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Found 19 results

  1. Blazing Blade : - Ninian (Leader) - Lyn - Serra - Fiora - Florina - Farina (Substitute) Sacred Stones : - Eirika (Leader) - Tana - Vanessa - Syrene - Tethys - Lute (Substitute) Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn : - Leanne (Leader) - Elincia - Sigrun - Tanith - Marcia - Astrid (Substitute) Shadow Dragon : - Caeda (Leader) - Palla - Catria - Est - Linde - Norne (Substitute) Awakening : - Tiki (Leader) - Olivia - Sumia - Cordelia - Maribelle - Tharja (Substitute) Fates : - Azura (Leader) - Camilla - Hinoka - Charlotte - Hana - Selena (Substitute) Three Houses : - Dorothea (Leader) - Annette - Hilda - Anna - Constance - Petra (Substitute)
  2. Looks like "War Cleric" is a only class who i not used yet in my game. Any recommended female characters for "War Cleric" ?
  3. Hello again, Tonight I want to highlight a really annoying part of my gaming and especially Fire Emblem experience: gender deifferences in gameplay. 1) Constitution: this can't be remedied, only males with negative modifiers are gonna have female level constitution, that's totally realistic. 2) Rescue/Aid: this is the most stupid thing where gender differences are completely unrealistic: I don't see how the same horse that carries a 12 con Kyle and has room for 13 more con couldn't carry the 9 con Amelia and 16 con Garcia/Gilliam, it's exactly the same total weight and the horse shows no difference in the animation sprite. That's why the only females who can rescue a 16 con unit are like FE6 first pegasus with garbage offence due to having this trash con, meaning she looses mountains of speed by equipping anything other than a thin lance. Female rescue is complete game design atrocity in my book. Meanwhile any normal weight cavalier can rescue these generals and heavy axers. 3) Str/def/spd: I agree that most women have lower caps in real life to their possible physical performance: less muscle means less raw strength, less heart power to inject oxygene in their limbs, meanwhile bigger bones and harder muscles mean men have more tolerance to physical hits. Then why are female units generally faster than male units? Either you say screw it it's a video game, reality doesn't matter (in this case every point in my post is invalidated and I can delete it, but then make every female and have male have the same base caps in every game), or you go all the way into realistic gameplay, meaning you take 10% away from EVERY PHYSICAL STAT from male units to make your base for female units. At this point, you might as well make female only games since it's the same as the Olympics, girls are disadvantaged in any power/speed/punching ball performance contest against men. But FE has like 90% of the generic units that are male, which means you throw your weak ass female units into the roller coaster of very high damage ennemies with higher def than what these female units' strength/def/hp can chew. All this while being hindered more often by the stronger weapons they NEED to use just to make up for the difference in base strength and growth with male units, thus having less speed from higher base than these males with more strength, which only means that females of the same gender-free classes get completely benched in terms of usability comapred with men since men have more +1/+3/+4 in con than females even when they already have a +2 base compared with females, allowing some males to take 0 penalty from a weapon that would give -3 to the generic units of the same class/gender (typically Hero Gerik with tomahawk/steel axe compared with the 11 con generic heroes who take -4 speed) and -5 to the females (not even talking of armored females with straight -3 base con compared with male armors, 10 vs 13, 12 vs 15, Amelia's neutral con vs Gilliam's +1 meaning Gilliam can wield weapons with 16 weight without loosing speed, while Amelia who shouldn't even be able to become a knight with a 20+ kg armor with a pre-teen girl body would loose 4 speed by doing so, might as well use FE4's weapon rank locks at this point, since females should be strictly unable to wield steel lances of 5-7 real life kg seeing the difference of 70-80% weight with the normal iron lance of 8 that would weigh around 3-4 kg with a high weight pike at its end) What do you think of this? What is justified, to what extent and is there a point in using females when they're hindered by every weapon closing the gap between them and equivalent male units (not even talking of the fact that most females already have -4 str/def between class and personal bases/growths compared with males)? Did Awakening and Fates solve this problem?
