okay, but... Hinoka seemed like a tomboy, so they went with a decidedly feminine voice. I... suppose it works? Not particularly who I was hoping for, but it'll work. Takumi: Yuuki Kaji Best Known As: Eren Yeager, Attack on Titan Other Notable Roles: Hope Estheim (Final Fantasy XIII), Alibaba (Magi), Haruyuki Arita (Accel World), Hyoudou Issei (Highschool DXD), Johnny Joestar (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle), Seth (Under Night In-Birth), Tatara Totsuka (K Project), Zen (Persona Q) Poly's Thoughts: Well, I can think of at least one person who's happy with this one. cough cough Vashi cough cough. Really, it fits well enough; Kaji's voice can certainly work, considering how surprisingly deep he can get it (see: Seth and Zen). Sakura: Hisako Kanemoto Best Known As: Ika Musume, Squid Girl Other Notable Roles: Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon Crystal), Flandre Scarlet (Koumajou Dentetsu), Kururi Orihara (Durarara!), Kanata Sorami (So Ra No Wo To), Lucky Chloe (Tekken 7) Poly's Thoughts: I actually got a good laugh out of this one, but it works out okay. The range fits, so it should be... okay. Man, I'm tired, don't mock my vocabulary. Suzukaze: Daisuke Ono Best Known As: Itsuki Koizumi, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Other Notable Roles: Frederick/Priam (Awakening), Jotaro Kujo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure), Erwin Smith (Attack on Titan), Sebastian Michalis (Black Butler), Snow Villiers (Final Fantasy XIII), Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!), Kuroh Yatogami (K Project), Battler Ushiromiya (Umineko: When They Cry), Dezel (Tales of Zestiria), Sinbad (Magi) Poly's Thoughts: Hey man, it's fuckin' Jotaro. I ain't gonna shit on this. Saizou: Tarusuke Shingaki Best Known As: Kariya Matou, Fate/Zero Other Notable Roles: Stahl/Gerome (Awakening), Crimson Kingbolt (Accel World), Togusa (Ghost in the Shell: Arise), Orion Tsang (Sin and Punishment: Star Successor) Poly's Thoughts: I'd need to watch F/Z subbed to really get an idea of this voice, but... I dunno, it doesn't really seem great for him, considering none of those major roles are super hot-blooded like Saizou supposedly is? We'll see. Kagerou: Rie Murakawa Best Known As: Escha Malier, Atelier Escha & Logy Other Notable Roles: Beth Vanderwood/Coco (Fairy Tail), Reina (Hunter x Hunter 2011), Liese/Pianissimo (Log Horizon 2), Alisaie (Final Fantasy XIV), Chuko (Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II) Poly's Thoughts: I still don't really know who this is, orz. Hinata: Mitsuhiro Ichiki Best Known As: Donnel, Awakening Other Notable Roles: Yukio Hans Voralberna( Bleach), Hibiki Kohaku (BlazBlue), Shouto Shiroyama (Kokoro Connect), Shu Nakajima (Persona 4: The Animation), Takayama (Angel Beats), Tomohiko Kazama (Another) Poly's Thoughts: ayyyyyyyyyyyyy Hibiki. I'm down with this. Oboro: Nozomi Sasaki (see Felicia's entry) Rinka: Yui Ishikawa Best Known As: Mikasa Ackerman, Attack on Titan Other Notable Roles: Filia (Sword Art Online), China Kousaka (Gundam Build Fighters), Reina (Pokemon Origins), Reira Akaba/Olga (YuGiOh! Arc-V) Poly's Thoughts: Alright, sure. I guess this could work. Tsukuyomi: VALSHE Best Known As: N/A Other Notable Roles: N/A Hey look, a singer. Pchoo. Wiki article here. [spoiler=Nohr] Marx: Katsuyuki Konishi Best Known As: Kamina, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Other Notable Roles: America & Canada (Axis Powers Hetalia), Captain Ginyu (Dragon Ball Z Kai), Henry Cooldown (No More Heroes), Jonathan Joestar (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood [film version only]), Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia), Laxus