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Found 1 result

  1. Fates Kong Quest has an evil king named Garon, but Final Fantasy 4's evil king is named Baron, Final Fantasy 4's King Baron is actually well written, while King Garon isn't, Hurricane Cecil is basically Koran but actually likeable, Anankos is a spacial dragon (aka a ripoff of Palkia from Pokemon) , while Zeromus looks like the evil witch whose name I forgot from Scooby doo, Flora is literally mild fetish fuel, while Kain actually makes sense, Faye Reagan is literally inflation fetish fuel, while Yang is actually muscular, Fire Emblem Fates has (Groans of increasing discomfort) while Final Fantasy 4 has "You spoony bard!", Fire Emblem Fates did this plot type terribly when it was a 3DS game, Final Fantasy 4 did this plot type AMAZINGLY as a SNES game, both have a kingdom named Valla, but theyre both VASTLY different, They both have edgy ninjas, Except Edge actually isn't edgy, while Saizo tries too hard to ripoff Deadpool, they both have children grow into adults INSANELY fast, but Rydia's growth actually makes sense unlike the Deeprealms, Garon acts like a full on pedophile to Azura during the Opera scene, while Baron has no sexual attraction to Hurricane Cecil or Kain, and finally, Fire Emblem Fates is themed around false choice, while Final Fantasy 4 is themed around the moon.
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