  4. Hi, I think it would be interesting to tier female units in Conquest for a females only run. The rules are the same as usual (not based on LTC, more on efficiency, the role they play, are they needed, strongly recommended, how they contribute to make the game easier), except here it's a little special: no servant (no Felicia abuse) and no Corrin (Corrin will be male and only be pair up bot in defensive pair up as soon as posible, when Effie arrives for example). Pair up should be reduced to the minimum (outside Corrin who has to hide on someone's back, the rest should be used as independent units most of the time. Attack stance is allowed since ennemies already abuse it to the point where it's purely disgusting with their seal def/steel shuriken attack stance shenanigans. Kana is the only allowed child and will be discussed as well in this list. Let's put 3 lists: 1 with reclassing/DLC classes authorized and the other where only the main class tree is allowed. MU can reclass freely since his usefulness entirely depends on the stats he gives to his partner. Kana will be the only one to be discussed in the 3rd list, and won't be tiered with other females since she depends on her mother and inheritance to be anything (though you must also specify if you reclass her or let her in her original class). Don't forget to specify Kana's recruitment time (since she will be different if you get her at a time you can kid seal her or during the beginning chapters). This would help players who go for such challenge to immediately identify good units, units they should train until a certain point before ditching them and units who they should avoid. Units who will be tiered: Camilla, Effie, Elise, Peri, Selena, Beruka, Nyx, Charlotte, Flora (Kana in the exclusive Kana tier list as stated above). Mozu is excluded since she appears in every route like the servants, Silas and Kaze and has been discussed thousands times already. Many units will be tiered very differently between reclass allowed tier list and no reclass I suppose. How I guess the tiers will look like: S- Necessary A- Very helpful B- Can be used since you've got room anyway C- Use it if you really want to, but it's like shooting yourself in the foot Let's go!
  5. So outside of Genealogy of the Holy War, which had a lot of throwaway recolored female bosses pictured above, its noticeable minor enemy bosses like Batta and Gromell are always male. And before anyone states Clarisse or Pheros, those characters are not minor bosses with no story importance like Lumel or Campari are. I'm talking about bosses that just walk into a map and die with no fanfare. This is speculation but it is quite possible the lack of minor enemy female commanders could be due to the developers not wanting to design female characters with the ugly/evil look that minor bosses have. Similarly outside of the aforementioned Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, and Tear Ring Saga which occasionally sprinkled female generics among the otherwise male enemy forces, generic enemy units are almost always male outside of female exclusive classes like Pegasus Knight or Troubadour. We know lore wise, nations like Macedon, Grado, Plegia, Bern ETC have female soldiers and commanders from the recruitable characters those locations, but the rank and file enemy grunts and lowranking commanders are always male. Several games like New Mystery of the Emblem even punish the player for attacking female generics the rare times they appear. This is again another guess, but I speculate that the developers avoid female generics to avoid making the player feel bad. I''m asking everyone what do you think the reason for this is and would you like this to change? *My original version of this post was deleted when my browser glitched so I had to retype the whole thing.*
  6. “Robin’s daughter. An aspiring tactician with no memory. Cheerful and loves to study.” Italics equals superbane, Bold equals super boon Stats: Hp: 36/ Atk: 34/ Spd: 30/ Res: 33/ Def: 16 Starting Skill Set: Weapon: Blarserpent+ | Special: Iceberg | A Slot: Mirror Stance | B Slot: Guard | C Slot: Atk Ploy Intro: Morgan comes flying in, being one of the first flying mage that will be added to the summonable pool. Compared to her other blue mage flyer, S!Corrin, she has, +5/+3/-4/+7/-6. While the lower spd can hurt, it doesn’t hurt as much due to skills like QR and spd stacking being good fixes for her mediocre spd stat Strengths: Good res and atk, great mage tank Weaknesses: Weakness to arrow’s and dragons, poor def Tactic: Defense (Blarserpent, optimal build) Tactic: Swarm (Blarraven) Tactic: Charge (Spd stacking build) Changelog: Big thanks to @BANRYU, who supplied the write-ups.