Dreyar (Fairy Tail), Tsumugu Kinagase (Kill la Kill) Poly's Thoughts: Love it. Marx needs a deep, authorative voice to really get his point across to some people, and there's the possibility of good ol' spiral-sliced ham. Related, but there needs to be a line where he goes "KAMUI! LET'S SEE YA GRIT THOSE TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETH!" now. Camilla: Miyuki Sawashiro Best Known As: Puchiko, Di Gi Charat (at least, according to TV Tropes, though I'd argue several other roles as this) Other Notable Roles: Female Robin & Morgan (Awakening), Milla Maxwell (Tales of Xillia), Elizabeth (Persona 3), Celty Sturlson (Durarara!), Carl Clover (BlazBlue), Cammy & Decapre (Street Fighter IV), Fujiko Mine (Lupin III), Ivy (Soul Calibur V), Jolyne Kujo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle), Sakuya Izayoi (Koumajou Dentetsu II), Seri Awashima (K Project), Touko Fukawa (Dangan Ronpa), Ur/Ultear/Virgo (Fairy Tail), Sinon (Sword Art Online) Poly's Thoughts: It's Sawashiro. Though I'm surprised that they went back to her after she voiced Robin in Awakening... but hey, that's her range for you. Leon: Mamoru Miyano Best Known As: Light Yagami, Death Note Other Notable Roles: Tamaki Suoh (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Riku (Kingdom Hearts), Cilan (Pokemon), Death the Kid (Soul Eater), Flynn Scifo (Tales of Vesperia), Ling Yao (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Masaomi Kida (Durarara!), Rin Matsuoka (Free!), Rintarou Okabe (Steins;Gate), Saruhiko Fushimi (K Project), Setsuna F. Seiei (Mobile Suit Gundam 00) Poly's Thoughts: Dammit Light. I guess that it works, considering I figured he was gonna get voiced by Koji Yusa (for some reason), so the idea of having someone who can pull off a 'manipulative asshole' voice was kept. They just... went with a bigger name. Okay. Elise: Ayaka Suwa Best Known As: Hijiri Kasuga, Trinity Seven Other Notable Roles: Tokaku Azuma (Akuma no Riddle), Toka Yada (Assassination Classroom), Kyoko (Log Horizon 2), Saori (Hyperdevotion Noire) Poly's Thoughts: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Felicia: Nozomi Sasaki Best Known As: Pyrrha, Soul Calibur V Other Notable Roles: Misaka-10032 (A Certain Scientific Railgun), Patricia Martin (Lucky Star) Poly's Thoughts: Y'know what? Okay. Pyrrha's fine so I'm fine. Joker: Junichi Suwabe Best Known As: Archer, Fate/stay night Other Notable Roles: Relius Clover (BlazBlue), Sting Oakley (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny), Theodore (Persona 3), Fried Justine (Fairy Tail), Yamato Hotsuin (Devil Survivor 2), Jamil (Magi), Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez (Bleach), Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist 2003), Khronos (Tales of Xillia 2), Lars Alexandersson (Tekken), Omega (Mega Man Zero), Seymour Guado (Final Fantasy X), Vega (Street Fighter 4), Undertaker (Black Butler) Poly's Thoughts: (unavailable to due fangirlish screeching) Gunter: Nayaru Kurou Best Known As: uhhhhhh Other Notable Roles: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Poly's Thoughts: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (BTVA has nothing on him either, whoops) [spoiler=English VAs] [spoiler=The Mains] (TBD) [spoiler=Hoshido] (TBD) [spoiler=Nohr] (TBD)
  18. So in one of the recent Trailers we saw that Felicia (a pre-promoted Maid) was at Level 40. Speculation was that pre-promotes get an extra 20 levels to help keep up. However, what if this games leveling system is like Genealogy? (at least I think it was Genealogy) where promoting doesn't reset your level, it just gives you 10 (or in this case 20) more levels to work with.
