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Found 2 results

  1. hi so I'm looking to take on apotheosis on my lunatic file. I'll be doing this with dlc since it'll be my first time. these are the pairings i came up with? chrom/sumia lissa ricken sully donnel miriel gregor maribelle lonqu panne stahl cordellia virion nowi henry tharja gaius olivia fred cheche vaike maMU asset mag flaw def / lucina im not sure what to pass down skills wise or who to use as rally bots and staff bots, any recomendations? also what should my team look like (how many staff/rallybots and combat units) and what finishing classes should each unit end up as? also chrom sumia and mu lucina are set in stone anything else is open to change. thanks in advance!
  2. Is this a sign that a Fire Emblem X Pokemon crossover will happen in the future? Or they could consider hiring Fire Emblem voice actors for a future Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game with voice acting?
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