  7. "A hoshidan Princess raised in Nohr. She won a ticket to a tropical island in a lottery." Stats: Hp: 31/34/37 Atk: 28/31/34 Spd: 31/34/37 Def: 19/22/25 Res: 23/26/30 Skills Weapon: Sealife Tome+ Special: Dragon Fang A Slot Skill: Swift Strike C Slot Skill: Fortify Fliers Intro: Being the second introduced Mage flyer in the game, Summer Corrin is a great unit despite some glaring weaknesses. Compared to the two other mage flyers in the game, specifically Halloween Nowi and Spring Camilla, she is faster than both of them, but has less attack than both of them. Strengths: Great movement abilities, Amazing speed, good attack, one of the top users of Blarblade+ Weaknesses: Abysmal Hp, poor def, mediocre res, weakness to arrows. Best Boons: +spd/+atk Neutral Boons: +res/+hp Worst Boons: +def Best Banes: -def Neutral Banes: -res Worst Banes: -atk/-spd/-hp And now, the builds: Bold = Best option Queen of the beach (Blarblade) Sealife Supporter (Sealife Tome) Army of Seagulls (Offensive Blarowl. Suggested by @BANRYU) Snakes on the Beach (Blarserpent) And that is all. If you think I missed a build, or I should change something, or something else, then just reply or pm me. Changelog:
  8. Hello, all! I'm currently wondering who makes a good S support for F!Corrin, as I do not know who to decide for! I like Ryoma and Saizo's design, and I honestly can't decide. What do you guys think? And who did you choose of all available characters?
  9. So, after looking through the full results of the Fire Emblem Heroes poll results, I found of a lot of unique placements of the FE4(Ishtar scored more than most of the cast. Which is interesting.) and 5 characters(Carrion and Olwen scored absurdly high compared to the rest of the FE5 cast.). Also, some characters I thought would score higher than others didn't.(I think Dew scored higher than Lewyn.) SO I have decided to see where the cast lies since so many of the placements were surprising to me. Vote for your Favorite Female Characters in Fire Emblem 4! Fire Emblem Popularity Poll(Male): https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/69149-fire-emblem-4-popularity-pollmale/ At the moment, the poll is multiple choice, tell me if you think this should be changed in the comments.
  10. I recently stumbled upon Snowy_One's thread of "How many positive and well-made female characters can you think of?" I worked hard on a post I would love to make to it, but the threat is locked so they won't let me do that anymore. So I made a second one that continues it and here are the positive and well-made female characters that I can think of: Blaze the Cat from Sonic the Hedgehog franchise: Blaze is awesome, no doubt about it. She’s the princess of some parallel dimension and her duty is to guard the Sol Emeralds. However, when she was young, Blaze feared that getting too emotional would cause her flame powers to go out of control and so she locked her own emotions away and became more distant with other people and more focused on her objectives. She distanced herself from other people and didn’t get along well with others. Then came the events of Sonic Rush when she ended up on Sonic’s dimension and met up with Cream the Rabbit and became friends with her. She still had an icy persona and quickly rejects any offered assistance, believing that she’s better off facing her challenges alone. However, Sonic eventually talked her into opening up to other people and learning to trust other people helped her accomplish what she couldn’t do alone. Becoming more passionate made her even stronger as it allowed the Sol Emeralds to turn her into Burning Blaze who is like Super Sonic except she can throw fireballs. They beat Dr. Eggman and his interdimensional counterpart and Blaze then happily returned to her home dimension. Which leads me to Sonic Rush Adventure which is the sequel to Sonic Rush. In that game, Sonic and Tails get caught in a storm and wake up on an island, they search for answers, they get attacked by one of Captain Whiskers’ robots until Blaze rushes in and saves them. There, Sonic and Tails learn that they ended up in Blaze’s dimension, and while their search for answers continued, Blaze traveled with and fought alongside Sonic while her royal subjects helped them find the Sol Emeralds to keep them out of the wrong hands. When they defeated Captain Whiskers and found the Sol Emeralds and the Chaos Emeralds, they beat the two Eggmen a second time and Blaze managed to take Sonic and Tails back home. Sash Lilac and Carol Tea from Freedom Planet: I got into playing Freedom Planet last year and boy am I glad I did. I instantly got a kick out of Freedom Planet not only because of its awesome