  19. what in the name of fresh fuck is even going on here it looks like they shat her out of a 9 year olds' deviant art imo
  20. So... Watched all the videos so far on the My Castle, and while it was dominated by the Hoshido version a fair bit I think we saw a bit of Nohr... and possibly a third My Castle? Here's some images to illustrate what I am talking about. [spoiler=Nohr My Castle 1] -note the dark dragon statue in the background, and more European style buildings [spoiler=Nohr My Castle 2] -note Zero the Nohr exclusive Thief/Archer and European style buildings... Also a Lack of Cherry Blossom/Sakura trees and general darker colors [spoiler=Nohr My Castle 3] -Nohr exclusive Severa Luna in a Nohr my Castle... Same terrain/colors as other Nohr My Castles... Compare with the Hoshido My Castle -So bright, and filled with Cherry blossoms! :0 Even when the Hoshido My castle looks a Lil bare it still looks more bright than Nohr's... [spoiler=Nohr My Castle?] -Is this an extension of Nohr my castle? Possibly... Desolate looking, dark colors... Or maybe something different? [spoiler=Desert My Castle?] -I find this section the most fascinating as it looks completely different from Hoshido and Nohr's My Castle areas shown so far... Could this be for the third path? ...a castle in the desert? ...so then my question is what do we have in these images here? Is it 3 distinct areas? 1) Usual blossoming hoshido with the sakura trees. 2) a darker looking area with either green or dead trees but European type buildings and dark dragon statue. 3) desert-like area full of chasms but seems to have mixed buildings? Or something different entirely? I guess my theory is, the desert-like area is the third path My Castle. Another possibility is that your my castle terrain changes during the story, or based on choices/actions taken by the player within the My Castle environments. ...possibly lack of interaction with your My Castle could result in it being barren instead of the green it starts out as? Or maybe its something to do with seasons as Vincent seemed to suggest? What do you think? Anyone else have some good theories or finds?
  21. Picture, here: http://i.imgur.com/uYZhLi9.jpg Found on reddit, which was found on GFAQ's, so all credit here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/114533-fire-emblem-if-black-kingdom/71878051 Relevant information paraphrased: Cyrus (Cavalier) - both verisons Elfie (Female Knight) - Nohr Harold (Gaston/Fighter) - Nohr Hinata (Myrmidon) - Hoshido Oboro (Lance Fighter) - Hoshido Rinka (Oni) - Hoshido Tsukuyomi (Red Hair) - Hoshido Felicia can reclass(promote?) to a Brave Hero, a Bow Knight and a Strategist Multiple promotion options seem more likely. EDIT Report on the main site EDIT2: Digital issue is now out. Only new piece of info I can find is that Harold can promote from a Fighter(?) to a Berserker. [spoiler=???]http://serenesforest.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/famitsu2805-1.jpg http://serenesforest.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/famitsu2805-2.jpg http://serenesforest.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/famitsu2805-3.jpg http://serenesforest.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/famitsu2805-4.jpg
  22. With the new data about Hand axes and Javelins being only able to attack once. How do you feel this will change up the ranged game? Will we have a solid tier 1 archer? Or will it just be relegated to Snipers and mounted archers being the solid bow users as the norm? How does this affect tomes? Will they reach heights again? And how does this affect weapons such as the Levin sword? Will it have doubling ability? Or will it be nerfed similarly? I think there is a lot of interesting possibilities with this new system.
  23. Yes lets get this out of the way, Phoenix Mode was announced and will be a mode where. ​Your units re-spawn a turn after they die. This has already gotten controversial, even among some of my fellow brothers and sisters who said casual mode was simply a choice why does it bug you, now this is bugging them. News flash: This mode can be used to find information at a faster rate, as well as just you know. Goofing off It's a bit silly in my opinion, but hell, its optional. I do not see the big deal, seeing as this mode can be used for purposes for this SITE and getting more people into the franchise. I'm all for it. Also this could be seen as an indication of the Classic difficulty perhaps.
  24. So, new here, and not sure where to post this... But here I go. I apologize for coming off as ranting at first. So, I remember that Fire Emblem: Awakening (for example) came out April 19th 2012, while in the west it first came out in North America on February 4th 2013, and April 19th 2013 for Europe. Now, with the hype for Fire Emblem: if, I've begun to worry that the same thing will happen to this game. It'll be released in Japan on June 25th THIS YEAR, while in the west it's set for 2016. And I do worry that it'll come out early 2016 in America (for one bloody reason or another...) and later for Europe. I rather that it doesn't happen, as I feel it not only makes no sense, it is not particularly fair for Europe to have to wait a (almost) complete year. And I don't want to hear that USA has a bigger gaming market, because that's poppycock. Anywho; moving swiftly along, what are your thoughts about the gap between Japanese release date and the western 2016 release date? And yes, I know the localization and such are important factors.
  25. I have a possible theory what may happen, since Hoshido sounds like it'll have the map system like FE2, 8 and Awakening, we'll have Paralogues in that particular scenario. Able to visit them any time they become available etc. While meanwhile Nohr will go the route of Thracia, Binding Blade, Blazing Sword, and Shadow Dragon which had conditions on getting bonus chapters What do you lot think?
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