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Found 2 results

  1. Who am I? Hello there I am DotDotDot, I'm a poor college student that has been trying to make my own fan game(Originally a Pokemon one) since middle school. I've worked on this to big chunks. I first started working on this during my Senior year of high school before burnout hit me hard and I stopped. The second chunk was recently were while watching Mangs LP a hack gave me a second wind to finally finish my hack and here we are! I hope you enjoy and do run into too many bugs or glitches I forgot about from the first chunk. What is this? This is a short 8 chapter(counted prologue and Final) Hack of Fire Emblem 8 I made to gain experience with FEBuilderGBA and with hacking in general. Originally I was gonna make my dream hack I've always wanted to make and I even made a full chapter and some portraits(some of which I repurposed for this hack) but, I decided not to continue because I didn't want to get burnout making a long hack by myself (Which in the end didn't help because I started this hack about a year ago and then stop for like 5 months or so because I still got burnout, whops). I decided to go with an idea I had for a while of playing as the bandits of a fire emblem game were the bandits somehow manage to win! The Pitch! Have you ever wanted to be a bandit? Going around pillaging villages for all their goods, killing helpless villagers that are just trying to save their family, using almost exclusively axes! Well, now you can in Fire Emblem Barry's Bandits! Features: Screenshots Download Fire Emblem Barry's Bandits Bugs/Spelling Errors/Notes/etc Credits
  2. (Before I launch into passive-aggressive attacks on Long War, this is a Let's Play of XCOM: UFO Defence. The original one. OpenXCOM is a recent... something to fix many of its quirks while leaving the game itself intact. It is amazing. Download it.) So man, I've been playing this great new upgrade to noted XCOM mod 'Long War'! It really brings home the whole retro feel of the experience, while also fixing several core issues of the mod. What we're left with is a turn-based strategy on a grand scale, detailing the victory of humanity over the scum alien menace. With our guns, fists and teeth. The moral of the story is and always has been that we will prevail through any obstacle. Hell, it even adds a retro new intro cutscene! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX0Cm3N_n6k As anyone who has played XCOM knows, deaths will be in the hundreds. I will need a shitton of names. Signups will take the following format; Name (Forename and surname, preferably. Usernames make adequate fore- or surnames and really there's no convention to stick to. Names will take the format of 'Class Name', such as 'Scout Flex Manmeat'. There's a character limit. It's probably gonna be 20 characters in all counting class and spaces, but idk for sure.) Sex ('don't care' is acceptable) Class ('Don't care' is acceptable. there is no guarantee I will stick to this but it will give you a combat role, anyway.) Other (If you just want to throw background or whatever onto this, then go ahead. Can also include any specific favoured weapons or equipment or behaviour in combat or, really, whatever.) Signups are technically unlimited but if you just sign up a shitton then I might just flat-out start ignoring them tbh. Basically only sign up someone good and cool. That said I expect casualties to be, bluntly, horrific. Class The additional fluidity of classes in Long War was great, and given that they all picked from a Venn diagram of about 80% of the same perks anyway, the streamlining of OpenXCOM into making all classes functionally identical! they are prefixes i add to class names to make it easier to figure out who the fuck is disposable and who isn't. SCOUT Chosen for being generally terrible at combat. If speed is their only asset, they will be a scout. If they have no assets, they will be a scout. Skilled at drawing overwatch fire and conducting breaches. Will take rifles, and when the rifles run out, pistols, flare guns, fists, teeth and boxing gloves. SHOCK Chosen for being hard-arse cunts who will probably suffer staggering casualties. Shock troops are the ones who keep firing into the thick of it once all the scouts are dead, and preferably keep brave in an emergency. Will take rifles and shotguns. HEAVY Heavy infantry carry the big guns. They are chosen for being gigantic and swole and alpha. Typical weapons will range from grenade launchers through rocket launchers to autocannon. MEDIC Someone has to be brave in a crisis. Those with poor aim but some combination of willpower, pace and hurling accuracy makes them into the perfect rearguard. Will take a ton of grenades and pack a rifle. SNIPER The only class name to not fit into five characters, because the English language lacks synonyms for 'sniper'. Chosen for their crack shots and decidedly not for their movement, snipers excel at sitting back outside the line of fire taking their shots from as far back as possible. Typical early weapon will be the rifle. ALPHA If I find a hero who is just impeccably perfect, they are elevated to the rank of Alpha. When they are brutally murdered, I will cry. Not an eligible class selection. OTHER? This is not a be-all and end-all and I might end up just making some new classes to fit the situation. There will certainly be some who will only fit certain weapons. Beginning probably on the weekend.
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