gameplay, but also because of its two main heroines: Sash Lilac and Carol Tea. Let’s start with Sash Lilac. Out of all the characters in Freedom Planet, Lilac’s my personal favorite. She’s the most fun to play as and she has a great personality. She’s cheerful, nice, mature, smart, and always willing to help people out when they are in trouble. And no matter what happens to her, she never loses sight of her goal and keeps on going. However, she’s at one point in the game forced to wonder if her actions are doing her friends more harm than good and is willing to question what needs to be done in order to protect them. But when it becomes clear to her what she needs to do, she’ll do it, whether it’s for the sake of her friends or even planet Avalice itself. And then there’s Carol. Carol is a snarky, energetic, and adventurous wildcat who longs for the simple things in life like a mansion, worldwide fame, and more money than she’d know what to do with. But she ultimately sticks by her best friend, Sash Lilac and helps her out when things get rough for her. Even when she felt like she shouldn’t be putting herself in danger just to be with Lilac, she ultimately decides to act to help her out when she needs her. Always caring for Lilac and Milla, Carol, despite her impulsive behavior, often acts as a voice of reason to Lilac and occasionally calls her out on being too reckless. But in the end, she still rises up for Lilac and Milla when they are in danger. I’d talk about Milla too, but she’s not exactly on the exact same level as Carol and Lilac. While she is capable, she’s not a hardened warrior like Lilac and Carol are. She is still lovable though. Judith from Tales of Vesperia: Now, I really love this lady. She’s a very strong and independent woman who fights big scary monsters and has fun while doing it. Her carefree attitude makes her incredibly lovable and she’s definitely not afraid of any monster or corrupt warrior that gets in her way. In fact, she’s more than happy to take them down, and relishes every battle she partakes in. She also cares very deeply for her new friends in the party after she joins them as we constantly see her offer comfort and consolation to her fellow teammates like Estelle, Karol, and Rita. She’s like the mom/big sister of the team and the skits featuring her have a lot of great dialogue between her and the rest of the team. She starts off being more distant from other people after she lost her father at a young age but as she journeys on with Yuri and his friends, she warms up to them and opens up to them more. One of the most heartwarming moments in the entire game was when she and the rest of the team was about to leave Myorzo after visiting for the first time, the elder says to Judith, “You don’t need to shoulder such a burden. Haven’t you suffered enough?” Judith replys by saying, “Thank you, Elder, but I’m not suffering anymore. If you went into the outside world, you might understand too.” I loved that part. To me, it meant that all the pain she endured since she lost her dad has now finally dissipated all because she now has a new family. And it’s always great to see people rise above despair and move forward with faith in their hearts. Plus, Judith is the most mature member of the party. Whereas Estelle and Rita are girls, Judith is a full-on woman. Now, I know that she has large breasts and wears skimpy clothing which is why I want to briefly discuss a certain criteria that Snowy_One set up for this discussion: Yeah, I really want to call bullshit on this rule he put up right here and now. I have major major issues with people claiming that a female character cannot be a positive image for women simply because they have large breasts and/or skimpy outfits and therefore are “sexualized.” As far as I’m concerned, that is slut-shaming, which I find very misogynistic. It doesn’t matter how well written a woman is, or how smart and capable she is, or even if if all her sexuality is completely under her control, as long as she is sexual in any way, shape or form, people like Snowy_One dismiss her as a bad character in any way shape or form. It’s like women should never be allowed to be comfortable and confident with their own bodies or their sexuality and should never embrace being sexy and to me that just infantilizes women. Any woman that owns her sexuality should be allowed to and scolding her for it is harmful to women and that’s why I think this criteria that Snowy_One put here should be called out on. Sexy women is often called sexist because of the claim that it just panders to male sexuality and I find that to be very misandric as it demonizes the sexual preferences of straight males. Plus, Christina