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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Salchi09 and I have the pleasure to upload my rom hack called “FE Attack On Titan”. As you can guess, it’s a game based on the Attack on Titan series using FE8 “The Sacred Stones” as a base. Although the game is slightly based on one of the most important chapters of the first seasons, you don’t need to know the series to play the game and it doesn’t contain any (relevant) spoilers either. The game contains the latest updates within the rom hacks such as skills, danger area, etc. In addition, each character has its own original portrait from the series. The game consists of a single large map in which you will have to deal with a lot of titans and other enemies that simply want to raze the city to the ground. I promise you that it is a different experience within the Fire Emblems games and it will be overwhelming. I have tried to keep the difficulty (normal mode) balanced although it may take you several tries to figure out the keys to victory. You will start with no items and you will have to figure out how to advance in the adventure. It is inevitable that some units will die so try to continue whenever you can. To win you will have to survive and kill all the enemies. Besides being my first post, it is also my first game so many things can be improved and optimized. Any kind of feedback is more than welcome. I hope you enjoy the game and of course, GIVE YOUR HEART! Screenshots Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-T0inxGktpJ1Ivl17vzp12M5vB7EHUEt/view?usp=sharing
  2. It‘s Thracia, but you play the bosses and fight against the original cast! Follow lord Veld, his trusted knight Raydrik and his merry men, the deadlords, on a magical journey after the malicious prince Leaf and his pawn, baron Finn, kidnapped Velds love interest Bharat and find out that the real treasure are the ~40 generic-looking friends they make along the way! This hack replaces every playable character with a boss or NPC and vice versa. Since there aren‘t enough bosses to replace every unit, August, Dorias, Julius and Ishtar are included as playables. On top of that, Lara is unchanged since she funtions as both your thief in Manster and your dancer. This hack also gives most bosses who appear as a general or baron in the base game a new class, as there wouldn‘t be any variety between units otherwise. Update: Version 1.1 of the hack is out! On top of some fixes, this version is updated to version 1.08 of Lil' Manster, allowing you to access all the new and amazing QoL features of that version. Many thanks to Miacis for helping me with the switch! Note: This hack does not alter any dialogue, it‘s gameplay only (apart from some memes). Download Link The complete changelog can be found here. The Folder also includes a 0% growths version and an Everyone Is Largo version. The creeping realization that everyone is Largo is something I just wanted to share (his portrait gets reused like 5 times in the game). The Optional QoL/unit reordering patches from LM are also included. Known Issues: - Stoning bosses before they can participate in certain events (like Leaf in chapter 5) can cause soflocks. Just don‘t do that. Stoning bosses in general is fine though – and hilariously broken! - If a unit gets stoned, then recruited (like Trewds or Mishas replacement, at the end of the chapter), they‘ll stay stoned as the status doesn‘t get cleared between chapters. - If The door to the arena is opened while Eichner is on the field in chapter 5, he sometimes remains on the battlefield even though his sprite is gone until 1 othe action is completed. If you step on his tile while he's still there, the game crashes. Thanks to Tortuga Jr.#6373 on discord for reporting this Note that I might have missed some bugs and glitches. If you encounter anything that looks like one, please contact me immediately on SF or on Discord (user Blade of Light#6050). Thanks!
  3. The Road to Ruin Preface ------- Pandosia, created by the four goddesses, has seen its fair share of war and peace. Now is not a time for peace. A war has begun between the neighboring countries of Aksum and Sybaris. Sybaris has ambushed Aksum's close ally, the small country of Mora, without warning, massacring many. A group of mercenaries finds themselves caught in the middle of this war where not everything is as it seems and the events of the past collide with the present... Screenshots ----------- Download -------- The Road to Ruin v3.0.3 This is a complete mod. The final chapter is chapter 20. Including the prologue and two "gaidens" that gives you 23 chapters of content. Runs on FE7 engine. Never dead, always underground. Growth Rates Support Pairings
  4. Hey there! I'm Xenith , known far and wide as things you wouldn't dare repeat to your parents. I've been hacking for a few years now and have built up a small collection of projects which I've not shared here yet. These aren't your usual hacks, as you'll find they're all no longer than a single chapter. "Why is that?" I hear nobody asking. Well, my curious FE fan, I have the attention span of a monkey and like having a realistic chance of finishing my projects. Definitely nothing to do with how the first 2 were made for single chapter contests. If you're in the mood for something short and sweet; you've come to the right place. All to be patched to FE8. Credits in the docs (I think). --------- Scarlet Rising (2020) Hacktown. By day, an unsuspecting town known for its mining operations and peaceful atmosphere. By night, one of the most dangerous towns on the continent, where adventurers and outlaws alike indulge in the thrill of high-stake duels. One day, a famous rescue team receives a vague and ominous letter alerting them to a crisis in the town, and they set out to investigate… V1 DOWNLOAD ---------- Saga of the Shivering Shores (2019) Set sail for new adventures! Dissatisfied with his now-normal life, our hero Lawrence embarks on a journey to find a new purpose. However, things soon turn awry when his voyage is entangled with an ancient seafaring folktale known far and wide as the ‘Legend of the Shivering Shores’. V1 DOWNLOAD -------- RE: Halloween (2018) Taking place shortly after Lawrence’s Magvel escapade in RE:Z, some of the RE cast are invited to a Halloween party, intended to be a joyful reunion. However, all is not what it seems when a few of the members arrive... V1 DOWNLOAD ------------ Well, that's about it. I won't be updating these or making any more, but if you enjoyed them leave a comment. I promise I won't forget to check back for half a year! Peace.
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