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Found 2 results

  1. RULES 1. Catch only the first pokemon you see on each route/area. 2. If you kill the first pokemon you see, no new pokemon for you. 3. If you encounter the same pokemon/pokemon from the same evolution line you already have, try again until you get a pokemon you haven't caught. 4. No healing inside of battles is allowed, healing outside of battles is. 5. Your pokemon's level can be at most the same as the level of bosses most powerful pokemon. 6. You may only use the same amount of pokemon as the gym leaders/bosses use. (However there is one instance, for which I'll create a poll for) 7. Naming your pokemon is optional. 8. If your pokemon faints during battle, it is considered 'dead' and it must be released. 9. If you lose a battle, you may continue with the pokemon you have inside the PC Box. With that out of the way... Obligatory trainer name. Gary F***** Oak Level 2 Pidgey, a man's worst nightmare. As much as it pains me not to pick Squirtle (Blastoise is my favourite pokemon), I'll pick Bulbasaur, because he's pretty cool and nobody ever picks him (And he'll make two first gym battles easier) That was CLOSE Get used to it, dickhead. The real fun/pain begins NOW Now that's a good way to begin a nuzlocke, one of my favourite pokemon and a pokemon that is actually quite decent. Hyper Fang hits like a fucking truck early on and once it evolves it just gets better. A very good pokemon early on, that holds it own throught the entire game (from my experience) Rattata has been caught :) New route, what are we gonna get? Mankey. It's not a bad pokemon, it's fairly fast and has good damage output, it's certianly going to be useful against Brock. With me not being able to get trade evolutions Mankey might be just the best fighting type I can get, especially once it evolves. Mankey has been caught. Route 2 time baby, now give me Pidgey. That's what I'm talking about! Caught it without hitting it, Ash be jealous. Anyway Pidgey is an ok flying type, not amazing, I find spearow/fearow and doduo/dodrio much better than pidgey/pidgeotto/pidgeot due to pidgey's average attack and speed. Still it has a higher base total than the previous two evolution lines, but it's late final evolution hurts it, when you can get Fearow 16 level earlier, anyway that's enough for the first update. Next time I'll get through Viridian Forest and face my rival on route 22. Smell ya later!
  2. This isn't FR Omega because I couldn't find a rom.Don't worry,this will still have plenty of fails. Well,I have no idea how to start this,but whatever.I'm going to use all the standard nuzlocke rules.I won't add any extras other then I pick my starter by the last number of my trainer ID because I'm a wimp I'm too lazy to look them up. [spoiler=ERRANDS] Do I need to explain? Well,I'm a girl,and I'll just name myself a random name similar to my username.DEAL WITH IT. Again,explaining. That name is so unoriginal it bites.And the text speed is so slow.Button mashing doesn't do much,either. THAT'S BETTER.Why can't you change the settings before you start like in Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald?The slow speed makes the intro much tedious. Free potion right at the beginning of the game!This is helpful if your starter has extremely poor defense. I KNOW THAT.I HAVE PLAYED A POKEMON GAME BEFORE. Well,got to the lab,did story shit,and checked my ID.Last number is 6,so Squirtle it is. I HAVE NO CREATIVITY,OKAY? Well,here's my Squirtle.Sassy raises Sp.Defense,but lowers speed.Fuck.This little dude will probably be out sped by Brock's Geodude. Did more story shit,and now this bastard wants to fight.I'm going to be out sped,I know it.Spoiler=I am. I WOULDN'T HAVE HAD TO DO THIS IF SOMEONE'S TACKLE HIT. Eh.That wasn't that hard. Dude,you out speed me with a Bulbasaur.I think you picked the right Pokemon. Now,onward to Viridian!I wish I had Pokeballs so much. I don't want to go in here because I can't buy anything,but I have to.Because story. I don't really want to be associated with him. Of what?A Pokeball.One.Pokeball.Plus,you can't tell me what to do! Never mind,he can. I won't say hi,though.Silent protagonists rock sometimes. Now to go all the way back. I hate to admit it,but yes.I do. Why does it include him? I also have my own request.GIVE ME POKEBALLS,AND THEN I WILL LEAVE. He doesn't give the team who probably helped him any credit. Can't well all admit this would've been awesome and easy if so?Very anime like as well.And,I just thought,how does it only get data when you catch them?And how does it get that data?These questions may never be answered. FINALLY. Really?You look younger then Blaine,yet he can do his job perfectly fine. Again,why us? I think this is just an elaborate plan to get Gary out of Pallet Town so he can have some peace. That has been done many times. Wait,he says he "hates to say it."Hate.Where'd the jerkass go? Okay then.We're going to your place after this. Yeah,same with that clerk at the Viridan Pokemart. She agrees that Oak could do this himself. [spoiler=Team] Did some grinding on the way to Viridian the first time.He now knows Bubble.Tail Whip has been rendered useless 90% of the time.Thanks game.Thanks. Well,tomorrow or later today we'll see who my first Pokemon is.I only hope it's not a goddamn Rattata.
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