Hoff Sommers put it best when she said, “Spectators are able to gaze at a woman’s beauty and also identify with her on a human level. Many men, not all of them, but many, do like images of beautiful, sexy women. Why shame them for this? Now, traditionally, women, gays, and trans-people have been policed and humiliated for their sexuality. That is wrong. Today at least in some feminist circles, it’s open season on the sexual preferences of straight males. That’s also wrong.” So this shames both men who like to look at sexy women and women who like to be sexy. Condemning a woman, fictional or real, on how she dresses is just bigoted and Snowy_One is being degrading to women by policing them on how to dress or express their sexuality. That’s my issue with this criteria here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzQ4QG51x4I&feature=youtu.be Snowy_One does take women like Judith and Bayonetta and puts them into a “Positive but fail the criteria/debatable” list which I find to be damning with faint praise. As far as I’m concerned, he should take that “criteria” and throw it into the dumpster because I think it’s degrading to women. Any woman who is proud of her sexuality and appearance shouldn’t be criticized for it and any woman who does get criticized for it should shrug it all off and remain unashamed and Judith has that in spades, which is yet another reason as to why I love her so much. There. I’ve had my rant. In fact, not only is Judith proud of her appearance and sexuality, she encourages Estelle and Rita to be proud of theirs as well. Even though they are not nearly as well-endowed as she is. And that’s truly admirable as in real life, a woman’s insecurity over her sexuality leads to her ranting about hot ladies in fiction like Judith herself. The female protagonists of Odin Sphere: All three of these women are princesses but none of them are your typical damsel in distress. Along with the two male leads, Cornelius and Oswald, Princesses Gwendolyn, Mercedes, and Velvet help to fuel Odin Sphere’s story while also being compelling and endearing characters in their own right. Let’s start with Gwendolyn. Starting off, she, while a fearsome warrior on the battlefield, was longing for her father’s approval. Keep in mind that her father is the demon lord Odin himself. So, Gwendolyn would be incredibly desperate to prove to him that she’s worthy of being one of his valkyrie warriors. After failing to please her father and earn his approval despite helping him win the war over the Crystallization Cauldron, she went out into the forest and had a brief fight with Velvet, another one of Odin’s daughters. Odin, however, intervened and got them to stop, and while Gwendolyn felt crushed over Odin showed Velvet affection despite the fact that Velvet hates Odin’s guts and blames him for her mom’s death, whereas Gwendolyn, who is loyal to Odin always gets the short shrift. When one of Odin’s generals, Brigan betrays and blackmails Odin and decides to execute Velvet, Gwendolyn in her last attempt to get Odin’s approval, rescues Velvet and kills Brigan. However, she gets punished instead, to go into a sleep, and the man who wakes her up will be her wife. Thankfully, the person who woke him up was Oswald, who despite being one of her enemies on their last encounter, cared about Gwendolyn and called Odin out on using her as a tool to get his dirty work done. And unlike the husbands of other former valkyries who are taken from their warrior positions forever, Oswald wanted Gwendolyn to remain strong and brave just like before. And karma greatly rewarded him for that too when she saved him from getting killed by an all powerful dragon who was still in its infancy, and then she saved him from Odette, queen of the netherworld. And to get into the netherworld, Gwendolyn turned the tables on Odin and used him as a tool to achieve her goal. After falling in love with and then marrying Oswald, she abandoned her desperation to gain Odin’s approval and accepted the love of someone who loves her just for being herself. And she saved the world from that exact same dragon in its adult form. Need I say more? Then there’s Mercedes the fairy princess. When her mother died, Mercedes struggled to learn how to become the new queen of the fairies, but she kept struggling to learn how to become a queen. And for a great reason too. Her mom died before she could properly teach her about the benefits and burdens of royalty, so not only was she crowned queen when she wasn’t ready for it, she had nobody to help her get ready. Some of her fellow subjects tried to help, but she was overthrown by a jealous magistrate named Melvin, and so she rallied freedom