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Found 3 results

  1. So I decided I wanted to make a page on ideas based around the pairings I made with my Robins/Corrins. Here is what I have so far (pairings actually utilized). It might make for a good fan fiction but I don't know yet. Virion!Morgan Name: D'Artagnon General Idea: He inherited his father's fashion sense much to his mother's dismay. However, he decided to become a Dark Knight in order to show how powerful he is as a tactician. Being an heir to Rosanne also makes him nervous. He envies his mother's composure the most. Virion as a father is surprisingly helpful but only because the two of them don't want to disappoint each other. Tiki!Morgan Name: Wendy General Idea: The descendant of a Divine Dragon and Grima's Vessel left Wendy to live with conflicting views. Wendy overall doesn't want to be burdened with being Tiki and her father's heir and results in being just as childish as her mother when she was younger. When it comes to meeting others of her species (both human and dragon), Wendy feels pampered, which is why she stays in the forests where neither one can find her. Tiki wishes to feel closer to her and explain the pressure put on her. Niles!Kanna (Male!Corrin Father) Name: Cosette General Idea: Adopted into the family, Cosette wondered how come the people that are supposed to be her peers are much older than her. She's been awfully curious about the Deeprealms, a place where the others were raised. However, due to the randomness of the Deeprealms, Niles and her other father, the prince of Nohr/Valla have both decided to keep her out of it. Cosette is only a princess now, however outside of her interest in the Deeprealms, she loves her two fathers very much, and also loves her adopted sister. Male!Corrin!Nina (Niles Father) Name: Nina General Idea: Cosette's older sister, Nina admires the passion her fathers have for each other. Of course, much unlike the Ninas raised with mothers, this Nina knows better than to ship other people. With her fathers as an influence, she's grown to be a much stronger Adventurer. Unlike her sister, Nina knows about the Deeprealms and has warned her to stay out of it for as long as she can. --- I will write more as I play the games. I am debating a name for the Yen'fay!Morgan right now in fact. With Awakening however, I only have one game and it only has one route as a whole. Buying three files for it seems a bit weak. I will more than likely pick my three favorite characters of each gender once I finish the Yen'fay file. The characters I picked are: Priam, Kallam!Laurent, and Gaius!Brady for boys, and Say'ri, Libra!Noire, and Chrom!Cynthia for girls. As for Fates, I may just read the supports for right now - but I do have them planned. Niles in Conquest is complete. Now there's Peri and Azura!Dwyer to work on in it, and then for Birthright, it's Yukimura, Izana, and Jakob!Shigure. Revelations might have more thought in it though. I plan to marry Scarlet in it despite what I've seen/heard about her in it, but I also plan to marry Arthur and Hayato. This would make me want to think harder on my choices in it. For me, actually watching the supports can help me write for these guys.
  2. Is it wrong of me to ask for the characters of both Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates to be redesigned in the style of one of the earlier Fire Emblem Games (I was thinking earliest would be Fire Emblem 4 but Fire Emblem 6-8 is one I was thinking about?) Just a thought I had. I probably wouldn't use them for anything special, I just thought of the aesthetic and figured it would be nice to have it.
  3. I am posting this just for fun. WARNING: I may do some stupid things in this playthrough. DO NOT attempt to copy me in case I make mistakes. Avatar: Asset: Speed Flaw: Luck Premonition was easy as usual. Prologue: Achievements: First Kill! (Frederick) First Heal! (Lissa) First Dark Tome! (Aversa's Night) First Kill! (Avatar) First Level Up! (Avatar) First Critical Hit! (Avatar) First Enemy Critical Hit! (Garrick) First Death! (Avatar) First Game Over! First Dual Strike! (Chrom) First XP bonus (Frederick) First Boss Kill! (Avatar) First Win! Prologue-->Chapter 1: Achievements: First Move on the map! I will post later for Chapter 1 and 2. Tell me if I did something EXTREMELY bad. Stats: Avatar Lvl 4 Chrom Lvl 1 Lissa Lvl 1 Frederick Lvl 1
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