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Found 2 results

  1. I was rooting around the fire emblem 3h wiki and I think I found potential Black Eagles route story spoilers... just bringing it to everyone's attention... From what I read it seemed pretty solid, so black eagle people are in for a good story Of course if the wiki is true, I have no way of telling because I didn't read Thani's leaks... So PSA, if you don't want to get spoiled on post-timeskip plot stuff, don't look up Edelgard or the Adrestian Empire! I skimmed the Faerghus/Dimitri and Leicester Alliance wikis and there's nothing too spoiler-ific there, just basic information (On Faerghus it has plot details about Cornelia and some lore behind her but that's it)
  2. Hello there! I am Otherarrow, and, relevant to this topic, I am one of the admins at the Fire Emblem Wiki over at Wikia (or Fire Emblem Wikia. Both names have been used). I've come to realize over the years that getting feedback on just the wiki itself is pretty much impossible, so I decided that I'd ask the community here (as disasterous as that may be). So yes, give me your suggestions on how we can improve the wiki, ideas about things we can try, and complaints about what we are doing all wrong. As some of you may have noticed, I first brought this up in Xenomic's thread about Awakening screenshots and icons and such for wiki, but the moderation suggested I make my own thread (espcially after that derail. Sorry about that Xeno). (While we are on the topic, don't bring up King Marth for the time being. It would just be redundant at this point.) So there we go! I apologize in advance for any unpleasentries from my end. EDIT: I can't believe I have to specify this, but I don't count "your wiki sucks, just give up" as valid critism. If you insist on stating that, at least say "your wiki sucks, just give up, but if you insist on it, you can improve things by doing etc etc".
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