fighters to fight back against him. When she does, she becomes more accustomed to leadership, and even takes the fight to Odin, who killed her mom. And after defeating him, (she didn’t kill him, though) she became a much more confident queen and a braver warrior as well. And finally, there’s Velvet. Now, I know what Snowy_One is thinking, “Velvet can’t be a positive representation of women she’s too sexualized.” Well, I hope he hears me out. Velvet, unlike the rest of the cast, is aware that there’s an evil plot that would cause the apocalypse. Throughout her story, Velvet does everything she could to figure out how to put a stop to armageddon and does everything she could to find the answers she seeks. She constantly faces hardships and adversity, but in the end, she never loses hope and keeps on going to keep finding what she needs to stop the apocalypse, even standing against her undead grandfather and attempting to thwart his schemes. And in the end, she fights the cauldron and puts a stop to its evil spell. On a side-note, she also stands up to her overly-protective twin brother Ingway whenever he starts trying to keep her away from Cornelius, whom she is in love with and vice versa. She frequently calls him out whenever he gets patronizing and even becomes rebellious towards him. Plus, she helps out a bunch of Pooka villagers. Charlotte Aulin from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin: Charlotte is easily the best character in the game. She’s a powerful mage who can summon powerful spells that aid her and Jonathan in combat and in puzzle solving and she’s not afraid to help bring Jonathan back to his senses when he gets too impulsive. She’s also very smart and helps provide strategies with Jonathan being more of the muscle of the duo. But even by herself, Charlotte is deadly in battle with such spells as hurricanes, fire, ice fangs, and the like. Plus, she’s cheerful and optimistic but knows to take danger seriously and let’s face it, Jonathan wouldn’t have stopped Dracula if it weren’t for her.
  11. Hey guys and gals! With the new Fire Emblem comes the new wave of pairing threads, so I guess I'm gonna contribute to that. I'm looking for some advice for my Conquest playthrough. I made my Female Avatar a +Mag -Lck. I'm leaning towards having her end up as a Sorcerer or Onmyoji (suggestions for that as well?) and I really don't know who to pair her with. I took Diviner as her second class because of the access to Mag+2/Future Sight for early game and for Tomefaire, and because Rend Heaven is just so fantastic to pass to everyone. I want to optimise this run but I'm not so comfortable with Nohr children yet, since this is my first playthrough with Nohr. I don't mind the pairing to not be the absolute best because I'm only on hard mode. I'm thinking of a few potential husbands and need help with choosing: Leo: I guess that would make two great children, but I really don't want to pair her up with her brother, even if not related by blood, just seems too weird to me... Alright enough sentimentality, I'll do it if I must, but it just doesn't feel right to me :P (remember Owain x Lucina?). Odin: God this guy is just so epic. Always been a fan of Owain. Anyway, I guess he could make a good father for a mixed Nohr Noble Kana and his good skill stat benefits having skills like Dragon Fang/Rend Heaven. Like Leo, not a lot of class diversity. Forrest: Kana would just be so damn great with Forrest as a father, but I don't really know if it's better to have two awesome children or one godlike unit. I'm really open to suggestions for other potential husbands, as well as for ending classes/skills for the children. Thanks for the help! TorterraX
  12. So, recently I started an art piece which is centered around female Kamui and I'm struggling on the armor. So basically I'm wondering, does anyone have some sort of character / concept sheet for her? I really only have a few images to work with. If you have any sort of image that may help that would be great
  13. As you may know, Nintendo Announced a popularity poll in October for site visitors to vote for their favorite male and female characters in Fire Emblem If. Now that fans all over the world got a general feel for the localized version fire emblem fates I want to recreate Nintendo japanese poll making the first ever Official Post-Release Fire Emblem Fates Popularity Poll *(Localized Ver.) Japanese Results https://www.nintendo.co.jp/fe/if_bk/questionary/index.html
  14. If you would indulge me, if you are female will you ever play the game as M!Kamui and vise-versa for males? My answer would be yes because I feel like I'm getting more out of my game when I do that.
