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Found 6 results

  1. Don't know if this is the best place to post this, but I cannot find the Project Exile translation patch on Serenes Forest. Whenever I try the link in the Fan Game Directory, I get an error saying that it couldn't find what I was looking for. Does anyone know what happened to it?
  2. Can't seem to find any ripped assets from Fire Emblem 5. I'm particularly looking for tilesets. If anyone knows where I can find these and could point me in the right direction please do. I plan to take these assets and scale them to be used in SRPG Studio. Always loved the art of 5.
  3. Do you like to edit Nanna No Cloak's Sprite? Nanna (No Cloak) is Nanna (Paladin) without Cloak and Feather Decoration. Base Nanna (No Cloak) Sprite ↓ Nanna (Paladin) Sprite ↓
  4. First that all, actually the scans of the manga of Fire Emblem 5 are online? Because I didn't viewed it. I searched in japanese pages too. And probably, there's not scans of this, so... I have the 3 volumes in my power, but because they never did a translation for other lenguage, all is in japanese. I can scan this, but we will need an editor and obviously an a translator. Is someone here that can be one of these two please? Here I leave 2 random pages of Safy and Lifis. __________________________________________________
  5. As of current this is me just starting to do this but I am gonna make my best attempt at a Fire Emblem Thracia 776 version on the GBA system similar to the Roman Numeral 4 that is going on by Pi. Although as people hope I will gladly add my own flair as well as bring back as much as I can from FE 5. With hope I can get a first look out soon but I thought I would post the concept although people are against opening up a thread without content I know that alone it will take forever but I am gonna put the work in
  6. so yeah looking at the title a person who has not played much fire emblem will be attempting to beat in which many fire emblem fans consider the hardest fe game. let us see how far i get. And oh no tips please unless if i ask for them. also can anyone tell me where the best translation patch is. i watched mageknight's404 walkthrough and i couldn't understand the weapon names or anything so yeah. another thing can someone tell me how the attack forecast works in this game. hope you enjoy
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