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Found 2 results

  1. So I was just curious how feasible it would be to recreate all of FE 6 or 7 within FE8. I imagine using FEbuilderGBA would help. Do you think you could just copy and paste the entirety of one of those games and insert it into FE8? I was just thinking about this because it would be cool to bring the branching promotions to the older game. What do other think about this?
  2. So I originally posted this on FEU, and I received some help there. However, I figure I would have an easier time figuring this out if I ask here as well. So I am working on inserting a song into Fire Emblem 7. However, when I insert the song, the quality is noticeably compromised. To give you reference, here is What my insertion songs like (yuck). Please compare that to the original. I am really new to music hacking, so please do not assume any knowledge of me. Also, I assume the problem lies with the voices or something. I already put the Native Instrument Map into my rom, which did help a bit. But as you can tell, my version is still pretty compromised. My next assumption would be that I would have to edit the song on Anvil Studio. However, I've never used music programs before. So I don't really know what specifically in Anvil Studio I should do. Anybody who could help me figure out how to get a good conversion of this song into my rom, I would deeply appreciate your advice and suggestions.
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