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Found 3 results

  1. I kind of want to know the tier list placements for each character in here, but I want to know about Lissa, Gaius, Nowi, Olivia, Gerome, and Donnel Imagine theoretically were talking about Lunatic plus without grinding
  2. Hi ! i play FE:Awakening(.3ds) with citra emulator. I wonder if there is a easy way to modified the main avatar(my unit robin) grow rate in PC. Cause I found that the avatar is too overpowered with other charaters, i really dont like that. I hope can make my charater a bit more balanced. A glass canon is the best. like HP Str Magic Skl Speed Luck Def Res 30% 80% 80% 80% 30% 80% 30% 30%
  3. If you could let Virion meet any female character in the series who would you pick? Personally I would pick Florina, Titania, and Erika. so I came up with a few short scenarios that all end badly for Virion The moment Virion locked eyes with Florina, Florina flew away on her pegasus breaking several speed records and the sound barrier itself. She wouldn't stop until she landed on the continent of Archanea. When Virion approached Titania his face was met with a punch only slightly less painful than a Sumia PAWNCH!!! Before Virion was even able to approach the beautiful Princess Erika he quickly met the end of Seth's silver lance in a critical hit who ever can come up with the funniest scenarios will win a delicious chocolate chip internet cookie please keep it PG-13
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