  15. Ok, so I stole the idea from here and it originally came from here, but I decided to continue the tradition of favorite Awakening characters polls. If someone else was going to make this topic eventually I apologize, but I'll at least be keeping the rules from the Favorite First Gen Males topic for continuity purposes. So yeah, no spotpass characters here. You can base it on character development, supports, appearance, pretty much anything. Biases are fine. You don't have to post unless you want to, but hopefully this will generate some good discussion like the last couple topics. There's one more rule, you can't vote for either Maribelle or Cordelia as your favorite or else. I considered adding Libra to this poll as a joke option, but didn't because I figured it would skew the results, but if enough people want me to I suppose I can do that. First post: Voted for Miriel as my favorite because her nerdiness is endearing and quite hilarious at times. Not to mention she allowed the game to subtly add a few science references that shed some light on the role of technology in FE (and gave me a good laugh to boot). Least favorite was Maribelle (don't worry, Cordelia is close), because I made the mistake of marrying her to Chrom on my first playthrough and I was disgusted by how obnoxious she was (not to mention she is a terrible mother for Lucina both gameplaywise and support wise).
  16. Specifically, which female unit has the largest breasts for each Fire Emblem game? PoR: RD: SD: ect. I'm primarily talking about recruit-able characters, but the likes of Sonia or Petrine can get an honorable mention. Feel free to include runners-up in order as well. -My estimates for the higher end of the Tellius cast, in decreasing / shrinking order, including within tiers: Top Tier Nailah Heather Mia High Tier Almedha Sigrun Upper mid / "decent" tier Vika Titania Average tier Lucia Elincia Marcia Fiona Jill? Calill
  17. Who has the largest bust? I'm primarily talking about Tellius units, but the likes of Petrine can get an honorable mention. Feel free to include runners-up in order as well. Radiant Dawn: Nailah, with the runner-ups being Heather, Almedha, Mia, Sigrun, Vika, and Lucia, in descending / shrinking order.
  18. Hey, Fateborn here again. I'm going to do a Female!sword only run. If you are familiar with my FE8 run, then the rules will be the same, with few expectations that I have placed in poll to allow you to decide for me (I would do it myself but I like to see what you guys want to see me do.) First rule. Only women are allowed. (Unless Bartre is permitted permanently I won't use him.) And they are required to have either sword, or has promotion gain of swords. In other word... Lyndis, Florina, Fiora, Isadora, Vaida, Farina, and Karla are permitted. However, as an expectation due to low amount of units, Ninian/Nils are also permited. (If only I had a mamakute too...) If such a need arise, I won't hesitate to use a healing class or an additional female unit. But until then, I won't be required to use them. (Yeah, you heard me right. I'm WILLING to use Louise or Priscilla (Two most likely canditate of emergency if something's fucky with my run such as terribad growth on my characters since it usually happen... Fucking Tate, Vanessa and Syrene.) I also have to sell all items that are not swords and consumables (Which means, no axe, no lances, no bows, no staves, no tomes. I will however keeps few lances -for florina and fiora of course, and a couple of bow/staves for louise and priscilla in case of emergency.) As I will be unable to have any female sword users for 5 chapters of HHM, I am allowed to use Eliwood and Hector with no hestitation until I re-acquires Lyndis, to which I will then bench Failwood. (He always suck on my team no matter what happen. It'd be Lyndis who's most blessed, and Hector will be above average, that's always common for me...) I also will level up Priscilla with usages until the unnecessary of her approaches. If something is really messy between chapter 12 and 15, I will be permitted to use Marcus, but only with swords. I'll keep the poll running for 24 hours, or until sufficient votes are input. Till then, I bid you good read and entertainment of my mostly gangsta outburst and dumb references here and there of my run. (Mostly thwomp.) Now then I gotta go study a certain pattern of the chapters and see what I could do for each one (the ones between 11 and 15 anyway.) Edit: Main reason why I'd like to do LHM is so I can drag my balls through chapter 19xx :>
  19. I can't decide what I want to do with my female avatar, so I'd love to see what everyone else has done or is doing! What are the classes she has/she'll go through, the skills she has/she'll use, and what of her Asset and Flaw?
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