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Found 1 result

  1. WARNING: -This fangame contains dark themes and events not suitable for younger audiences. If the Judgral influence didn’t outright imply it, this will be the second warning. -This game is purposefully made to be challenging & punishing as it is dedicated for Thracia/Kaga Saga players. As such, the game is highly not recommended for newcomers. A millenia after the war between Aether Dragon Caelum and Nether Dragon Gehenna, the continent of Divinus will once again face its darkest moment. Armed with the burning axe of Vulcan, the fate of world falls into the young Prince of Aston, Lionel. Dracoseal - Aether Knights and the Legion of Hell (shortened title: Aether Knights) is set in the year 1208 on the continent of Divinus. You will take control of Lionel, a young and inexperienced prince from the Kingdom of Aston who is thrown unprepared into the chaos that is taking over the world. The game is heavily influenced by Judgral entries and has a subtle dark fantasy theme incorporated in it. Features: A cross between GBA and Gaiden’s gameplay mechanics Three different modes; Single RN, Double RN and Paragon Mode The ability to save at the start of a turn Overall challenging level designs comparable to Judgral FE games Tough enemy bosses that requires teamwork to defeat New classes such as Eagle Knight Multiple support conversations Second generation characters(*) References to various pop-culture games/arts/shows (*) Not included in the demo Gameplay Mechanics: Bows and thunder tomes can hit from 3 tiles away Tomes have 3 category; Anima, Light and Dark Anima tomes have their own unique perks to distinguish themselves from each other Weapon triangle has more effect on battles Enemies from chapter 4 onwards tend to carry more than one weapon Enemies have more class-effective weapons than they normally do in FE games Some classes have their own invisible buffs to their hit rates, evasion, and critical hit rates Forts, castles and thrones have more terrain effects, just like in Genealogy of the Holy War There are no weapon ranks; Silver and Brave weapons can only be used by promoted units Screenshots: Demo Download Link (v0.48). Save file for the newest chapter is now included in the game's folder. Scripts taken from: https://markyjoe.com/srpgstudio/index.php/Plugins Musics taken from: https://www.presence-of-music.com/ https://dova-s.jp/ https://incompetech.com/ http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/ Update v0.21: Update v0.30: Update v0.40: Update v0.42 - The Definitive Edition: Update v0.48: Added chapter 13 ~ 16, all of them set in the Magical Kingdom of Evora. Added six more playable characters, including the Princess of Evora and the Prince of Cooper! Added new entries in Extras, including Gallery. Added more new weapons, including the Tearing Lance, which is a Berwick Saga-styled cavalry charge lance named after TearRing Saga (“Tearing”…get it?). Added the over-the-top critical hit animation, promote your unit so you can see them in action! There are 4 difficulty setting now: Standard, Assisted, Kaga and Madhouse; if you’re new to Fire Emblem or SRPG in general and still want to try the hard games, Assisted Mode is here for you! Several maps from earlier version has been revised and more dialogues have been added in some of them as well! Gameplay and units have been rebalanced here and there.
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